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If you want to buy a Daikin ac at the best price then you are at right place. Here we have listed latest price of all daikin ac available at multiple retailers. Now pick your ac with your price range only. Summers may now be endured with Daikin air conditioners. While Self Diagnosis helps the equipment determine issues automatically to assist you to troubleshoot problems, Econo Mode restricts power consumption for the air conditioner to avoid electrical overloads.

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Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC – White, Grey (GTL50TV16V2+RLG50TV16V2, Copper Condenser)

For products requiring installation, returns are valid only when they are installed by Flipkart-authorized personnel.…

Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White (FTKT50TV16U, Copper Condenser)

For products requiring installation, returns are valid only when they are installed by Flipkart-authorized personnel.…

Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC – White (FTL28TV16X2/RL28TV16X2, Copper Condenser)

This AC comes with a filter that traps various particles that are up to 2.5 microns of width. As a result, you get to breathe…

Daikin 1.8 Ton 2 Star Split AC – White (FTQ60TV16U2/RQ60TV16U2, Copper Condenser)

The delivered product might have a variance of +/- 3 kg in weightFor products requiring installation.…

Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC with PM 2.5 Filter – White ((FTL50TV16U1/U2/V2/V3)/(DTL50TV16U1/U2/V2/v3)/(RL50TV16U1/U2/V2/v3), Copper Condenser)

The delivered product might have a variance of +/- 3 kg in weightFor products requiring installation…

Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC – White (MTL50TV16V3/RL50TV16V3, Copper Condenser)

Bring home this Daikin 1.5-ton split air conditioner and bid goodbye to your summer woes…

Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White (ATKL35TV16X/RKL35TV16X/DTKL35TV16X, Copper Condenser)

The delivered product might have a variance of +/- 3 kg in weightFor products requiring installation.…

Daikin 1.8 Ton 5 Star Split Inverter AC – White (FTKG60TV16U/RKG60TV16U, Copper Condenser)

The delivered product might have a variance in weightFor products requiring installation.…

Enjoy the best in class air conditioning experience with the wide range of Window ACs and Split ACs by Daikin. For more than 90 years Daikin has been consistency serving its global clients with best air conditioning solutions.

Even today with its stellar innovation and over 60 production plants globally, Daikin holds the position of global leader in best air conditioning solutions. Not only good looks and efficiency, but Daikin AC is also known for its cost saving benefits and effectiveness to keep you cosy and cool during hot humid conditions.

Quiet Operation minimizes noise by optimizing airflow velocity at all times.

daikin ac promotionYou've most likely come here because you're ready to buy an AC after experiencing the full force of this summer. If you need something that can cool a small-to-medium-sized room adequately, a Daikin unit (1 ton) is worth looking into.

The Quiet Operation and Power Chill technologies provide optimum cooling only when you need it the most. You can purchase it from Pricegoogly at a cheaper price.

Bring home the brand new and technologically advanced Daikin AC without burning a hole in your pocket simply by comparing the Daikin AC Price List online.

Air conditioners can save you money by lowering your energy use and improving the quality of the air in your house, making it more comfortable by offering greater uniformity of temperature control, and giving you more control over your cooling system. 

However, there are many different makes and models to select from, and determining which one is best for your home may take time and study.

For this reason, we've prepared this handy resource that will guide you through everything you need to know about Daikin air conditioners, the many models available, excellent characteristics to search for, and more.

Stay Cool and Save Money with Daikin Air Conditioners

Loaded with amazing features, great energy saving technology and excellent cooling performance, the Daikin AC would level up the overall decor of your home without overburdening you as you can check the Latest Todays Daikin AC Price online and grab the best and cheap deals easily.

Plus similar to other brands like hitachi air conditioners, Daikin offers 5 years of warranty on the compressor which gives you further peace of mind. So, check for the latest Daikin Price List in India today and ensure to grab the best deals to save some money on your cooling system of house.

Choose Daikin AC Online for Home & Save Money!

