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5 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

5 Best Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Who does not know what a ceiling fan is even if you are living in a rural area? Despite the introduction of air conditioners, ceiling fans still hold their stand in every region. In comparison to air cons, they are pretty inexpensive, require little maintenance, and consumes minimum energy. You will find ceiling fans in India in almost every place ranging from homes, offices, educational institutes, etc. You will understand the number of ceiling fans present there. 

So, if you are looking for the best ceiling fan brand to install in your home or office, then this blog is perfect for you. 

Top Ceiling Fan Brands in India

Top Ceiling Fan Brands in India

You can check out the following ceiling fan brands available easily in India. These brands are globally trusted, and all of them provide top-notch services and products. 

Orient Fans

Striving to combine innovation and creativity with great commitment and a drive to work diligently to produce new ideas, Orient Electric is India’s leading ceiling fan brand. They are highly recommended for being consumer-responsive only to provide more modern ways of living. Here you can also Sujata Fans are very much similar to Orient Fans.

Orient Fans

Orient is a brand in itself in the ceiling fan industry, so when someone recommends you purchase one from here, you should know you are being guided toward the best. 

Orient works with a team of expert ceiling fan manufacturers who provide smart electrical solutions. These solutions are mass-produced only after a complete understanding of consumer needs, the sales percentage and purpose, and countless trial-and-errors. 

Orient Electric is not just used by millions in India as it holds a 60% export share, but millions on the global platform trust them. 

Their cutting-edge lifestyle ceiling fan designs have been approved by different statutory standards which is how you know Orient is the best. With Orient, you get a plethora of design options, all of which are created to fit your budget. 

Usha Fans

As an Indian, who does not know about Usha electrical products? Usha has been working for decades to ease the burden of heat upon people with their modern high-speed ceiling fans. 

Providing you with a perfect combination of aesthetics and utility, Usha has a range of ceiling fans that are manufactured based on advanced technology methods and will suit whichever room you will install them in. 

Usha Fans

If you want a touch of metal or wood design in your fan, then the Usha Lifestyle collection is ideal. They even come with detachable lights; so, it is up to you to light up your room whenever you want. 

If you want a floral touch to your room, you can check out the Usha Bloom series which is designed with floral patterns on it. Its ‘goodbye dust’ feature produces a spring-like feeling. You can bring the feeling of spring and nature to your home with this series. 

All of Usha’s ceiling fans produce almost no sound, thus, helping you stay focused in your work or relaxation period. 

They are extremely easy to maintain. Usha ceiling fans are coated with a superior polyurethane lacquer which is how the fans prevent dust and dirt accumulation. Usha fans are also applauded for having great water-resistant and oil-resistant qualities. 

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Havells Fans

Havells Fans

As a multinational electric brand in India, Havells is found in almost every house. Similarly, Havells products are largely found in commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and factories as well. 

Whether you want kid-friendly fans for your child’s room or designer ceiling fans for the living area, Havells has multiple design options, all of that are made to suit your budget. 

Havells is popular for understanding and catering to customer needs which is why it is so trusted and reputed in India. 

The best thing about Havells is that you can order whichever ceiling fan you like through their online platform as well, instead of having to make a trip to their electric store. 

All of Havells’s ceiling fan designs are created to match whichever room you wish to install it in. Overall, you get the best efficient and high-speed working ceiling fans that last you a long time smoothly at affordable rates. 

Crompton Fans

Crompton is another famous ceiling fan brand, largely trusted in India. They manufacture designer ceiling fans, colorful ceiling fans for the children’s room, energy-efficient ceiling fans using active BLDC technology, etc., all of which are perfect to match your wants and requirements. 

Almost all of their ceiling fans have a smooth electroplate finish that looks gorgeous under natural lighting. 

Crompton Fans

Crompton ensures blending advanced modern technology with consumer needs to manufacture what the mass wants. 

The Crompton ceiling fans are manufactured based on a ‘SilentPro’ and anti-dust technology which helps you work with utmost focus. They are high-speed working ceiling fans that are perfect to brush away the torturous heat. 

If you want a good energy-efficient fan, then choosing Crompton ceiling fans is ideal!

