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A Delectable Journey: Exploring the Best Ice Cream Brands

A Delectable Journey Exploring the Best Ice Cream Brands

Price Googly is back with the tastiest and most delicious topic of the blog ever. We are here to talk about the best ice cream brands in India. Everyone is a fan of ice cream. And please we do not accept someone who hates ice cream, respectfully! Haha, jokes apart.

Ice Creams are the key to our hearts and happiness to your minds. They bring joy like no other. So, no matter if you’re a fan of other frozen foods or desserts, or unique flavored ice creams, the brands we’re talking about have it all. 

In this article, we will look into some of the tastiest and best ice cream brands in India that have stolen so many hearts. These brands have mastered the art of unique blending of ice creams and have given us the best treats.

We will go into the history of these brands and see how they rose as one of India’s best ice cream brands that leaves you wanting more and more of it. So get ready. It’s time to treat yourself to a scoop of ice cream, a pure form of happiness!

Top Brands of Ice Cream in India

  • Vadilal
  • Amul
  • Havmor
  • Kwality
  • Creambell

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Amul Ice Cream

Anand Milk Union Limited, or AMUL is a well established multinational company in India dealing with dairy products and is widely known for its icecreams. Made with fresh milk, amul has provided happiness in all forms throughout decades. 

Amul Ice Cream

Flavors of Amul include basic vanilla or chocolate to unique butterscotch blend and even mango raising the bar for other brands. Amul, the taste of India, has grown in ice cream business ever since it started Amul has some pretty unique campaigns like the spirit of season taste with Indian Festivities like Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Holi or even Eid.

Amul also offers lychee, watermelon and mango fruit-based ice creams during summer as refreshments. Amul is a trusted brand and one of the best brands in India. So this might end your search here! Go grab a bite.

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Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall, a classic ice cream company which is recognized all over the world, has extraordinary and luxury chocolate flavors and sundaes providing the ice cream lovers a platform to show their love towards this. The Kwality Wall’s one and only sole belief is that all differences are melted away when there’s ice cream in front of us and that ice creams bring everyone closer together.

Kwality Wall's Ice Cream

With this belief, Kwality Wall’s ice cream is now world famous with various seasonal and limited edition offers where they take care of the menu accordingly with the season providing best experiences during different seasons.

For instance, the lemon or raspberry flavor during summers does wonders to the tongues of the consumers. Infact, the Kwality Wall Brand also have kitkat and oreo flavored ice creams as their limited edition offer to create the enthusiasm in their consumers.

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Vadilal Ice Cream

Vadilal is a well known and most recognized brand in India that has an expertise in ice cream and other frozen delights. The first ever ice cream made by vadilal was back in 1907 and the first ice cream parlor was opened in 1926.

Ever since then, vadilal has only gotten bigger and bigger as they refused to look back with the introduction of lorries of ice creams with tricycles, then their first plant in Bareilly and then going international with almost 20-30 countries! 

Vadilal Ice Cream


Vadilal’s limited edition and seasonal offers like Badam Pista Kulfi flavors during winters take the consumers by their heart!  If you’re still not convinced, then I don’t know when you will because Vadilal is the way to everyone’s hearts!

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Creambell has made itself a soft and a cozy place in the Indian Market and influenced the consumers in its direction ever since. This brand known for its rich and wide variety of flavors enhances the experience of an ice cream to various levels.

Creambell Ice Cream

The limited edition offer and the season offers of this brand, the CreamBell is a little to the western side with holidays like Valentine’s day, or Christmas that comes with the introduction of flavors like Belgian Chocolate, Nutella, Biscoff, etc

Creambell has offered a unique taste and richness to the users all over the world with their desserts and other frozen delights. So this brand has made its own place in the top brands of ice cream in India.

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Havmor Ice Cream Company is a recognized & well established Indian Ice Cream Company that has set its roots back in 1944 when it was founded. This Company specializes in Ice Cream and has over 160 flavors of ice cream. It also sells family packs, popsicles, candies, and cup ice cream.

Havmor Ice Cream

This brand has definitely captured the hearts of many ice cream lovers all over India with its unique tastes and flavors that suits all preferences. Their limited edition ice creams are one of a kind and give different flavors according to the festivities in terms of seasonal offers such as collaborations with chocolate companies like Ferrero Rocher.

Since it is a Gujarat based company, they introduced Pista Flavored Ice cream during Navratri to meet the needs of tradition as a part of their limited edition flavors. This makes Havmor loved by millions all over India. 

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Readers, we hope it was as fun a journey as your favorite dessert. We have made a list of all treasures of brands that make the best ice cream in India with so many flavors and new creations that when they meet the tongue, touch the soul! 

Remember dear readers, always consider factors like hygiene and overall quality of the store as well as ingredients to avoid being in the dark about certain things that might be of utmost importance to you. And worry not, whatever may be your taste, style, need, and preference, there is definitely an ice cream available for you.

So, choose the best brand and go grab your favorite ice cream and treat yourself with happiness. Life is too short to say no to ice cream, so enjoy every lick and bite. Have a good day readers. 

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