Daikin has been consistently contributing to the society by offering some of the most advanced and innovative solutions in air conditioning system. This brand commands trust and respect from all its clientele as well as suppliers.

daikin ac bannerDaikin is aimed towards integrating eco-friendly technology on its air conditioning solutions and taken up the mission to respond to the environmental issues. Therefore, all its air conditioning systems come with greener technology.

Now buying the Daikin AC online has become even easier and cheaper with the Daikin AC Price List in India regularly updated and generated by different comparison site.

From 1 Ton AC to 2 Ton Ac and 1.5 Ton, you can find them all with varied price range. There are different retailers selling the ACs of Daikin and to save money it is necessary that you check the Latest Today Daikin AC Price before buying.

Comparison of the Daikin AC Price List is always the smart move when it comes to grab best deals and save money on your home cooling system.

So, if you are looking for the efficient cooling system for your home and keep the electricity bill minimal, then opt for the Daikin ACs models which are sleek in design and simplistic in functionalities without being heavy on your pocket.

Explore the latest Daikin AC Price List in India through the price list that comprises of all the latest models of Daikin ACs.

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Know today's latest price of daikin AC to save more

Daikin brings to you with its widest range of Split AC, Windows AC and more and the Daikin AC Price List depends on the type and cooling capacity of the product. Below is the list of some top selling AC models from Daikin.

Top Selling Daikin AC

Daikin Split AC

Split AC by Daikin is the wall mounted models that are known for its supreme quality cooling effects that come with compact frame and silent operation outlet.

You can choose from its widest range of daikin split ac models online including Dual Comfort Collection, FTN Series and more. You can also shop for 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton Split AC models from home that offer even air flowing and improved cooling at very affordable price range.

You must check the Latest Daikin split AC price list at PriceGoogly.com before buying to grab the best deals and save money.

Daikin Windows Ac

Another popular and top selling model of Daikin AC is the Windows AC which needs to be mounted on windows as the name goes.

It is designed to fit perfectly into the frame of your window. It is compact in design and comes with multiple features making it the best choice for homes with limited space for outlet.

There are different models of Windows AC by Daikin and the Daikin AC Price List in India varies depending upon the Ton capacity and features integrated.

Daikin Inverter Ac

In order to save money on utility bills you must bring home the inverter AC by Daikin. It offers excellent cooling with minimal consumption of electricity. Most of the inverter AC models are 5 Stars rating which ensure minimal energy consumption.

Check the latest and complete window ac price list here to choose a window ac of your choice.

However, the Daikin AC Price List for 5-Star rating models is very higher and if your budget is a bit lower, then you may also check for other inverter AC models that come with 3 Stars ratings where energy consumption is a bit higher, but the price range is low as compared to 5-Star Rating models.

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The Daikin AC with 5 Stars rating not only consumes less energy, but also offers you other advantages. It cools, heats, dehumidifies and purifies the air to your preferences and hence the 5-Star Daikin AC Price List in India is a bit higher than the AC with 3 Stars rating.

Where to find the best Daikin AC Price List in india?

If you are looking for the best deals and Latest today Daikin AC Price List in India, then the online retail sites are the best place to start your hunt indeed. There are many retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Tata Cliq and more that deal in Daikin AC models and you are likely to find the best deals and cheaper Daikin AC Price List on these ecommerce sites.

Well, dont forget to compare the price list of Daikin AC models online before buying one. There are also many comparison sites available where you can compare the rates and Daikin AC Price List in India before buying. This way you can save lots of money by knowing the right place offering cheaper deals and great discounted price for Daikin AC models. So, these were the effective ways to find cheaper deals and the best prices on Daikin AC.

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Daikin's Benefits and Limitations

Daikin's Benefits and Limitations


  • They have a large selection of air conditioners to select from, all of which are made for durability, dependability, and energy efficiency.
  • Their air conditioners also have a lot of appealing design elements, such as more complicated scroll compressors, self-tests, and features to minimize noise, extend lifespan, and shield their A/Cs from harm and the weather.
  • Daikin has some of the most comprehensive warranty protection available, so you can sleep well knowing your investment is protected.

