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Best 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan in India for Your Home

Best 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan in India for Your Home

We normally focus on the price, design, and quality of the fan for choosing the best ceiling fan in India for your home. But choosing the right sweep for your room is equally important. The sweep of your fan is actually the diameter of the blades of your fan installed in your room. 

The sweep is largely responsible for the amount of airflow generated. Fans with larger sweeps deliver more flow of air. In very hot places larger sweep helps to make the room cool by delivering more airflow. However, you should choose the sweep size according to the size of your room. 

Very small rooms require small sweeps, medium-sized rooms require fans with large sweeps while very large rooms require more than one fan with a suitable sweep size.

Normally the most preferred sweep size is 1200 mm and 1400 mm. 1400 mm is the ideal size when you are looking for the best ceiling fan in India for your standard room size. 

The 1400 sweep size of a fan is perfect for a room that is not very small as well as not so big in size. Have a look at the sweep size chart according to the size of the room.

Room size in square feetFan sweep in inchFan sweep in millimeters
Less than 35 sq. ft.24600 mm
35-65 sq. ft.25900 mm
65-100 sq. ft481200 mm
100-225 sq. ft551400 mm
More than 225 sq. ftMore than one fan With appropriate sweep size.More than one fan with an appropriate sweep size.

5 Best 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan In India With Price

Havells Nicola 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan 

This beautiful ceiling fan design from Havells looks extremely stylish for your home décor. The colors of this fan are stunning – bronze copper, gold mist copper, pearl ivory, pearl white silver, Gold mist copper, and pearl ivory com.

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The price of the ceiling fan is Rs 3770 on Amazon. The fan has three stylish blades.

Atomberg Renesa 1400 Ceiling Fan

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Significant Features

  • It has decorative trims on the motor cover and blades making it amazing to look.
  • The fan body and blades have a metallic paint finish.
  • The blades are aerodynamic which ensures superior air flow without any obstacles. 
  • It requires 240 volts for its operation.
  • It performs very well even during low voltage.

Atomberg Renesa 1400 Ceiling Fan 

This fan is the best 1400 mm ceiling fan in India. It is a highly demanded BLDC fan. It comes at a price of Rs 3849.

Atomberg Renesa

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Significant Features

  • It works on the latest BLDC motor, making it energy efficient. It consumes only 28 watts at its highest speed of 5. 
  • It works smoothly and effectively even during low voltage and voltage fluctuation.
  • This modern fan has a remote featuring three modes such as boost, timer, and sleep.
  • The fan has two years of warranty with an extra one year if registered its purchased on its official website.
  • It has a high speed of 290 RPM.
  • It also delivers a sufficient airflow of 270 cmm.

Havells Ss 390 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan

This Havells ceiling fan is one of the best 1400 mm ceiling fans of India which though simple looks warm and charming. The fan has different soothing color combinations to match your home décor

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It costs Rs 2960 on Amazon.

Havells Ss 390 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan

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Significant Features

  • It has double ball bearing technology for the smooth functioning of the motor.
  • It performs efficiently even during low voltage.
  • It has wider fan blades for superior-quality air.
  • It has two years of warranty on its product.

Atomberg Efficio 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan

This is another best modern fans from Atomberg. Because of its BLDC motor which makes it energy efficient, It is a 5-star rated top 1400 mm ceiling fan in India. Also, It is one of the top bldc ceiling fan in India.

This elegant fan with smart technology is available in two sober colours – white and ivory. The price of this energy-saving fan is Rs 3619 on Amazon.

Atomberg Efficio 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan

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Significant Features

  • Because of its BLDC motor, it consumes very less electricity of only 28 watts when moving at its highest speed.
  • It functions steadily even during voltage fluctuation.
  • It is a high-speed fan having speed 280 RPM.
  • The amount of air flow is also very high, which is 272 CMM.
  • It has a remote control for operating speed, on /off mode, timer mode, sleep mode and boost mode.
  • Like Atomberg Renesa, it also has 2 + 1 year’s warranty.2 years on the fan and 1 year if registered the purchase on its site.

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Havells Fusion 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan 

Havells Fusion 1400 ceiling fan is a good option to pick if you are looking for the best 1400 mm ceiling fans in India. The fan looks extremely stylish in its decorative design on its motor cover, canopy and blades.

The price of the ceiling fan is Rs 3390. The models have various color combinations, making them superb for your home interior. 

Havells Fusion 1400 Mm Ceiling Fan

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Significant Features

  • It is coated with a metallic paint finish.
  • Excellent performance even during low voltage and voltage fluctuations.
  • It has powerful Double Ball Bearing making it extremely durable.
  • It moves at a high speed of 300 RPM.
  • It generates a high amount of airflow which is 280 cm.
  • Its power consumption is 75 watts.
  • The strong and decorative down rod prevents excessive jerks and swings when the fan is operating.
  • It has premium quality nuts and bolts for providing maximum support to the blades while the fan moves.

Consider Reading:

Crompton HIGHSPEED AURA 1400 mm

The Crompton Highspeed Aura 1400 mm is a ceiling fan model manufactured by Crompton, an established brand in India known for its electrical appliances. The fan has a sweep size or blade span of 1400 mm (or 56 inches). This size is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.

Crompton ceiling fans are designed to provide efficient air circulation in a room. They come in different sizes, styles, and finishes to suit various décor themes. Ceiling fans by Crompton are known for their quiet operation and energy efficiency. They help maintain good ventilation and prevent the buildup of humidity.crompton-fan

Buy From Amazon- Click Here

Significant Features

  • The fan is equipped with a high-speed motor that delivers powerful and efficient performance.
  • It is designed to provide optimal air circulation and cooling. The exact speed settings may vary depending on the model variant.
  • The Crompton Highspeed Aura 1400 mm features an aesthetic design that is intended to enhance the decor of your room.
  • The fan has three or more blades made of high-quality materials.
  • Speed 320 RPM
  • Air Delivery 250 CMM
  • Input Power 60 W; Regulator
  • Some models of the Crompton Highspeed Aura 1400 mm may come with additional features such as remote control operation, anti-dust coating on blades, and noiseless operation.


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    The most remarkable and eco-accommodating fan is the 5-star evaluated Atomberg Renesa. This high velocity fan utilizes the cutting edge atomSENSE calculation to create 290 RPM for 270 CMM wind stream. The exceptionally productive BLDC engine consumes just 28 watts, setting aside to 65% of the energy consumed.

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  8. Bhavesh
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    For optimum circulation in a room, a ceiling fan’s sweep size selection is essential. This blog offers useful details about sweep sizes and how they relate to room size. It suggests the 1400 mm sweep size as the best option for Indian standard-sized rooms. The blog also provides a ranking of the top 1400 mm ceiling fans, showcasing their specifications, styles, and costs. Overall, it’s a useful manual for readers looking for a ceiling fan that complements the style and functioning of their home.

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