Different Types of Heater For Your Home That Work Even When The Power Goes Out

Different Types of Heaters For Your Home That Work Even When The Power Goes Out

Losing power in the middle of winter is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. But with the right electric heater, you can keep your home warm and toasty even when the power is out. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 electric heaters for your home, and we’ll discuss how to find the right one for your needs.

So if you’re looking for an electric heater to keep your family warm during a power outage, keep reading. We’ve got you covered.

Propane heaters

Propane heaters are affordable, convenient, and efficient heaters that can be used when the power goes out. It would help if you looked for some safety measures, like whether propane is filled correctly in the propane tank or in the room’s ventilation system—the safety measures to consider when using propane heaters. The room should have the facility of ventilation to reduce carbon footprinting. It is one of the best alternatives to electric heaters.

propane heaters

Kerosene heaters

These heaters run over the kerosene oil and produce a plane that heats the room. You can use it when the power is cut. This heater also needs safety measures to be followed. The room should be properly ventilated to remove harmful flames originating from the heater. It will help if you put your kerosene heater beside the window or door. It will help you to reduce comfort flames from the room.

Kerosene heaters

Solar heater

Solar heaters are one of the best heaters when the power goes out. Do they need sunlight to get charged and wait until your power goes out? The only problem with this heater is that it cannot run without sunlight. It can happen in rainy seasons. Solar plates on the terrace only need to be installed, and they will store energy in the batteries. Before Installing solar panels, you should ensure that your home will acquire adequate sunlight every season because Surat l totally depends on sunlight.

solar heaters

Alcohol heaters

Alcohol heaters are an alternative to electric heaters. They ran out of alcohol and sprit filled in the fuel tank.

Alcohol heaters work by circulating the alcohol contained in the unit, which results in convection heating from the heat source. This heating method is more efficient than conventional electric heating methods because it doesn’t require wiring or electrical components.

Alcohol heaters

Wood burning fireplace

The wood-burning fireplace can warm a room without electricity. It is a beautiful way to have a cosy fire in the winter and keep your home warm. The fire burns hotter than an electric one, so it’s great for heating rooms without electricity.

Wood burning fireplace

People usually think that if they want warmth in their homes, they must spend money on space or electric heaters. But other options available can provide the same kind of comfort as a space heater at a fraction of the cost. A wood-burning fireplace is an excellent choice for people who want to save money on space heaters or electric heaters and still enjoy having a warm home during the winter when there isn’t any sunlight shining through their windows.

Catalytic heaters

The catalytic feature is the new technology that uses natural gas and the catalyst, which will burn and produce heat that can be used to warm the room. This is the best way of generating it because it is waste-free and does not produce any waste, which will help reduce carbon footprinting. It is the safest alternative to an electric heater because it has heat without any flame. It will require regular maintenance like any other heater.

catalytic heaters

LPG heaters

These are the alternative to electric heaters, which runs on LPG gas. They are not the safer options but can still warm the room without electricity. It is just a regular LPG cylinder, a novel controls the flame, and a gas mantle spreads the love in every direction. It is a fuel-based non-electric heater. If you have small kids in your room, then I will not suggest going for LPG heaters. 

LPG heaters

Pellet Stove

The pallet store is an efficient and convenient alternative heat source when the power goes out. Pellet stove runs on special balut fuel, which is formed by the recycling process of sawdust and wood shaving. A Pellet stove is the best option because it burns fuel without producing harmful Flames. It is an expensive option compared to other heaters but the safest and most efficient option. The best part is it does not have any toxic chemicals in the air.

Pellet Stove

DIY heaters

You can try a DIY heater when other heating options run out. This means you can create your heater using the material in your home. Using such material, you can make an indoor heater that does not require electricity. It may include a candle, wood burning, natural gas, and other options. You can try a clay pot in which would or wax can be burned and produce heat to warm the room.

diy heaters

Burner can

You can use a biofuel burner can when electricity runs out. You can use it by leaving it for some time to heat your space. You must follow all the safety measures and keep them out of reach for pets and kids. It would help if you always went for biofuels when using any burner can, as it helps reduce carbon footprinting. This burner can be reusable, meaning you can reuse it by refilling it.

The necessity for non-electric heaters among individuals

Finding strategies to lower our carbon footprint is crucial in today’s world when changing climate is becoming more obvious. Using non-electric heaters is one of the most efficient methods to do this. We shall examine the varied needs for non-electric heaters in this post.

First off, non-electric heaters use a tonne less energy than electric heaters. They are not only expensive but also ecologically good because they do not use any power to operate. 

Non electric heaters

This is because one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions is the production of energy. You may lessen your carbon footprint and fight climate change by utilizing non-electric heaters.

Second, non-electric heaters are quite simple to use. Non-electric heaters may be used anywhere, unlike electric heaters, which can be tricky to set up and need an electrical outlet

They don’t need any difficult installation, and you can use them both indoors and outside. Just lighting them will cause them to begin to emit warmth.

Thirdly, using non-electric heaters is really safe. Non-electric heaters are far safer than heating systems, which can cause fires if improperly utilised. Furthermore, they don’t release any dangerous fumes, making them suitable for indoor use.

Fourth, non-electric heaters produce a warmer, more pleasant atmosphere. Non-electric heaters give a more natural heat compared to electric heaters, which can often generate a dry and unpleasant heat. 

Similarly to the heat we receive from the sun, they emit radiant heat. This form of heat is far more relaxing and cosy, making it ideal for usage in living rooms or bedrooms.

Sixth, non-electric heaters have a huge range of uses. Non-electric heaters come in a wide variety of designs, include wood-burning burners, gas heaters, and kerosene heaters. 

These many heater types each have special advantages and applications. For instance, gas heaters are suitable for use outdoors while wood-burning stoves are perfect for use in office cabins with a rustic atmosphere. 

But for home use mini heaters to warm up the whole house and it is easily available online along with popular brands like bajaj, Havels and many more.

Sixth, you may be able to save money by using non-electric heaters. Especially in the winter when you’re in need of them the most, electric heaters may be expensive to run. On the other hand, non-electric heaters are significantly less expensive to run. 

A wood-burning cooker, for instance, can heat a whole house with just a few logs every day. Your heating expenditures might be significantly reduced as a result.

Seventhly, in the event of a power loss, non-electric heaters can be utilised as a backup. A non-electric heater might be a lifeline in locations where power outages are common. When the power goes out, they can keep you or your family warm and secure by providing comfort and heat.

Finally, non-electric heaters are a great substitute for electric heaters. They are affordable, adaptable, safe, cosy, energy-efficient, simple to operate, and may serve as a backup in the event of power shortages. 

wood burning burners

You may lessen your carbon footprint, conserve money, and get more pleasant and natural heat by choosing non-electric heaters. Thus, the next time you need a new heater, think about a non-electric choice. Here you can also use these best Orient water heaters for any season.


We have listed the alternative option you can use when the power goes out. You can prepare the best option for you according to your needs. I hope this article will help warm your room when the electricity goes out in winter.


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    December 10, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    The DIY portion was my favourite oneee. I never knew one can have a lot of features in heaters.

  2. Sweta
    March 27, 2024 at 11:03 am

    Knowing about types of heaters is so good. A perfect blog.

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