Best Gym Equipment Brands In India To Know And Try

Best Gym Equipment Brands In India

Sparing some time for one’s health and fitness is important and one can have a great quality of life if the body is fit. Gyms are places where people seek help in terms of fighting their bodies. Being in shape and having a good body is something that everyone desires. Many people are gym lovers and they spare specific times of their day for gyms.

In this blog, some best gym equipment brands are shared which will help you to choose the best brand. You will know about the estimated price range of particular gym brand equipment. This blog will help you in having great gym equipment in a good price range. 

We are sharing some great gym equipment in the following sections. Read further to learn more about great gym equipment.

Why Are These Gym Equipment Brands Chosen?

The gym equipment brands in this blog are chosen because of some features that are shared as follows-

  • These brands offer good home setup equipment.
  • Products or equipment related to cardio and strength can be bought.
  • The high performance of brand equipment is well known.
  • One can trust the quality.
  • Great reviews have been received by all of them.
  • One can find good varieties from gym equipment brands.
  • The rigid nature is cool.

Because of all these good features, the brand equipment options are shared in this blog and you can rely on them.

Being Strong Gym Equipment

Being Strong Gym Equipment

Gym equipment is very popular and famous. The gym equipment related to this is great and the features of their gym equipment are as follows-

  • Many great gym equipment are available.
  • Salman Khan being the fitness icon helps in more growth and popularity of the equipment.
  • Shoulder press machines, and weight plates all are available.
  • One can look at catalogues too.
  • The performance is good.
  • The product range varies from Rs 20,000 to 2 lakhs.

Fitline Gym Equipment

Fitline Gym Equipment

Fitline offers many great equipment along with good guidance. The things related to cardio, strength and group training are all provided by fitline. One can have great products from here. The features are-

  • It has great reviews.
  • The equipment is of high quality.
  • Things like the Olympic bench and leg press are also available.
  • Setups are also provided at a good price.
  • Customers love the Rigidity of equipment.
  • The price range may vary from Rs 70,000 to 3 lakhs.

Life Fitness Gym Equipment

Life Fitness Gym Equipment

The gym equipment of this brand is loved by people as they provide many great offers. The features of this are as follows-

  • It offers a great deal of equipment.
  • It is one of the trusted gym brands.
  • Perfect guidance is given by them.
  • The equipment is available at different locations.
  • One can buy different plan options.
  • The price range of products varies from Rs 47,000 to 4 lakhs.

Along with gym equipment, Here are the best cycle brands in India. These cycles are easily available on online stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc. 

Aerofit Gym Equipment

Aerofit Gym Equipment

This brand is known for the variety of products that it offers. One can have a great range of gym equipment from this. The features are as follows-

  • It provides products that are made up of fine materials.
  • The durability is great.
  • One can get good options.
  • One can have different price ranges.
  • The colour options are also available.
  • The price range may vary from 35,000 to 5 lakhs.

Cybex Gym Equipment

Cybex Gym Equipment

The gym equipment by this are very great as  they have following features-

  • They can be bought easily at offers.
  • Great delivery service is provided by them.
  • Manuals of working are given.
  • The price range is affordable.
  • One can have modern equipment.
  • One can order it easily.
  • Price may vary from Rs 56,000 to 5 lakhs.

Matrix Gym Equipment

Matrix Gym Equipment

Various home fitness products are given. The features are as follows-

  • Global distribution is a good thing.
  • Great fitness products.
  • Great varieties.
  • Price ranges vary according to products.
  • Great performance.
  • A good warranty is given.
  • Product prices may vary from Rs 46,000 to 7 lakhs.

If you want to do just running to weight then here are some best treadmill brands to choose from. 

Wellness Gym Equipment

Wellness Gym Equipment

Best strength equipment is provided by this. The features are as follows-

  • It offers a great biomechanics machine.
  • The performance of all equipment is good.
  • The durability is great.
  • Warranty is a good feature.
  • Great and smooth functioning.
  • Commercial gym setup with good plans.
  • The price range varies from Rs 59,000 to 8 lakhs.

Viva Gym Equipment

Viva Gym Equipment

It has 600+ products and all of those are of good quality. The features are-

  • Highly durable.
  • Perfect for home setups.
  • Made up of good material.
  • Can be purchased online easily.
  • Good guidance is given by the team.
  • The price range may vary from 40,000 to 8 lakhs.

To stay fit, try these best running shoe brands to hold a solid grip. 

Gym Equipment – Comparison Table

The comparison table for all brands is shared as follows and you can check it out for buying the best equipment from the best brand.

Name of BrandFeaturesPrice
Being strong
  • Good performance of equipment.
  • Many products are available.
  • Affordable.
Rs 20,000 to 2 lakhs.
  • High quality.
  • Good reviews.
  • Highly rigid.
Rs 70,000 to 3 lakhs.
Life Fitness
  • Trusted equipment.
  • Great deals are provided.
Rs 47,000 to 4 lakhs.
  • Reputed brand.
  • Great options.
  • Colour options.
Rs 35,000 to 5 lakhs.
  • Manuals given.
  • Good delivery.
Rs 56,000 to 5 lakhs.
  • Global distribution.
  • Great varieties.
Rs  46,000 to 7 lakhs.
  • Durability is good.
  • Great warranty.
Rs 59,000 to 8 lakhs.
  • Good condition of equipment.
  • Perfect performance
Rs 40,000 to 8 lakhs.

Along with gym equipment, know about these best yoga mats in India which can also be used to exercise comfortably. 


Many brands related to gym equipment in India are shared and one can check the brands and their features. Almost all brands offer good products and one can rely on their quality. You can read the specific features of all the brands and then you can consider the best one that you can buy. Be it cardio-related equipment or weight plates, every brand offers things according to needs. The plans for commercial setups can be checked by consulting the desired brand. Read this blog and we assure you that you will get to know more about all great gym equipment brands in India.

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