Air Coolers

In India, you can get air coolers in different attributes and colors. You can also buy a cooler online. They offer various price ranges from affordable to expensive. Let us see their price list in India. 

Air Coolers

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Air Coolers in India: Prices and More    

In India, we cannot survive without a cooling device in the scorching heat of the summer season. As soon as it gets a tad warm, people switch to electrical appliances that provide cooling to calm the temperature.     

Air Cooler PriceThat is where an air cooler steps in. you can buy a cooler easily at an affordable price and get rid of the scorching heat in your room. The cooler price in India ranges from high to low, according to the features, warranty, look, and more. 

The cost of electricity touches the skies in summer, so many people are afraid to buy and use an air cooler for rooms and offices. But this is not the same case with air coolers. You can conveniently buy an air cooler online as well as offline.     

To buy an air cooler online, you need to search on the internet and find out the best air cooler for you according to your budget and specifications. They are energy-efficient and give healthy and fresh air to you. 

They are also beneficial for the environment as they do not pollute the environment like the hungry for power ACs. So you should invest in the right air cooler according to your requirements. 

Buying an air cooler may seem like easy work, but people get confused when so many models are presented in front of them. They find it difficult to select the best cooler for themselves because each has a distinct functionality. There is a large variety of personal air coolers. and it is easily found in every home. 

Working on an Air Cooler

Now we will discuss how an air cooler works. Air coolers work by employing the evaporative cooling method. The water evaporates then it cools the air. If we see in humans, we find evaporative cooling happening when we sweat. 

When it evaporates, it extracts the extra heat absorbed in it from the skin in gaseous form. This results in cooling. The air cooler takes the warm and fresh air of the surroundings and passes through the evaporative medium or the cooling pads in which water is moved via the pump. The water takes out the heat from the warm air and gives out the cool air instead. 

This cool, fresh, and humid air fills your room. It is given through a fan cooler. Many air coolers are equipped with ice trays nowadays to provide enhanced cooling. So the cooling effect is fast and powerful too. 

To make lesser humidity and create better ventilation, you can keep the doors and windows of the room open. This is the best factor of an air cooler.

Benefits of air cooler

Let us see how air coolers benefit us.

  • Efficient energy: You can be sure of fewer electricity bills as an air cooler consumes ten times less power than an AC. Some air coolers come with an inverter which gives you a major discount on power consumption.

    Inverter air coolers produce lesser noise also because their motor is electric, not mechanical. So you can easily carry out tasks where you have to speak or listen. For more efficiency, you have to choose the powerful motor cooler. 
  • Working Costs: Whether it is the upfront cost, purchase cost, or operating and installation cost, an air cooler makes it easy to afford. 
  • Environment-Friendly: We know that air coolers use the hot air from the surroundings and convert it into fresh air. This is done by evaporative cooling unke using CFCs by ACS. So it’s eco-friendly. Most of the people in offices are use duct coolers. And its design is quite different from the normal cooler. 
  • Good Quality Air: Air coolers give out fresh air and even circulate the fresh air. The air is filtered and is not heavy. You can breathe the fresh air freely in the room, and your skin doesn’t go dry. This is better than an AC cooler that repeatedly circulates the same stale air in the room. 
  • Easy Installation and Portability: An portable air cooler is easy to install, unlike a heavy AC that cannot be carried without help. Their installation is easy. You need to fill their tank with water and plug its switch.  

Pricelist of Air Coolers in India     

Knowing much about air coolers, let us also see what they cost. Below is what we have is their price list in India.

Name of CoolerCooler Price
Bajaj Platini PX97 TORQUE 36 Ltrs Room Air cooler INR 5,999
Crompton Ginie Neo Personal Air coolerINR 3,799
Hindware Snowcrest 45 L Room/Personal Air coolerINR 6,299
Sansui 60 L Desert Air CoolerINR 5,499
Bajaj PCF 25 DLX 24L Personal air coolerINR 6,099
Blue Star Permia 35 Litres Tower Air coolerINR 6,490
Voltas 10 L Room Personal Air cooler INR 4,449
Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres air coolerINR 4,344
Lifelong LLAC35 ImperiaCool Air CoolerINR 3,999
Casa Copenhagen Premium 75 L Personal Air Cooler  INR 9,999


To sum up, we can say that air coolers are beneficial in many ways. They provide less harm to the environment and are even affordable. It is easy to install them, and their maintenance cost is also very less. Nowadays, inverter-equipped air coolers are available that give out lesser disturbance and let you work in peace. Check out the price list above and buy one now.

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