Exploring The Price of Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranians Price Ranges in India

If you are a dog lover who is in search of a perfect canine companion that would suit the lifestyle followed in your Indian household, then the Pomeranian puppies will serve as the best choice for you. 

They not only have fluffy coats and a jubilant personality but also would serve as the best security for your home if trained properly. 

This blog post will walk you through the caring tips for the Pomeranian breed along with their food habits and pricing range. It will also discuss the various factors that influence the cost of this breed.

Pomeranian – Understanding the Canine

Pomeranian – Understanding the Canine

This dog breed is well-known for its adorable nature and is a small breed, thus making it affordable. These dogs have to be well-groomed regularly so that it will look pretty always with their fluffy coat. This dog breed is generally preferred by people who live in apartments because of their size and they are also very alert and lively. 

They are also known for their affectionate nature which makes it the most loved among the pet owners. As generally seen, they are very small and typically weigh around 3 to 6 pounds. Their charm and energetic nature are believed to bring joy into the household. 

They are very curious in nature and thus can easily blend and form bonds with their owners. But they can be quite bold when it comes to dealing with strangers, making them the best watchdogs. These Pomeranian dogs enjoy short walks, thus can be taken to a short distance to maintain their mental as well as physical health.

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Top Pomeranian Breeds

There are a wide variety of Pomeranian breeds that are seen worldwide. The main criterion that keeps apart one type from the other is the colour of their fluff coat and their facial features. 

The varieties that are very popular among Pomeranian lovers are three: Fox Face Pomeranian, Baby Doll Pomeranian, and Teddy Bear Pomeranian.

Fox Face Pomeranian

Fox Face Pomeranian

Just like the name suggests, these Pomeranians will have a face structure that is similar to a fox’s; their muzzle is pointed and short, which makes them different from the rest of the types.

Baby Doll Pomeranian

Baby Doll Pomeranian

These are the ones that are always alert and carry charm with them. They earned this name due to their large, expressive eyes, which make them look cute. They are also very devoted to their owners and they need a kind of delicate handling due to their small stature. 

Teddy Bear Pomeranian

Teddy Bear Pomeranian


The Teddy Bear Pomeranian has a very cute face because of which they got this name. Their snout also resembles to that of the teddy bear. They are very affectionate in nature and adapt themselves easily in the vicinity of young children. Their tiny body is also what makes them super adorable.

Choosing the Right Pomeranian for You

The Pomeranians come in different varieties as discussed earlier and they also have differences in their size, though they are generally considered to be breeds that are smaller in stature. 

Other than size, they also have a variety of colours – ranging from classic white to brown shade. However, they also have different behaviours and health concerns also differ. So, when choosing your variety, go for one that suits your living condition, environment, and also budget. 

Monetary conditions also play a role in the process of raising a pet, since they would need different food requirements and grooming facilities and they may also face certain health issues at times, which would want you to take it to a certified veterinarian. 

It is a positive thing that your living environment, may it be a large house with yards and garden or an apartment – it does not make a difference if you are going to buy a Pomeranian variety. Ensure that the puppies get the required vaccines at the right time, as they can cause health issues if let alone.

Grooming Tips for Pomeranians 

Regular grooming is needed for any canine variety and the Pomeranians are not an exception. They have to be taken care of well, if they have to maintain their cute look that anyone would adore anytime. 

So, a separate time should be devoted for these needs of your Pomeranian if you want it to look at its best appearance always. Brush their fluffy coat regularly, so that they will not have any unwanted insects sucking on to their blood. 

Pomeranians Price Ranges

Pomeranians Price Ranges

Whatever canine type that you are going to buy, you should definitely take your budget into account. Pomeranians are not that expensive in India, however, quiet a sum will have to be spent on their grooming and pedigree. 

If you want the dog to have all the traits that you desire for, the breeders will charge you higher due to the quality of the breed. There are also certain rare colours in the Pomeranian variety which will cost you a little high as they will the most sought-after variety in the market. 

Their general price ranges from INR 8,000 to INR 10,000. On the other hand, if you are willing to own the rare colours or the rare varieties, then the price may go up to INR 45,000 and they start from INR 25,000. 

They will be worth the price and are show-quality ones. One more significant factor that influences the price is the gender of the puppy along with its availability. The breeder’s location also plays an important role in the price, among other factors.


Owning a Pomeranian will definitely be one of the right decisions that you would be making. They are such delightful creatures and would definitely not fail to make your day better. Even if you are back home after a long day’s work, they will help you in healing your exhausted mind. 

When budget should be taken into account while buying a Pomeranian, it would be better, if you can take the health and adaptability of the breed into account. Make an informed decision, and bring home joy along with the puppies.

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