Air Cooler Purchasing Guideline – Select The Best Air Cooler

Air Cooler Purchasing Guideline - Select The Best Air Cooler

People are using cooling gadgets to keep themself, their houses, and their offices excellent as India’s long summer months begin to boost temperature. Nothing beats unwinding in a cool room on a hot summer day, but this cooling pleasure comes with a price, mainly if you rely on air conditioners to stay calm. 

Air coolers produce clean, fresh air, are inexpensive, and are excellent for the ecosystem. They also have substantially more electricity than forced air conditioners. Most home and business owners negatively associate summer with skyrocketing electricity costs. 

Even though buying an air cooler could seem simple, people occasionally find it difficult to choose amongst the numerous models, features, and functionalities available. Nevertheless, you must invest money in the best air cooler based on your needs. This purchasing guide was designed to aid you in finding the best air cooler for your home or place of business. Here you can also find the air cooler under 2000 only. 

Advantages Of Air Coolers

Advantages Of Air Coolers

Energy Efficient – An air cooler typically uses up to ten times less energy than a traditional air conditioner, which promises to significantly lower consumers’ electricity expenses. Today’s air coolers may additionally use inverter technology, significantly lowering energy usage. 

Eco-Friendly – As a greener alternative to air conditioners that release harmful chlorofluorocarbons, air coolers use the natural evaporative cooling process with little carbon emission (CFC).

Air Quality – As they draw hot air from the outside and cool it, air coolers circulate fresh air. Conversely, air conditioners recirculate the same stale air already in the space. Additionally, the circulated air is filtered, moist, and comfortable to breathe and hydrates your skin.  Also compare these Crompton cooler prices with other brands such as Bajaj, bluestar and many more. 

Setup And Portable – Unlike air conditioners, which need expert installation and operate as fixed equipment, air coolers only require that the water tank be filled with water and that the power cord be plugged in. Additionally, These are incredibly portable cooler.

Kinds Of Air Coolers

When choosing an air cooler, the abundance of options available in sizes, shapes, capacities, designs, and functions will overwhelm you. It would help if you first comprehended the wide variety of air coolers before you can start your quest for one.

Kinds Of Air Coolers

The top three types of air coolers are as follows:

Desert Air Coolers

Due to their powerful blower or fan, powerful cooler motor, and large tank capacity, desert air coolers are perfect for locations with dry temperatures. These coolers can efficiently cool off large areas thanks to their excellent air throw and delivery. Despite their size, most contemporary desert coolers have castor wheels, making it possible to move them around. 

Desert Air Cooler Price

Tower Air Coolers

Tower air coolers are designed to fit in even the tiniest areas and feature a contemporary, slender shape. If you’re standing or sitting at a high desk and want spot cooling just above your waist, these coolers provide a height benefit over other coolers.

Tower Air Cooler Price

Window Air Coolers

As their title implies, window coolers are made to be installed in window frames, conserving you important floor space that you may utilize more wisely. These coolers are the best option for bringing fresh air because they draw it directly from the outside.

window air cooler price

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Air Cooler Key Characteristics

Knowing the various types of air coolers is the first step in the selection process. You may choose the air cooler that best suits your needs by being aware of its many features. Before making your choice, consider the crucial qualities we’ve outlined.

Air Cooler Key Characteristics

  • Room Size Counts

Each air cooler is made to cool a particular area. In contrast to a small/mini cooler in ample space, a small one cannot offer sufficient chilling. The size of the area where it will be installed should therefore be considered. This type of room cooler is quite effective and come easily under 2000. 

  • Air Throw Reach

A cooler fan and blade profile are two critical components. It’s important because, despite having a gorgeous appearance, a cooler’s performance may suffer if it can’t provide quality airflow. Additionally, the cooler is expected to cool the entire area, so the air throw distance is critical. 

  • Tank Capacity & Auto-fill Function

Since air coolers have different tank capacities, you must choose the right capacity based on the space size. Another crucial aspect is the automatic mechanism for refilling the cooler tank. Features like auto-fill tanks are helpful for coolers with lesser capacities because they maintain the water’s freshness. 

