Best Face Wash For Men

Face Wash For Men

Face wash helps to clean up your skin, which is an important step in your skincare routine. Most men, unlike the women, do not want to spend a considerable amount of time following beauty care products. 

However, the use of face wash on a regular basis is a very common thing to do for not only women but also for men to maintain healthier skin and the whole process of applying it to rinsing it,  involves only a few seconds, and all men however busy he might be, can devote this much time.

Our skin is exposed to UV rays, dust and pollutants every day we step out of our home. If our face is not properly washed and cleaned, it may result in pimples, blemishes, dark spots and other skin-related problems. 

Daily cleansing your face twice is very essential for having healthy skin and hence living a healthy life. Wash your face when you return to your home after your work and also clean it before going to sleep.

Bath soaps, though are a good agent for cleaning your body, are not suitable for your face. They have strong properties which damage the skin of your face, which is more sensitive and delicate than the other parts of your body. 

Using a bar soap for cleaning your face will make it dry and coarse and you will lose your skin elasticity very soon. Some dermatologists say that the pH level of soap is far more than the skin’s pH level so the use of soap is not recommended for the face.

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The skin of men and women vary greatly, with men’s skin tougher than the women’s. The best face wash for men deep cleanses the skin and removes the dirt and impurities from within the pores. 

They unclog the pores and remove blockages, giving you bright, glowing and even skin tone. To choose the best facewash for men you need to know the following facts –

  • Know about your skin type. You have dry, oily, normal or sensitive skin.
  • Inquire about the key ingredients in the face wash.
  • Know about your skin problems and hunt for specific face washes that have properties for healing your problems.
  • Avoid face wash with ingredients that are sensitive for your skin.
  • Do patch tests before choosing your face wash.
  • Decide on whether you want a natural or a medicated face wash.
  • Look for gluten-free face washes.
  • Look for a parabens and sulfate-free face wash.
  • For oily skin type, charcoal or activated charcoal face wash is recommended and for dry skin honey extract face washes are suggested.

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Best Face Wash For Men In India With Their Prices

Based on the different skin types and problems, and the ingredients used, we have selected some best face wash for men that give remarkable results. You can buy these face washes for men from Amazon and avail a huge discount.

Best Face Wash For Men With Normal Skin
ProductKey IngredientsPrice and rating on Amazon
Nivea Men Oil Control Face WashMarine plant extracts, glyceryl glucoside, glycerine.MRP Rs 199 for 100g


Fabbeu Glow getter facewash for menTea treeMRP – 595 for 100g


Nivea Men Oil Control Face WashNivea Men oil control face wash –It controls the oil production and you can buy it on Amazon at price 169 for 100g. 


Fabbeu Glow getter face wash for men –  It does not completely dry out the skin but hydrates the skin after washing. Buy it from Amazon at price Rs 249 for 100 g.  


  • It is 100% vegan.
  • It is free from parabens.
Best Facewash For Men Having Dry Skin.
Product’s nameKey ingredientsPrice and ratings
Ustraa men’s face washMint, Pine bark extract, glycerine, coconutRs 399 for 200g


St. D’Vence Moroccan

Argan face wash

Argan oil, Aloe vera, raw honeyRs 299 for 100ml

Ustraa Face Wash Dry SkinUstraa men’s face wash – Buy it from Amazon to avail of the discount. Price Rs 311 for 200g.


  • It provides intense cleaning and moisturizing, without having the feeling of dryness after washing.
  • It removes dirt and dead skin.

    St. D’Vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash
      This is an ideal face wash for men with extremely dry skin. Buy it online from Amazon at a discounted price of Rs 249 for 100 g. 


  • It has organic ingredients like raw honey and natural Moroccan argan oil.
  • It is free from sulfates, parabens and mineral oils.
  • It is free from fragrance.
  • It cleans and deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • It also slows down the aging process by controlling wrinkles.
Best Face Wash For Men With Skin Problems Like Acne And Dark Spot. 
Product nameIngredientsPrice and Amazon ratings
Man matters skin mattersNeem,Allantoin,Menthol,2% salicylic acidMRP Rs 299 for 100ml

Man Matters Skin MattersMa Matters Skin Matters:  This male’s face wash reduces acne, pimples, dark spots, and blemishes and controls oil. Buy it from Amazon at Rs 299 for 100 ml. 


  • Free of sulfate, parabens and other harmful chemicals for skin.
  • It reduces redness.
  • It rejuvenates the skin.
  • It keeps blackheads at bay.
Best face wash for men with all skin type
Product nameIngredientsPrice and Amazon’s rating
Garnier Men Turbo brightCharcoal, ClayRs 285 for 150 ml 


Garnier Men Turbo Bright:  This product is suitable for all skin types and it brightens dull skin. Amazon Price Rs 211 for 150 ml and Rs 520 for 300 ml. 


  • It controls excess oil.
  • It evens and brightens the skin tone.
  • It is alcohol-free.
Best Detan face wash for men
Product nameIngredientsPrice and Amazon’s rating
Beardo Detan Men’s Face washcoffeeRs 275 for 100ml


Beardo Detan Men’s Face Wash:  This face wash is specially formulated for the tough skin of men. It has coffee which acts as a detanning agent. Amazon price – Rs 194 for 100ml. 


  • It is a cruelty free product.
  • It is free from silicones.
  • It completely removes tan.
  • It removes dirt and other impurities from the skin.
Best Face wash for men with oily skin
Products nameIngredientsPrice and Amazon ratings
Good Vibes Activated charcoalActivated charcoalRs 300 for 200ml


Nivea Men Oil control Charcoal face washCharcoal, glycerin, mentholMRP-265


Good Vibes Activated Carbon Face WashGood Vibes Activated Carbon:  It completely absorbs the oil and dust from your face. Buy it from Amazon at price Rs 299 for 300ml. 


  • It cleans the excessive oil by extracting it.
  • It has antifungal properties that protect from skin infections.
  • It contains no parabens or mineral oils.

Nivea Men Oil Control Charcoal Face Wash: – Buy it at price Rs 175 on Amazon. 


  • It extracts the oil and impurities completely from your face.
  • Gives a cooling effect for Menthol present in it.

Conclusion – These mentioned the best face wash for men are selected on the basis of deep research. We primarily focused on the various customer reviews, the skin-friendly ingredients that are used for different skin types and also their affordability. We have provided you the Amazon link to avail the discount on the products. However, it is important to note that you should only use face wash two times a day. Using it more than twice may make your skin dry, resulting in an increase in skin concerns

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  1. Akshit
    November 27, 2023 at 4:10 am

    I was looking for a good face wash. I have oily skin and its very prone to acnes. I guess i can take a good help from this blog as good options are mentioned here.

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