5 Best Summer Cooler in India


We are familiar with the raging heat of the summers of India. Oh, how to wait for these months to pass by soon! So to face them, we constantly need a cooling device in our offices or homes. Air coolers have thus become an imperative need these days. 

So, seeing the increasing need for air coolers, we have ci\omplied a list of the five best summer coolers in India by keeping the budget in mind. This article will help help you narrow down to the cooler you want. It may be challenging to choose a suitable cooler given there are many prices d brands. Spend your summer sweat-free using them. 

Summer coolers worth considering 

Before diving into our main List, we present some coolers you should take a quick look at. 

  1. Havells Koolaire Woodwool 51 L desert air cooler
    This Havells cooler 51L is quite suitable for summer. the price is also very affordable and made with solid plastic. this powerful air cooler comes with 3 button settings. 
  2. USHA 45DB1 Desert Cooler 45 L white
    This USHA cooler is the best overall product and also has a stylish look. Its honeycomb pads are robust and have no perishability. 
  3. Bajaj PX 97 Torque HC 36 L Personal air cooler that is equipped with a honeycomb padding
    This honey pad cooler comes within your budget, and it has turbofan technology. It also has a powerful air throw at a high level and gives you 3-speed control. You get it in white color. It costs INR 5,964. You can place this durable cooler in your house, office, or hall.
  4. Havells Celia Desert air cooler 55 L
    This one gives you a choice of two colors- white and brown. This one has a low noise level, so it lets you sleep peacefully. 
  5. Symphony Jumbo 51 Desert air cooler with aspen pads
    Now this one has a powerful fan cooler and an excellent flow dispenser. It also comes with a free trolley and white color. This Symphony cooler has a remote control system that has a stylish look and a good utility level. 

Our top coolers with pricelist 

The prices mentioned below will help you know best which cooler will be for you. 

  • The price of the Havells Koolaire Woodwool 51 L desert air cooler with powerful air delivery is INR 12,899.
  • The price of the Havells Celia I Desert Air cooler- 55 L is INR 14,280.
  • The price of the Bajaj PX 97 torque HC 36 L Personal air cooler with honeycomb pads and powerful air throw is INR 5,964.
  • The price of the Symphony Jumbo 51 Desert air cooler for a home with a powerful aspen pads fan. Coming with a trolley is INR 11,290.
  • The price of the Crompton ozone desert air cooler 88 L with an everlast pump, autofill, 4-way air deflector, and high-density honeycomb padding is INR 10,699. 

Factors on which this List of best coolers is Based

Specific standards determine the best coolers for the Summer of 2022. Here are these factors. 


The ease of usage of the products is an essential factor that helps pick out the best coolers. The cooling technology and natural air that does not pollute the air are essential factors. 

Customer feedback 

It is essential to read reviews while comparing the products. Thus, the user’s experience plays a crucial role in selecting the best cooler


Complaints raise constructive criticism to show where the product lacks. It helps to improve the product accordingly. 


Since air coolers are a high investment, it is essential to have them fixed in case of malfunction without losing a fortune. So warrantied prods are always preferred by customers. 


One of the significant factors is the money you are paying to avail the product. If you are paying well, you need good specifications and comfort. So coolers should be worth it. 

Service and installation 

Post-sales management is also necessary, especially in today’s competitive market; some companies like Bajaj and Havells have been providing exemplary service for many years. 

Here is the list of coolers with their specifications

So here is the List of some of the best coolers for the Summer. 

  • Havells Koolaire Woodwool 51 L desert air cooler with powerful air delivery


Havells Koolaire Woodwool 51 L desert air cooler with powerful air delivery


Tank capacity   51 L
Size 70 x 41.5 x 105 cm
Price 12,899
Warranty One year 
Air delivery 3200 m cu/h
Inverter capability Compatible 
Customer rating100+
  • Havells Celia I Desert Air cooler- 55 L


Havells Celia I Desert Air cooler- 55 L 

Tank capacity  55 L
Power 220 watts
Size 70 x 41.5 x 105 cm
Price 14,280
Warranty One year 
Air delivery 3500 m cu/h
Inverter capability Compatible 
Customer rating600+
  • Bajaj PX 97 torque HC 36 L Personal air cooler with turbofan technology and powerful air throw