  • The durability of Cooling Pads

Your room will stay cold for longer if you use a honey pad cooler. Cooler manufacturing businesses have traditionally used wool, wood, or aspen pads, but innovative product design and new technology have changed that. Using a system for even water distribution results in even more cooling.

  • Inverter Compatible

If you live in an area with regular power cuts, you must pick an air cooler that is functional with inverters to have continuous cooling.

  • Easy Access to Control

You may use a remote control to access your air coolers’ speed settings and other options without getting out of bed or your chair. These days, you may choose from various innovative coolers that can be voice-activated and controlled.

  • Budget

When buying anything, a budget is a continual consideration. The budget must also come first when purchasing an air conditioner or a cooler. A clear price gap exists between an air conditioning unit and an air cooler. A cooler costs under $2,000, whereas an air conditioner costs as little as $25,000 per unit.

In areas with hot and dry temperatures, air coolers are a popular and affordable alternative to air conditioners. 

They function by draining water to regulate the air, which makes them an eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling option. And also get the best air cooler price from Rs.3000 to 5000. Under this price range you will get a minimum 2 years of warranty with brands like Usha, Bjaja etc. 

draining water to regulate the air cooler

Air coolers must be regularly maintained and cleaned, nevertheless, in order to operate successfully and efficiently. We’ll go over some important cleaning and maintenance advice for air coolers in this post.

  • Before cleaning, turn the air cooler off and disconnect it

Make sure to switch off your air cooler and disconnect it from the source of power before you begin cleaning it. This will shield you from electrical risks and guarantee your security while cleaning.

  • Regularly clean the water tank

As it stores the rainwater that is drained to chill the air, the water tank is a crucial part of an air cooler. Mineral deposits, germs, and algae can accumulate over time in the water tank, lowering air quality and posing health risks. It is essential to frequently clean the water reservoir if you want to avoid this.

  • Clean the water tank regularly

Drain the water tank completely, then scrub the interior of the tank with a small brush or cloth while using a solution of vinegar and water. Before adding any water, fully rinse the tank with safe water and let it to air dry.

  • Change the water frequently

The tank of water has to be changed periodically in order to maintain the best possible air quality. The effectiveness of the air cooler might be impacted by stagnant water, which can encourage bacterial development and unpleasant smells. When the weather is hot and muggy, we advise changing the water every one to two days.

best performance and longevity of air coolersMake the cooling pads clean
Water is absorbed by the cooling pads, which then release cold air into the space. The cooling pads’ efficiency can be diminished over time by the accumulation of dust, grime, and mineral deposits. Remove the cooling pads from the air cooler and clean them by rinsing them in clean water. To get rid of any difficult stains, you can also use a soft brush or cloth. Let the cooling pads dry after cleaning.

  • Clean the air filter
    To provide clean and wholesome air, the air filter is in charge of capturing dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.
  • The air filter can accumulate dirt over time, decreasing the air cooler’s cooling effectiveness and fostering indoor air pollution. Remove the air filter from the air cooler and wash it with clean water to clean it. To remove any dirt or debris, you may either use a soft brush or a hoover. When replacing the air filter in the air cooler after cleaning, allow it to dry fully.
  • Keep the air cooler in a clean and dry place
    It is critical to keep your air cooler clean and dry to preserve its longevity and performance. Place the air cooler away from high humidity or moisture areas, such as restrooms or kitchens. Maintain a clean environment surrounding the air cooler and avoid placing it near sources of dust, dirt, or pollution.

Here are the best summer cooler in India which is perfect for every home.

Finally, for best performance and longevity of air coolers, frequent maintenance and cleaning are required. By following these guidelines, you can guarantee that your air conditioner is clean, efficient, and safe to operate, providing you with cool and healthy air throughout hot and dry weather.

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Find the air cooler that best meets your needs and battle the heat without burning a hole through your wallet now that you know the ins and outs of purchasing one. In India, there is a wide range of prices for air conditioners. The price range of air coolers is under 2000. We’ve selected some of the top air coolers in this post and the best buying advice to help you choose your next air cooler wisely.


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