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Best Cookie Brands in India You Must Try

Best cookie brands in India

Cookies, those delightful morsels of baked goodness, have an irresistible charm that transcends cultures and generations. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea, shared among friends, or savored as a sweet treat after a long day, cookies hold a special place in our hearts.

Let’s delve into the wonderful world of cookies and explore why they continue to captivate our taste buds and warm our souls.

One of the most well-liked snacks in India, which is recognized for its unique cookery traditions, is a cookie. In India, there are several domestic and foreign cookie brands, each with its own individual flavours and attributes. 

PriceGoogly will provide you some of the best cookie brands you must try from India. There is a cookie brand for every taste and price range, extending from the traditional flavour of Britannia to the luxury quality of Unibic. 

snack for many occasions

Other well-known brands including Parle and Karachi Bakery, are known for their low costs and unique flavours, respectively. These companies specify a variety of items, ranging from creamy chocolate-filled cookies to crunchy and salty crackers, making them a favourite snack for many occasions

These best cookie brands in India have you covered whether you’re exploring for a light teatime cookie or a sweet treat and it adds a good flavour.

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Karachi Bakery


Top Cookie Brands in India

BrandPopular CookiesUnique Features
BritanniaGood day (cashew, almond, butter), Bourbon (chocolate sandwich), Marie Gold (light and crispy)High quality ingredients, various flavours
ParleHide & seek (chocolate chip with gooey centre), Monaco (savoury cracker), KrackJack (sweet and salty biscuit)Reasonable price, popular flavours
SunfeastDark Fantasy (chocolate), Mom’s Magic (buttery), Marie Light (light and crispy)Premium quality, innovative flavours
UnibicAnzac (oats with coconut), Choco Kiss (chocolate with creamy filling), Classic Butter (buttery and crumbly)Unique flavours, high quality ingredients
Karachi BakeryOsmania (traditional with unique texture), Fruit Biscuit (sweet and tangy with dried fruit), Choco Nut (chocolate with crunchy nutty texture)Delicious and unique flavours, attractive packaging


In India, the biscuit brand Britannia is well-accepted and dependable. Because they employ high-quality materials and have a delicious taste, people particularly enjoy their cookies. 

Britannia cookie

Some of them will be partial to cookies including Good Day, Bourbon and Marie Gold. The flavours of Good Day Cookies include cooking oil, cashew, and almond. 

  • Bourbon cookies: In this brand have a rich chocolate creamy filling in between 2 biscuits which look like a sandwich.
  • Finally, the Marie Gold biscuits are perfect for Dipping in tea or coffee as they are light type of biscuits
  • The Good Day Cashew cookies are a delightful blend of buttery goodness and the nutty richness of cashew nuts.
  • Jim Jam cookies are an absolute favorite among children and adults alike. They consist of two biscuits sandwiching a layer of fruity jam, adding a burst of sweetness to every bite.
  • For those who crave a combination of sweet and savory flavors, the 50-50 Sweet & Salty cookies are a perfect choice.

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Parle is another well-known cookie brand in India which has a range of cookie types in it. People admire their cookies because they are delicious and affordable. 

Parle is known for its affordability for many years, and it is one of the main reasons why Indians choose this brand. Some cookies are KrackJack, Monaco, and Hide and seek

Parle cookie

  • An attractive variety of chocolate chip cookies is called “hide and seek”.
  • Monaco is great for eating with various dips.
  • KrackJack is a crunchy, sweet, and salty biscuit that is perfect with tea and coffee. 
  • The 20-20 Cashew Butter Cookies are a unique variant that incorporates the rich and buttery flavor of cashew nuts whereas Monaco Classic Regular cookies are famous for their savory and tangy taste.

These salted biscuits are a versatile option, often enjoyed on their own or paired with various toppings and spreads, making them a popular choice for snacking.

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This is another popular cookie company in India, which markets a wide variety of cookies. People love their cookies because they are delicious and are reasonable to buy in the indian market. 


There are few famous cookies in this brand that is widely famous for their taste and they are Dark fantasy, Mom’s magic and Bounce. 

  • Dark fantasy is known for it rich choco-fill inside the cookie and Mom’s magic is a cashew nut-filled cookie. Bounce is a sweet biscuit that is absolutely preferable as a tasty snack in the evening.
  • Mom’s Magic cookies are a nostalgic choice that captures the essence of homemade cookies. These cookies come in various flavors like Elaichi (cardamom), Cashew, and Butter, offering a homely and comforting taste reminiscent of mom’s baking.
  • Marie Light cookies are a light and crispy option that is perfect for those seeking a lighter snacking choice. These cookies have a delicate flavor and a biscuit-like texture, making them a versatile option for enjoying with tea or as a light snack.

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The cookie company Unibic focus on utilising outstanding ingredients for its rich flavours. Although their cookies are a bit costly they are extremely tasty great and they never compromise on their quality. 

Among their well-liked cookies are Anzac, Choco Kiss, and Classic Butter. Anzac is a crispy biscuit with oats and a coconut flavour mix that is quite delicious. 

Unibic cookie

  • The chocolate biscuit known as “Choco Kiss” contains a creamy filling inside of it, making it a rich chocolate treat.
  • A buttery cookie known as “Classic Butter”  melts in your mouth.
  • People love Unibic cookies even though they are costly since they have distinctive flavours and add the best ingredients.

Unibic is committed to using high-quality ingredients in their cookies. They prioritize sourcing premium ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality in every bite. Whether it’s real chocolate chips, nuts, oats, or other flavorings, Unibic strives to deliver a superior cookie experience.

Here is the collection of best basmati rice brands in India available. All the rice brands are available on online stores like amazon. 

Karachi Bakery

Hyderabad-based Karachi Bakery is a well-established producer of cookies and other baked products. 

They are highly known for both their delicious and distinctive flavour and appealing look. Osmania, Fruit Biscuit and Choco Nut are some of their greatest-selling cookies

Karachi Bakery

  • Traditional Osmania cookies have an exclusive flavour and texture.
  • Contrarily, Fruit Biscuit is a sweet and spicy biscuit that includes pieces of dried fruit.
  • As the name implies, a chocolate biscuit with a crunchy, cracked feel is known as a choco nut.

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Not just in Hyderabad but throughout India, people have grown to specifically adore the cookies at Karachi Bakery. Its individual flavours and extra ingredients have made a lot of people admire their goods. 

Enjoy Cookies with Family

These make wonderful arrivals and are ideal for sharing with friends and family. The Karachi Bakery sells a variety of other baked delicacies in addition to cookies, including cakes, bread, and pastries. 

This company is well suitable for the people who love to try a variety of cookies with top quality and flavour. 

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To sum up, India is home to a variety of well-known cookie brands, each having its own Specialty in terms of flavours and quality. 

These companies provide a wide range of cookies, from sweet to salty, crispy, Chocolate, butter flaked and so on to suit everyone’s taste. Cookies are so well-loved by people of all ages that they are not only delicious but also reasonably priced.

It might be fun to try different cookies for your daily snack routine and you could find a new favourite that you never expected to like. Also, sharing cookies with loved ones and friends may be a great way to connect and make memories with them. 

A lot of these companies provide attractively packed cookies that are ideal presents for celebrations, birthdays, or just to give it to your loved ones.

Overall, there has never been a better moment to add some sweet delights with so many delightful cookie brands to choose from. So, try a cookie from these brands today!

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