Are Head Massagers Required For Hair Growth?

Are Head Massagers Required For Hair Growth?

Getting head massages is one of the most relaxing activities that one can indulge in because of the numerous benefits it provides. Today’s day and age is highly competitive and stressful which is why one does feel extremely stressed and anxious too. 

No wonder a head massage is one of the highly recommended things that a doctor will prescribe to help relieve your stress apart from regular exercise and meditation. 

Besides the complete tension-free atmosphere that it creates for the person who receives a good head massage, it also promotes significant growth of hair in length and volume. 

But is it really true that getting a head massage from a professional regularly or using a head massager will promote hair growth? To get answers to this question, you must continue reading this blog. 

What is a Head Massager? 

What is a Head Massager?

A head massager is a device that is used to massage one’s head, neck and shoulders. A head massager can either work on batteries, be electronically operated, or work manually. You can use a head massager either while showering on wet hair, oily hair, or dry hair, depending on the type of massager you have. 

Before you purchase a head massager you must ensure that it has good bristles. If a head massager has hard bristles, then you will find it uncomfortable on your head and might end up hurting yourself. Go for a massager with soft bristles. Also, note that the massage heads and nodes can rotate to give you better relief. 

Apart from relieving tension and working on your pressure points, using a good head massager will exfoliate and eliminate dandruff and other dead skin cells from your head and body. 

You will notice improved follicle circulation which is a direct link to enhanced hair growth. A head massager allows serums and other haircare items to spread better and deeper into the scalp. 

All of us have experienced a head massage at least once in our lifetime. It is a deep-style massage technique that focuses on relieving pressure and tension from certain parts of the body such as the neck, head, and shoulders. 

There are a number of recommended head massage techniques. You could either go for the traditional hand head massage or take help of a head massager. Getting head massages on a regular schedule will help reduce pressure as it stimulates the blood vessels and nerves. 

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Ways To Do a Head Massage 

There are two basic ways of getting a head massage. 

  • Traditional head massage

Traditional head massage

A traditional head massage requires you to manually massage your head with your fingers. Depending on the type of pressure you find comfortable on your head, you must apply pressure with your fingers on your scalp and work them around. 

Continue doing this for at least five minutes at a time, and do it at least two times a day. If you can, get a head massage before sleeping to experience deeper and better sleep. Similarly, if you are short on time, try massaging your head during a shower while you shampoo or condition your hair. 

A traditional head massage can also be done by a professional. Hire one to get a head massage on a regular basis. 

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  • Head massagers

Head massagers

There are special massagers for the head to help give you a stress-free experience. Dermatologists recommend good head massagers and brushes to use. 

You can use these head massagers the same way you move your fingers around your scalp. Just ensure that the head massager is of good quality and is ergonomically built. 

To enhance your head massaging experience, you can apply a few drops of essential oils on your scalp before using the head massager.

The essential oil will be able to seep deeper into your scalp helping to grow longer and thicker hair

Are head massagers important for hair growth? 

Yes, head massages and head massagers are required for hair growth. But, of course, this is not the absolute solution to wanting to see an improvement in your hair growth. A head massager is used to improve and increase the circulation of blood to the head

If there is significantly poor blood circulation in the scalp and limited nerve stimulation, then, you might be prone to experience hair loss. On the other hand, head massagers do the opposite. 

In a few studies conducted by professional researchers, a direct link was seen between thicker hair growth and head massages with a hair massager. 

Undergoing a minimum five-minute massage every day found that hair growth was positive. Also, following a two-time head massage regime, every day saw significant improvement in reducing hair loss. 

Some people even reported seeing improvement in their alopecia condition. Although this research did give limited findings, there is some light thrown in the direction of head massagers required for hair growth as being positive. 

If you want to see significant improvement in the volume of your hair, you must try purchasing and using a head massager. You can conclude on your own whether a head massager actually helps in relieving hair growth stress. 

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The bottom-line answer to the question- ‘Are head massagers required for hair growth?’ is an absolute yes! But you must not confuse this with reduction in hair loss. Although head massagers are seen to significantly improve hair length and volume, reduction in one’s hair loss is not scientifically proven. If you do not see any improvement in your hair growth despite following regular head massages with a head massager or manually, you must consult a doctor. You could be facing some other underlying issue that must be treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ways to perform a head massage for relaxation and scalp health?

Answer: Various techniques can be used to conduct head massages. Some typical ways include applying light pressure in circular patterns with your hands, kneading the scalp, or utilising a head massaging gadget such as a scalp massager. 

You may also use oils to improve the massage sensation and nourish the scalp, such as coconut or almond oil. Personal taste and the desired amount of relaxation might influence method selection.

Are there any precautions to consider when giving or receiving a head massage?

Answer: Yes, there are some precautions to take when providing or getting a head massage. Excessive force or forceful rubbing might cause irritation or harm to the scalp. To preserve hygiene, make sure your hands or the massage instrument are clean. 

Before obtaining a head massage, visit a healthcare expert if you have any scalp disorders or injuries. Finally, if you feel any odd pain or discomfort during the massage, stop immediately and seek expert help.


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