Bajaj PX 97 torque HC 36 L Personal air cooler with turbofan technology and powerful air throw

Tank capacity 36 Litres
Power 100 watts
Size 45.5 x 43.5 x 82 cm
Price 5,964
Warranty One year 
Air delivery 250 sq. ft.
Inverter capability non-compatible
Customer rating13000+
  • Symphony Jumbo 51 Desert air cooler for a home with a powerful fan-free trolley


Symphony Jumbo 51 Desert air cooler for a home with a powerful fan free trolley

Tank capacity 51 Litres
Power 190 watts
Size 65.5 x 63.4 x 77.3 cm
Price 11,290
Warranty One year 
Air delivery 113 cu/m
Inverter capability Compatible 
Customer rating100+
  • Crompton ozone desert air cooler 88 L with an everlast pump, autofill, 4-way air deflector, and high-density honeycomb padding


Crompton ozone desert air cooler 88 L

Tank capacity 88 L
Power 190 watts
Size 34.8 x 19 x 19 cm
Price 10,699
Warranty One year 
Air delivery 4200 CMH
Inverter capability Compatible 
Customer rating5000+

During the sweltering summertime, many of us begin to consider methods to remain cool and comfortable as the temperature begins to increase. Coolers are a different choice that is frequently disregarded. We shall examine the benefits of a cooler versus an air conditioner in this post.

Why should one consider cooler over ac_

First off, coolers use a lot less electricity than air conditioners. Since they need a lot of energy to operate, air conditioners can cause high power bills. But here are some best air conditioner brands in India to consider. 

These popular brands come with 3 to 5 star ratings. Conversely, coolers only utilise a small part of the electricity that ACs use. Evaporative coolers can really consume up to 75% less energy than air conditioners.

Two, compared to air conditioners, coolers are far more ecologically beneficial. ACs use refrigeration systems, which if they leak, may be harmful to the environment. Moreover, these refrigerants increase global warming. Conversely, coolers use air and water to chill the air, so this is a more environmentally friendly approach.

Finally, coolers provide a healthier and more natural cooling option. The repeated circulation of the same air by air conditioners might result in poor indoor air quality. 

Health complications may result from this, particularly for people who have respiratory difficulties. 

Conversely, coolers use fresh air, which can enhance the quality of indoor air and support greater health. Here are some affordable air cooler price 3000 to 5000 only. These coolers come with renowned brands like Symphony, Bajaj, Usha etc. 

Fourthly, coolers cost substantially less than air conditioners. Coolers may be purchased and installed for far less money than air conditioners. They are therefore a fantastic choice for anyone on a limited budget.

Finally, coolers are more adaptable than air conditioners. ACs cannot be used in open areas or outdoors since they need a sealed environment to function properly. Conversely, coolers are ideal for usage outside or in public areas, such a patio or garage.

Adaptable coolers

Sixth, coolers require far less maintenance than air conditioners. Regular AC maintenance includes cleaning and filter replacement. Conversely, coolers only need occasional maintenance. You only need to clean the water tank and fill it with water.

In the seventh place, coolers can assist in humidifying dry air. Air conditioners may render the atmosphere even dryer in places with little humidity, like deserts. Health issues including dryness and throat discomfort may result from this. On the other side, coolers can assist process and service dry air, which helps lessen these issues.

Here are some best summer refrigerators to use for home. These mini refrigerators under 3000 are easily fit for small families or 3 to 5 people. 

In conclusion, there are an awful lot of benefits to choosing a cooler over an air conditioner. Coolers offer a more natural and healthier cooling option, are more inexpensive, more adaptable, and easier to maintain.

They can also help humidify dry air and are more energy-efficient and ecologically friendly. So the next time you’re thinking about methods to remain cool during the scorching summer, think about getting a cooler. That could simply be the ideal answer.

these were our picks of dome best coolers from different brands for this voracious Summer. These coolers have the best attributes, which can easily convince you to go for them. They are also budget-friendly and use less power.

They also have an excellent design to go with your interior and furniture and enhance the look of your home; they are also movable as they come with a trolley.

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