Compare your Inverter Battery before Buying

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Inverter battery is the integral part of any inverter which offers uninterrupted electricity or power backup for long hours. The inverter is considered worthless when it is not combined with a powerful high quality inverter battery. There are a hundreds of brands and different types of inverter batteries available in the market today. Knowing the best performing inverter battery for your individual need without testing it individually is challenging indeed. The power requirement of your house may be different from your neighbours house and hence you need to make the selection of Inverter Battery Brands according to the power backup your house desires for. Before you buy an inverter battery for your home, you need to compare different models of inverter battery and make the selection after considering the crucial factors mentioned below.

Understanding the Power Requirement

The very first thing which you are required to consider when looking for best inverter battery brand is the power requirement of your house. In general terms, you need to know what electrical appliances you are going to run during power failure. The power requirement is basically the total amount of power that is consumed by the different electrical appliances during power failure. Generally, if your house uses 3 fans, 1 CFL, 3 Tube lights and 1 TV during power failure, then the total power consumed by these appliances would be 340 watts. Below is the breakup for your help. - 1 Fan – 80 Watts - 3 Tube lights (40×3) – 120 Watts - 1 CFL – 20 Watts - 1 TV – 120 Watts So, it is necessary that you purchase the inverter battery that can provide power backup of over 150Ah so that all the appliances can run smoothly during power failure. Remember, the Exide, Amaron, V-Gaurd or Luminous Inverter Battery Price differs from brand to brand and you need to compare the wattage and the price of the battery prior to selecting it.

Check the VA Ratings of the Inverter!

VA Rating means Volt Ampere Rating of the inverter. It is the voltage and the electricity which is supplied by the inverter to the Luminous or Exide Inverter Battery. If your inverter works with 100 percent efficiency, then the power consumption of electrical appliances and the supplied power by the inverter would be the same. But in reality, no inverter is capable of working with its 100% efficiency. Most of the popular brands like Luminous, Amaron or V-Gaurd Inverter Battery usually work from 60% to 80% of its totally efficiency. The efficiency of the inverter is also called as the power factor of the inverter and it is simply the ratio of the total power consumed by appliances to the supplied power by inverter. The power factor of Luminous Inverter and Amaron Inverter Battery combination ranges from 0.6 to 0.8.

So, the Power Supplied = Power Requirement /Power Factor

The average value of the power factor is considered to be 0.7 and the power of inverter = 340/0.7 = 486 VA So, you are required to buy the Su-Kam Inverter with Luminous Inverter Battery that has VA rating of 600 VA. It would be a good choice for your house indeed.

Knowing the Battery Required by Home Inverter

As mentioned, the inverter would be worthless if it is not combined with the powerful and efficient Inverter Battery from some reputed brands. The life and performance of the inverter largely depends on quality of Okaya Inverter Battery or other battery brand you are using. The backup offered by the inverter and lasting capacity of the inverter depends on the battery brand to which it is connected. It is the battery capacity that decides how many appliances and for how long it would provide the backup. It is calculated in Ampere Hours. Today, you will come across with many brands of inverter brands including Amaron, Okaya, Exide, Luminous and more. The high quality brand of inverter battery is Exide Inverter Battery which comes in a varied battery capacity ranging from 100 Ah to 180 Ah. You need to choose the suitable Ampere Hours depending upon the hours of backup you need during power failure. To run basic appliances in your home and provide sufficient backup for 4-5 hours you must combine your inverter with Luminous Battery Brand with 150Ah Capacity. To charge the battery you would require either inverter with 600VA or 800VA.

Compare Different Types of Inverter Battery!

Inverter Batteries are available in different types which range from electrodes to plate technology.

The electrodes batteries have two types:

Wet Cell Batteries
These are cheapest type of inverter battery and all brands like Exide and Okaya Inverter Battery Brand manufacturer wet cell batteries. It is also known as flooded lead acid batteries
Gel Cell Batteries
Without any maintenance these types of batteries can run and provide backup. You will see Luminous and Amaron Inverter Battery Brands manufacturing such batteries.

Plate technology has two types:

Flat Plate which is the traditional batteries and comes in larger size Tubular Batteries are the advanced than flat plate and considered more efficient in performance. Amaron and Luminous Inverter Battery Brands manufacture tubular inverter batteries.

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