Which is Better – Steam Iron or Dry Iron

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It was not at all easy to press your cloth in past. The only option left with people earlier was the dry iron for pressing their clothes. After the advent of latest technology steam irons were launched a few years back and soon it became the latest method for ironing the wrinkles on the clothes. So, today buyers have the freedom to choose between a stream iron and dry iron when they think of buying a new cloth pressing iron. But the type of cloth iron you need to buy usually depends on the type of application for which it is purchased. Both the types of irons have their own pros and cons and you must never get confused in choosing the right iron for your specific needs. You must compare both the irons thoroughly and look into the differences that both these types of irons have. Once you take into consideration these actual differences, it would really become easier for you to decide which is better, the dry irons or Steam Iron with Stand.

The Differences between Steam and Dry Iron!

Water Tank

The primary difference between the dry iron and the steam iron is their design and style. Water tank is the feature integrated in steam iron, whereas the dry iron lacks in this feature. The water tank holds the water for proper steam generation while pressing. This ensures that you enjoy effortless pressing of the wrinkles of clothes and achieve best results. There are some models of Philips Steam Irons that come with efficient water tanks and handles to make using of the iron effortless and the time required also minimizes with such features.

Soleplate of the Irons

The second difference between dry irons and steam iron is their soleplates. The soleplate included in most of the models of dry iron is solid, while in steam irons the soleplate is solid but comprises of few holes from where the steam generated by the machine is released. Because of these holes the steam released by the iron covers larger areas over clothes, thereby removing the wrinkles from clothes efficiently. This also prevents frequent re-ironing of the clothes and this is the feature which is lacking in dry irons. Moreover, the soleplates of the dry irons are easy to clean, while cleaning of soleplates in steam irons is quite challenging. The steam releasing holes must be cleaned properly without leaving them blocked. You must ensure that holes are properly clean without blockage so as to release the steam properly while ironing.

Spraying Mist

There are some models of Philips and Bajaj Steam Irons which come with the feature of spraying mist. This feature ensures that the cloth is properly moistened prior to ironing and this makes it easier for the irons to remove the wrinkles from the heavy fabric with ease. The spraying mist feature of the steam iron also ensures that ironing is done efficiently and completed within lesser time possible. This is the reason why most of the buyers prefer buying steam iron that comes with spraying mist feature. But, with dry iron you need to moisten the cloth manually with water prior to ironing which is something quite messy. Moreover, you need to put extra efforts in pressing the clothes and removing the wrinkles from cloth with dry irons.

Versatility of Irons

You are required to keep in mind that Philips, Bajaj or Usha Steam Iron models can also be used as dry iron. You simply need to stop using the steam and spraying mist feature of the steam iron to use it as dry iron for ironing the clothes. For efficient ironing you must empty the water tank of the steam iron and depending upon the fabric you are ironing you can set temperature of the iron. You must keep these factors in mind and make the purchasing decisions accordingly. There are some fabrics which only need dry ironing and for such fabrics you must ensure using the Vertical Steam Iron with no spraying mist feature. With steam irons it is possible to do dry ironing, but you can’t do steam ironing or enjoy spraying mist feature of steam iron even with the higher models of dry iron. Since the number of features in dry iron is limited, you don’t have lots of customization options like you enjoy with steam iron models.

Which is Better – Dry Irons or Steam Irons?

So, with the above comparison you might have understood which iron is the best suited for your specific needs. Remember, the best suited iron is the one that meet you specific ironing needs. It all depends on the type of usages and the fabric that you will iron. Moreover, the Steam Iron Price is quite high as compared to dry iron models and hence you must settle with the best iron that suit both your needs and budget well.

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