Cooler Motor

A cooler motor works on electricity, and so is an eclectic device. It functions by transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. Cooler motors work with the interaction of motors' magnetic field and electric current to generate a winding force.

They produce a massive amount of heat and have a poor flow of air in them as they are mostly at rest. Air cooler motors work as capacitor induction motors. 


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Know the Working of a Cooler Motor 

The cooler motor is used for cooling the air via the circulation of water. It can be installed using horizontal or vertical airflow. Some of these motors are cleanable.      

Cooler MotorIt is made up of different materials according to the water condition. The most popular one to find is the TEFC or Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor. It has an external cooling fan on the NDE of its shaft. 

All rotating electrical machines generate heating. This is because of damage inside the machine. Cooling is circulated internally or externally by fans. 

Cooler fans generate sound and sometimes noise. This is one of the disadvantages of motors. Increased airflow also causes dust to collect, which slows down its working. These work on evaporation cooling, where evaporated water is used to provide cooling. 

How is an air-cooled motor cooled down? They rely on the circulation of air directly overheating. When all the evaporative pads are full of water, they start to warm motor air through the pads. When the air goes through these pads, the moisture begins to clean them. 

The air cooler dissipates the heat by expanding the area or increasing airflow over the object to be cooled. For the air cooler to work, the air has to be cooler than the object from which it is to remove the heat. This is the result of the second law of thermodynamics. 

Air cooler motor is generally used in applications not meant for liquid cooling, such as outboard motors, generators, etc. in all these engines, a great amount of heat is generated, which is about 44 %. This heat is meant to be removed via the exhaust. Fan-cooled motors have a special axial fan attached to their rotor that spins along with the motor. 

Pricelist of Cooler Motor in India

Cooler motors are available at different prices and rates in India. These are available first-hand as well as second-hand. Here is a short price list in India.

  1. The cooler motor price of the H Haddu Mini Air Cooler Motor with High-Speed Miscellaneous Electronic Hobby Kit is INR 778.
  2. The cooler motor price of the Star Sunlite All Purpose Fan Air Cooler Motor 2200 rpm 50Hz is INR 699.
  3. The price of the Star Jiva Cooler Motor Kit. 1400 pm, High Water Lifting, 180 Watts is INR 1,450.
  4. The price of the Filfora Cooler Motor Kit 100 % Copper Winding, 1400 rpm, High Water is INR 1,649.


To sum up, we can say that air coolers motors are used to cool the air that comes from electrical appliances. These can be purchased at different prices, which have been mentioned above. Their price differs according to the brand and model specifications. These can be damaged due to excessive collection of dust or overuse. So periodic maintenance is necessary for its proper working. Motors provide cooling with the help of evaporative cooling. Various types of motors are available in the market according to personal coolers, window coolers, or desert coolers.

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