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Atomberg Fans

Atomberg Fans

One of the newer ceiling fan brands in India, Atomberg is all in the rage. They have revolutionized Indian home appliances by having a thorough understanding of ceiling fan requirements and their purpose and asking the right questions about consumer needs. 

Wanting to make their customer’s life easier, every ceiling fan is manufactured based on thoughtful designs, energy efficiency, and modern next-gen technology. 

Unlike ordinary ceiling fans, Atomberg has the perfect BLDC models that can help you save up to Rs. 1500 a year on electricity bills. The Atomberg ceiling fan’s motor produces almost no heat which is why the life of their BLDC fans is way longer than an ordinary fan. 

Atomberg’s fashionable ceiling fan designs are apt for every room. So, what are you waiting for? Bring new technology to your home today!

Because of their extreme popularity, ceiling fans have a huge variety compared to any other device. Ceiling fans are the assets of every house in India because they are better cooling agents than air conditioners. 

It is because the air conditioner can make your skin dry if you stay too long in an AC room. It also can lead to health issues like flu, and nasal congestion when it is on for a long time. 

Moreover, it is not possible for each and everyone to afford its huge expenses and to pay the huge electricity bills. Ceiling fans on the other hand is completely free from all these flaws. In Fact, they are our best friends for the summer seasons in India.

Here you should also know about the best ceiling fan brands in India.

Features of an Ideal Ceiling Fan

  • Choosing a ceiling fan that is best for your home is not an easy task. You need to look at certain factors before deciding to invest in it.
  • It should have high speed. Look for the RPM ( revolution per minute) of your ceiling fan. The higher the RPM, the higher is its speed.
  • It should circulate a sufficient amount of airflow to the room. Ceiling fans with  205- 230 CMM is considered to be the best.
  • It should have a strong and superior quality motor for its better performance.
  • The ideal number of blades preferred in India is three for maximum air delivery. More than that may slow down its revolution per minute.
  • The blades should be made of aluminium for an anti-corrosion and rust-free experience.
  • It should make very little or no noise during its operation.
  • It should be inverter-friendly.
  • It should function well in low voltage or during voltage fluctuation.
  • It should consume very little power. Choose the BLDC modern fans which will cut down your monthly electricity bills. They also have smart features like a remote control for easy control of the fan.
  • As ceiling fans enhance the beauty of your home décor, look for sleek design ceiling fans.
  • The ceiling fan should have a wart and should be
  • affordable. ranty period.
  • It should have a service centre in your city or area.Features of an Ideal Ceiling Fan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a four-blade ceiling fan, and how do they compare to fans with different blade counts?

Answer: Ceiling fans with four blades have various advantages. They are well-known for their energy efficiency, consuming less electricity yet delivering appropriate air circulation. When compared to fans with more blades, their design frequently results in quieter operation. 

4-blade fans are also sleek and modern in style, making them a fashionable addition to your home decor. They may not move as much air as larger fans with more blades, but they are ideal for smaller rooms and areas. Four-blade ceiling fans are frequently less expensive, both in terms of the fan itself and in terms of energy use.

Can you provide an overview of the Havells Leganza 4-blade ceiling fan and how it compares to other similar models on the market?

Answer: The Havells Leganza is a well-known four-blade ceiling fan that is well-known for its quality and performance. It has a contemporary design with a beautiful canopy and is available in a variety of finishes to match your décor. 

The fan is designed to be energy efficient and silent, resulting in a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Its airflow, however, may be more suited for smaller rooms. 

When compared to other models such as the Orient Electric Quadro, Bajaj Regal Gold NXG, JupiterAir-Ryder, V-Guard Windle Pro, and Longway Creta P1, the decision is based on your unique needs, such as room size, design preferences, and financial limits. Each model has its own set of pros and disadvantages, which must be considered while making a decision.


Ceiling fans are one of the most economical solutions to beat the heat. But settling down on the best ceiling fan brands in India can be a difficult task. The ceiling fan brands mentioned above cater to all the requirements that make up a good ceiling fan. Thus, hope that this blog has cleared all your doubts and has helped by guiding you to make a wise decision.

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