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Guide to Gas Pipe Price in India

Guide to Gas Pipe Price in India

Understanding the price subtleties of critical things like gas pipes is critical for every homeowner in the dynamic world of household basics. Gas pipes are an essential element of our everyday life because they provide the smooth passage of LPG from the cylinder to the burner. 

We will dig into the complexities of gas pipe costs in India in this thorough guide, with an emphasis on famous companies such as Bharat Gas, HP Gas, and Indane. Let us go on this trip to solve the secrets of gas pipe pricing and make educated selections for a safer and more energy-efficient house.

General Overview of Gas Pipe Price in India

Gas pipes, which are essential for domestic gas delivery, vary greatly in price depending on criteria such as material, length, and brand. 

These pipes, which typically cost between INR 150 and INR 500, serve an important role in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from cylinders to burners. The variety ranges from low-cost to high-end alternatives, allowing customers to match their purchase to their budget as well as their needs. 

This review emphasises the significance of understanding the various market to guide homeowners towards educated selections that balance affordability with safety and efficiency in their everyday culinary routines.

LPG Gas Pipe Price

LPG Gas Pipe Price

LPG gas pipes, which are essential for household safety and operation, have a wide price range that is impacted by several factors. Their costs range from INR 200 to INR 600 and are often made from materials such as rubber or PVC.

The difference accounts for differences in length, material quality, and brand repute. When choosing an LPG gas pipe, consumers should consider the importance of safety regulations as well as compatibility with their kitchen setup. 

While less expensive options may offer practical solutions, premium options frequently have greater durability and adherence to high safety standards, assuring a dependable and secure conduit for liquefied petroleum gas from the cylinder to the stove. Making an intelligent selection within this price range ensures not just affordability but, more significantly, the household’s well-being.

Bharat Gas Pipe Price

Bharat Gas Pipe Price

Bharat Gas, a well-known LPG supplier, provides a broad assortment of gas pipes that are built to exceed high safety standards. These pipes are priced between INR 250 and INR 550 and suit to various kitchen settings and customer preferences. 

Customers who use Bharat Gas pipes can expect dependable and long-lasting goods that ensure a safe and efficient gas delivery from cylinder to burner. 

The cost reflects the brand’s dedication to quality, making these pipes a reliable option for homeowners who value safety in their LPG systems. Bharat Gas offers solutions that meet a wide range of customer demands, whether in terms of length, material, or overall performance.

HP Gas Pipe Price

HP Gas Pipe Price

HP Gas pipes, which are noted for their endurance and safety compliance, cost between INR 200 and INR 500. HP Gas, as a major participant in the LPG industry, provides safe and efficient gas delivery systems. 

These pipes are built to strict safety standards, giving customers dependable alternatives for connecting their cylinders to burners. Price variation is impacted by elements such as material quality, length, and the reputation of the brand, allowing buyers to select pipes that meet their unique demands and safety standards.

Indane Gas Pipe Price

Indane Gas Pipe Price

The Indian Oil Corporation’s Indane Gas provides a varied assortment of gas pipes priced between INR 180 and INR 480. These pipes, which come in a variety of lengths and materials, are suitable for a variety of kitchen layouts. The price strikes a balance between cost and quality, ensuring that customers have access to solutions that fulfil safety criteria. 

Customers of Indane Gas may pick pipes with confidence that not only link their LPG cylinders to stoves but also conform to the brand’s commitment to dependability and safety in residential gas supply systems.

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Gas Stove Pipe Prices in Indian Market 

Gas stove pipes, which link the gas supply to the stove, are essential in the kitchen setup. These necessary components range in price from INR 100 to INR 300. The assortment includes various materials and lengths to accommodate various stove layouts. 

Customers may select pipes that are compatible with their unique kitchen requirements, assuring compatibility and safety. Investing in a dependable gas stove pipe helps to a consistent cooking experience, emphasising the significance of quality and compatibility for a safe and efficient gas supply to the stove.

Gas Cylinder Pipe Prices

Gas cylinder pipes, which are required for connecting several cylinders or controlling gas flow, cost between INR 300 and INR 700. Price variation is affected by factors such as material quality, length, and brand reputation.

When choosing a gas cylinder pipe, users must consider their individual demands and safety standards. Investing in a high-quality, dependable pipe guarantees a continuous and secure supply of gas, adding to the overall safety and efficiency of the residential gas system.

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Comparison Table

AspectGeneral OverviewLPG GasBharat GasHP GasIndane GasCylinder PipeStove Pipe
Price Range (INR)150 – 500200 – 600250 – 550200 – 500180 – 480300 – 700100 – 300
Material/QualityVariesLPG-specificQuality-centricDurableSafety StandardsRegulating FlowVaries
Brand ReputationN/ABrand ImpactTrustworthyReliableReputableBrand InfluenceCompatibility
Length OptionsVariesVariousVariousVariousVariousVariousVarious


Finally, the complete guide takes an in-depth look at the price landscape of gas pipelines in India. Consumers are advised to prioritise safety and quality in their purchase selections, whether evaluating a broad overview or particular alternatives from Bharat Gas, HP Gas, and Indane. A well-informed approach to gas pipe selection guarantees a safe and efficient gas supply, which contributes to a safe and comfortable home cooking environment.

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