Room for Improvement

  • Daikin devotes the bulk of its resources to creating long-lasting and high-quality cooling solutions, which is why it doesn't focus on new technologies, extra features, or inventive systems in the same way some HVAC producers do.
  • This implies that while cheaper cooling systems are available, they lack some of the newest and most fascinating features that others desire.
  • However, the single most important feature they have is variable-speed compressors with inverter technology, which are rather appealing.


Daikin began in 1924 as a manufacturer of airframe radiator tubes. Daikin first produced air conditioners in the 1950s. In 2012, Daikin bought Goodman Manufacturing from Houston, Texas.

The Daikin is a premium air conditioner with an energy efficient rating of 23 SEER, which is comparable to what other top-of-the-line units have. For those on a budget, there are Daikin mid-grade and economy versions. The following are some of the characteristics of Daikin air conditioning systems:

  • High-efficiency two-stage scroll compressor in select Daikin air conditioners.
  • R-410A refrigerant is used exclusively.
  • Energy Star-certified units.
  • In select Daikin models, the system is powered by a variable-speed scroll compressor from the Daikin brand.
  • The unit is salt spray tested for a total of 500 hours.
  • Fault code storage for improved air conditioner repair diagnosis.
  • Designed to dampen operating noise with sound levels of 58 decibels or less.
  • It is equipped with an ECM variable-speed outdoor fan motor.

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Daikin's air conditioners are covered by a longer-than-average guarantee, according to the manufacturer. The most common HVAC warranty is for ten years. 

Daikin extends its coverage for 12 years. Always check if there is a labor guarantee available.

A labor guarantee will cost you more, but it's well worth it for high-end, high-efficiency air conditioners. These higher-end units are more complicated and necessitate the assistance of a specialist to identify any problems.

Types of Daikin AC

Daikin AC 1 Ton

Daikin AC 1 Ton features a copper condenser that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

Daikin 1.5 ton 5 Star Air Conditioner

The Daikin 1.5-ton 5-star air conditioner is an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality, energy-efficient unit. This model has a two-stage scroll compressor, which makes it more efficient than other units on the market. 

Additionally, the use of R-410A refrigerant helps to keep your energy bills low. The sound level on this unit is also very low, at 58 decibels or less. 

You can feel confident knowing that your Daikin 1.5-ton 5-star air conditioner is covered by a 12-year warranty. Here you can compare the Tata voltas ac 1.5 ton price with Daikin 1.5 ton. 

Daikin 2 ton 3 Star Air Conditioner

Daikin comes with a two-stage cooling system and a four-way air deflection system that ensures uniform cooling throughout the room. 

The air conditioner also features an auto-restart function that allows it to resume its previous settings in case of a power outage. The remote control of the AC is user-friendly and can be used to operate all the functions of the air conditioner. 

Other types of Daikin air conditioners to choose from:

  • Compact Unit: These small air conditioners are designed for use in rooms with limited space.
  • Single-Stage Unit: These units have one cooling speed and are a good choice for moderate climates.
  • Two-Stage Unit: These units have two cooling speeds and are a good choice for hot, humid climates.
  • Variable-Speed Unit: These premium units have variable cooling speeds and are a good choice for all climates.
  • Daikin AC 1.5 ton - This unit has a cooling capacity of 1.5 tons and is designed for use in small rooms.
  • Daikin AC 2 ton - This unit has a cooling capacity of 2 tons and is designed for use in medium-sized rooms.
  • Daikin AC 3 ton - This unit has a cooling capacity of 3 tons and is designed for use in large rooms.

Should You Invest in Daikin Air Conditioner?

DAIKIN may be a concern, especially if you want to keep your house asthma-friendly. 

Should You Invest in Daikin Air Conditioner_

Many of the versions are designed and approved by the Sensitive Choice program, which uses air-purifying filters to capture dust particles and prevent germs from growing while also deodorizing the room to make it seem clean. 

Also you can choose from these best ac under 30000 including Daikin air conditioner. Here you will have option to select other brands’ AC.  

But, A few of Daikin's air conditioners include low-cost functions that are focused on reducing unnecessary energy usage, which might help you weather the sting of your power bill for a couple of years.

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