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Your car must contain the perfect tyres as this not only gives you the safety but also make your journey comfortable. Now you can buy your favourite tyre online through at the best price. Have a look below at the list of tires and choose the tyre of your choice. We will help you to find the best deal on it.

A vehicle is a complex combination of numerous components that work together to guarantee your and your family’s safety, affordability, and pleasure as you travel. Tires are the only elements in touch with the road that moves you while driving; they’re also what carries you forward.

Tires are also one of the most essential elements in your safety, whether on roads or a curvy backroads. When they need to be replaced, a tire shop or dealership may appear daunting with numerous types on the wall and a person at a computer with a bigger choice database.

We’ll give you all the information you need, including all of the different types of tires available, a list of tyre brands, and their respective numbers.

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Tires and Their Classification

Car Tyre Price List in IndiaThe unfortunate news is that there are at least six distinct types of tires, which the average tire shop usually has in stock. The good news is that almost everyone requires the same sort of tire. MRF tyres are the one which are available in every segment.

In certain areas, it’s beneficial to be aware of a different sort of tire. The rest are designed for vehicle buyers who require a specialized automobile. People buying those sorts of automobiles, on the other hand, anticipate needing some specific expertise.

The best news is that the firm that built your vehicle most likely shipped it to you with the optimum tire option for your car.

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All-Season Tires

All-season tires are like the everyday shoes of the automobile industry. They give a good range of performance, with excellent traction in most weather conditions and little noise while maintaining a reasonable price.

Almost all automobiles come with all-season tires from the factory. Most consumers acquire another set of all-season tires and continue to drive safely once their original set has worn down. They are usually priced based on how many miles they are anticipated to last in typical usage.

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High-Performance Tires

High-performance summer tires, which are halfway between all-season and racing tires, are like excellent running shoes for your automobile.

However, when there’s a possibility of constant rain or snow, they won’t do the job. As a result, most people don’t buy them or only utilize them on a sports vehicle as a backup car. They’re rarely the best option for a daily driver.

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Ultra-High-Performance Tires

These are the highly specialized track shoes worn by Olympians, which fell apart when we tried to compare them with our shoe example. Have you ever noticed how before they walk onto the track, athletes put their shoes on and remove them afterward? They do it because they aren’t comfortable walking in, as well as because they want to keep them since they are expensive.

The finest tires are quite similar. They’re soft and sticky, allowing an exotic automobile or a tuned race car to stick even in the face of strong g-forces during a hard turn at high speed. They may cost more than twice as much as all-season tires.

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Winter Tires

Winter tires are just like snow boots. They have rubber compounds designed to grip well even when frozen, as well as deeper lug designs that allow them to grip in slush. If you live where snow seldom falls, all-season tires will suffice.

Many people may save money and be safer on the roads during a blizzard by opting for winter tires rather than an AWD system. Of course, in a snowfall, an AWD car with snow tires performs just as well as any other nimble SUV.

You’ll want to replace your winter tires as soon as the weather warms up. The same rubber compounds that endure well in the cold degrade quickly when temperatures rise. Spring and summer driving on snow tires will rapidly destroy them.

All-Terrain Tires

The All-terrain vehicle is the hiking boot of the automobile industry. They’re often seen on trucks and SUVs, with deeper lug patterns that keep them gripping even in the muck.

All-terrain tires are noisier than other types of tires and provide a rough, bumpy ride on level ground. If you’re putting a Ford Raptor, Jeep Wrangler, or another off-road vehicle together, though, they’re the only option.

Run-Flat Tires

These tires are available in three different types: high-performance, all-season, and winter. Even if the tire is punctured, there is an internal support structure within a run-flat tire that allows it to drive safely for a set distance after being pierced. Run-flats can only travel at walking speeds and do not last indefinitely when they lose air.

With run-flat tires now common in high-end automobiles, it’s easy to see how this might be a major threat.

Tyre run-flat tires are more expensive than normal tires, but they may provide drivers with greater peace of mind. They can be somewhat noisier and give a rougher ride than ordinary tires. Many drivers, however, report that the modifications go unnoticed.

Is it crucial to select the proper tire size?

Changing the aspect ratio or width of your tires can create obvious issues like opposed tires rubbing against the suspension.

Wider rear tires on a rear-wheel-drive performance vehicle can enhance its start, which is beneficial for brief, straight-line bursts of speed like those seen in drag racing. However, the extra weight and traction might reduce fuel efficiency.

On most automobiles, a respectable business may safely mount different-size tires. However, it necessitates a lot more effort and costs much more than simply purchasing new tires. It might be necessary to replace the wheels that the tires ride on, alter brake components, modify an AWD or 4-wheel-drive vehicle’s differential, and reprogram or swap out a car’s computers to ensure that essential safety functions are not jeopardized.

Tire rotation, alignment, and maintenance

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation doesn’t imply spinning your wheels; instead, it refers to removing and reinserting them on new rims. Because front tires steer your car, they wear in a different way than rear tires.

The schedule is in your car’s owner’s handbook. Every 7,000 miles or so, most manufacturers recommend a tire rotation. Determine what other kinds of interval service your vehicle may require using our car maintenance tool.

Wheel Alignment

The wheels on your vehicle were originally set in the same direction when it was manufactured. The numerous moving joints in your vehicle’s suspension and steering could have drifted subtly out of alignment over tens of thousands of miles of driving, turning, and crashing potholes.

Tire Balancing

When it comes to replacing tires, a garage will usually install little weights inside the rims to restrict excessive vibration. Tires should be rebalanced at least once a year, and if you become aware of vibrations while driving, they can be rebalanced to prevent them from returning.

Car Models and Tyre Sizes

The model of the car, as well as the size and weight of the vehicle, all play a role in determining which type of tyre is best suited. Here is a list of some popular car models and their recommended tyre sizes:

  • Toyota Corolla: 185/65R15
  • Honda Civic: 195/60R16
  • Ford Focus:195/55R16
  • Volkswagen Golf:205/55R16
  • Audi A4: 225/45R17
  • BMW 3 Series: 225/40R18
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class:225/40R18


When it comes to choosing the right tyres, there are a few things to consider, such as the model of the car, as well as the size and weight of the vehicle.

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