Guide to Washing Machine Stands and Their Price Ranges in INR

Washing Machine Stands and Their Price Ranges in INR

Washing machines in India are the best home appliances ever used because it eases out every day work to a great extent. But like everything else washing machines also need maintenance and care. Which is why washing machine stands emerge as their partners in times of needs. and don’t worry we have the perfect choices for every need and preference. 

In this blog we will explain why washing machine stands are important in our daily lives and we will also look into the top washing machine stands in India along with their prices. We will also consider certain factors that play an important role while choosing the perfect washing machine stand. So without further let’s dive into this world of stability.

Importance of washing machine stand

Why is a Washing Machine Stand Important_

We will see the top washing machine stand in India but before that let us understand why a Washing machine stand is important and what are its uses. Well, for starters the washing machine stand is a great way to elevate your laundry laundry experiences because it keeps the washing machine away from friction, heat, and wear and tear, ultimately ensuring a long-term usage of the washing machine. 

A washing machine stand also plays an important role in making the laundry a noiseless process due to its mechanism. This is a great way to save your utility bills and maintenance costs.

Also consider these best washing machine brands in India

Top washing machine stands in India

Basic Washing Machine Stands

Price range : ₹500 to ₹1000

Basic Washing Machine Stands

A basic washing machine stand is your way to go if you are looking for functionality with affordability. These basic washing machine stands are made up of plastic or Steel making it the perfect choice for you. It also comes in various different shapes and sizes which fits every washing machine.

So, you can make your choice according to your washing machine and your laundry space. This is a budget friendly and cost-effective solution for preventing the wear and tear of your washing machine due to everyday use.

Adjustable Washing Machine Stands

Price range : ₹800 to ₹1500

Adjustable Washing Machine Stands

Another great option for washing machine stands is the adjustable one. These adjustable washing machine stands provide you affordability because they adjust according to the size of your washing machine.

And do not worry because these adjustable washing machine stands come with a locking system ensuring stability to your washing machine. This adjustable washing machine stands provides you with a customisable and personalized option which will look like it is specifically made for the washing machine in your house.

Premium Stands with Wheels

Price range : ₹1500 to ₹3000

Premium Washing Machine Stands with Wheels

If you are someone who constantly changes the position and place of your washing machine in your laundry room, then this Premium washing machine stand is your way to go because it comes with wheels which ensures perfect and efficient motility of your washing machine.

This provides the perfect source of maintenance for your washing machine as well as makes your washing machine motile. and do not worry because these come with a locking system as well. So when you choose the perfect spot for your washing machine you can lock the stand to avoid the little movement of your washing machine during laundry.

Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads

Price range : ₹300 to ₹700

Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads

The new anti/vibration washing machine stand is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a noiseless and vibration less laundry experience. This washing machine stand is made up of anti-vibrational questions that absorb the vibrations of the washing machine during its spinning cycle.

These questions are made up of materials like rubber or silicon which makes it easier to act as a mechanical shock absorber. This anti-vibration washing machine stand is where convenience meets simplicity, where it minimizes disturbances in your daily chores.

Points to consider before buying washing machine stand 

  • Space Management: Before making your choice about the washing machine stand, always consider your laundry space and choose the stand accordingly. If the washing machine stand exceeds your laundry space and does not fit into it, then it is a mistake and a waste of your precious money. Which is why it is important to manage your space beforehand.
  • Installation: Ensure an easy installation process as washing machines are heavy equipment which cannot be lifted easily to put on the washing machine stand. You can read the instructions in the manual or ask the buyer before you buy your washing machine stands about the instructions for the perfect and hassle free installation of your stand.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the washing machine stand as well as your washing machine ensures a longer and safer use of the home appliance ultimately helping you in your everyday chores
  • Size and Weight of washing machine: Always consider the size and the weight of your washing machine before buying a washing machine stand and try to match them for convenience. A bigger stand for big washing machine and a small stand for smaller washing machines seems like a better and informed decision
  • Looks: Ultimately when you choose the favorite model of the washing machine stand, You can look for the Decor all design or color of the stand to match with your washing machine for a sleek look.


As we reach the end of today’s blog it is clear that a washing machine stand is extremely important to avoid unnecessary damage to our washing machine, ensuring an energy efficient long-term usage of our investment. We have also seen the top washing machine stands in this blog and the factors that you should consider while making your decision.

We hope we were of help to you in making your decision about the washing machine stand. Whatever choice you make, whether the stand with the wheels or the anti-vibration stand, it is going to help your washing machine in the long term. So, what are you waiting for? go grab the perfect washing machine stand to elevate your laundry experiences to greater levels.

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