Different Size of Exhaust Fan for Every Room

Different Size of Exhaust Fan for Every Room

Exhaust fan plays a vital role in maintaining the proper ventilation of a house which again is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. It is an object of necessity for appropriate ventilation in houses. 

The odors, impurities, and other foul gasses in the home produced due to our activities affect our health if not removed. Exhaust fans absorb the odors and other dangerous gasses, adding freshness to the rooms. 

They are to be installed in certain places where oder and stink is very common, like in bathrooms and kitchens. People also install them in the bedrooms for driving away the odors and moisture from the room, giving a fresh feeling. They also cool down the room by removing the heat.

Exhaust Fan Size Chart

The exhaust fans come in different sizes for every room and also come in both metals as well as plastic body. There are a wide variety of exhaust fans available in the market that are used for domestic purposes. 

You should know the exhaust fan size chart that will perfectly fit in your area of installation. Exhaust fan sizes come in different inches. For buying the accurate exhaust fan for your room,have a look on the exhaust fan size chart calculation.

How To Determine Appropriate Exhaust Fan Size for Every Room?

How To Determine Appropriate Exhaust Fan Size for Every Room?For finding out the exact size of your exhaust fan,you need to calculate the cubic feet per minute (CFM) capacity of the exhaust fan in a particular room. 

The volum of the fan is called CFM. CFM is directly related to the size of your room. An exhaust fan with the exact CFM for the particular area should take sufficient air to refresh the room completely, at least eight times per hour. Every time the air of that area is replaced by fresh air,it is termed as “air exchange.”

For calculating the CFM of a area,we use a simple rule as suggested by O’Brian. In other words,you need 1 CFM for each square foot of room area. 

For calculating the square feet of the particular room where  the exhaust fan has to be installed,multiply the height and width of the room and hence you will get the square footage. 

Lets take an example for your understanding. If the height Is 9 feet and width of the specific room is 7 feet, then a square foot of floor area would be 63.

For industrial uses the suitable exhaust fan sizes are 12,15,18,24,30 and 36 inches. For domestic purposes, the standard exhaust fan sizes are 12,6,18 and 9 inches according to the size of the room. Bigger room demands exhaust fan sizes that are quite big while the smaller room needs such fans in small sizes

We recommend some of the best exhaust fans which come in 12 ,6,18 and 9 inches in size, having good reviews and ratings with all necessary modern features, appropriate for your small as well as large rooms. Such  exhaust fans also come in beautiful colours and designs.

Exhaust Fan Size 12 Inch

Exhaust Fan Size 12 Inch

Luminous Ventro Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan 12-inch is best for use in the kitchen and bathroom. This Luminous exhaust fan comes with strong air-suction technology and a rust-proof body. The blades are 150 mm in size, and designed beautifully to make the ventilation process quick and efficient. Price Rs 1380 on Amazon.

Usha Aeroclean 300 mm Goodbye oil and dust exhaust fan

This 12-inch size exhaust fan has a metallic body suitable for your kitchen. This Usha exhaust fan is resistant to dust, stain and even scratches. Usha Aeroclean 300 mm comes with a warranty of 2 years. Its price is Rs 1670 on Amazon.

Scroll down for a few more exhaust fans with size 12 inches 

  • Digismart 300 mm high speed exhaust fan with price Rs1149 on Amazon.
  • HM Heavy Duty High speed Exhaust fan for bathroom and kitchen, having price Rs 949.
  • Orpat Swift Air 12 inch, 45 watt exhaust fan with price Rs 1475.
  • Havells Ventil 230 mm Exhaust Fan.

Exhaust Fan Size 6 Inch

Exhaust Fan Size 6 InchHewa Alpha 6 inch exhaust fan

This high-speed exhaust fan suitable for the bathroom and kitchen has a 1-year warranty on its motor. It delivers airflow at a higher rate with minimum noise, suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Price on Amazon Rs 699.

Crompton Axial Air High speed exhaust fan

This Crompton exhaust fan has a waterproof plastic body suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. It has a warranty of two years. It is available at a price of Rs 1199.

Havells VentilAir exhaust fan

This comes with a warranty of 2 years producing less noise. Price Rs 1340 on Amazon.

Hewa Aero 6 inch exhaust fan

This high-speed exhaust fan has a 1-year warranty on its motor. Bird guard prevents entry of dust and insects, thereby keeping it clean. Price Rs849.

Other Top Exhaust Fans with Size 6 Inch:

  • Vendoz AC Aluminum Exhaust Fan Rs 889.
  • Usha Crisp Air Premia Exhaust Fan Price Rs 1202.
  • CONTROL Aluminium Exhaust Fan with price Rs 920.
  • Rexnord 21725 A2 W Exhaust Fan with price Rs 930.

Exhaust Fan Size 18 Inch

Exhaust Fan Size 18 InchAtomberg Studio BLDC motor exhaust Fan

This fan uses a BLDC motor for saving energy. This Atomberg exhaust fan comes with a warranty of 2 years. Price Rs 2189.

It consumes only 6.5 watts of power, having 7 blades.

Crompton Greaves Exhaust Fan

It has a fine powder-coated metal body, having a capacity of 1400 revolutions per minute.

It has a warranty of 1 year. Price Rs 6000.

Other Trusted Exhaust Fans with size 18 Inch:

  • Almonard heavy duty single phase Exhaust Fan with price 6450 on Amazon.
  • ARINO Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan with price Rs 4650.
  • Havells Turboforce Exhaust Fan is available on Amazon at a price of Rs 4211.
  • Ori 10 High-Speed Exhaust Fan at price Rs 1250.

Exhaust Fan Size 9 Inch

Havells Ventil 150 mm Exhaust Fan

This is a light weighted exhaust fan. This less noise-producing exhaust fan has a plastic body. Price Rs1340. It is well known for its abrasion-resistant capacity.

Atomberg Efficio 200mm exhaust fan

It has a BLDC motor which helps in saving more energy. Such fans are stylish in designs, which come with a 2-year of warranty. Price Rs 2379.

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Some Other Best Exhaust Fans with size 9 Inch:

  • Candles High-Speed Exhaust Fan with price 1629.
  • V-Guard Terano L9 Exhaust Fan with price Rs 1523.
  • Sameer 230mm Exhaust Fan having price Rs 949
  • Hewa 225 mm Metal Exhaust Fan and its price is Rs 1199.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a 12-inch exhaust fan over smaller sizes like 6 or 9 inches?

Answer: The size of your exhaust fan is determined by your unique demands. A 12-inch exhaust fan produces more airflow than 6 or 9-inch fans, making it perfect for bigger spaces or places with higher ventilation needs. It effectively removes hot or stale air as well as odours. 

However, it may use more energy. Smaller fans, such as those measuring 6 or 9 inches in diameter, are ideal for smaller spaces and use less energy. The advantage of a 12-inch fan is its better performance and air circulation, although smaller fans are more energy-efficient and cost-effective for smaller rooms.

What factors should I consider when choosing the right exhaust fan size for my kitchen?

Answer: Choosing the right size exhaust fan for your kitchen is critical for proper ventilation. Consider the size of your kitchen, the sort of cooking you perform, and the position of the exhaust fan. 

A 12-inch exhaust fan should be plenty for a standard-sized kitchen. However, if you have a bigger kitchen or do a lot of heavy cooking, an 18-inch exhaust fan would be a better option for more effective air evacuation.


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