Jumbo / Industrial Air Cooler

For chilling big buildings like warehouses, factories, and workshops, jumbo coolers are a great option. These coolers are engineered to offer optimum cooling effectiveness while using the least amount of energy. To assist you in making a wise choice, we will examine the characteristics, advantages, and costs of jumbo coolers in this post.


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Ultimate Guide to Jumbo Coolers

Ultimate Guide to Jumbo Coolers

Jumbo coolers are a great option for cooling big places since they include a variety of functions. These qualities consist of:

  • High Cooling Capacity: Jumbo coolers are perfect for cooling big spaces because of their huge cooling capacity.
  • High Airflow: The high airflow rate of these coolers aids in the uniform distribution of cold air throughout the space.
  • Adjustable Louvres: Most giant coolers come with movable louvres that let you choose how the air is directed.

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Jumbo coolers are a great option for cooling big rooms since they have a number of advantages. Among these advantages are:

  • Jumbo coolers are an economical option for cooling big rooms since they use less energy and have low running costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because these coolers don’t utilise hazardous chemicals or refrigerants, they are an ecologically responsible option.
  • Increased Air Quality: By moving fresh air and lowering humidity levels, jumbo coolers contribute to an improvement in the air quality in vast places.
  • Versatility: These coolers may be utilised in a variety of locations, including outdoor events, warehouses, factories, and workshops.cooling big rooms

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Jumbo Cooler prices

The size of the appliance, its chilling capacity, and its amenities will all affect the cost of a giant cooler. A big cooler will often cost you between $500 and $2000.

Note :- An Practical and Economical Option for Large-Scale Cooling Requirements is the Industrial Air Cooler

The use of conventional air conditioning systems to cool big industrial facilities may be both expensive and ineffective. 

conventional air conditioning systems

Industrial air conditioner brands are useful in this situation. For large-scale industrial applications, these coolers are especially built to offer excellent cooling solutions at a reasonable price.

Industrial air coolers function by employing evaporation, a natural process, to chill the air. 

They draw hot, dry air from the atmosphere around them and pass it through a number of wet pads. The wet pads temper the heated air before releasing it into the space, creating a calm and cosy atmosphere.

The energy efficiency of a commercial air cooler is one of its main benefits. Businesses may save a lot of money by using these coolers instead of conventional air conditioning systems since they consume a lot less electricity. 

Industrial air coolers are a sustainable cooling option since they don’t emit any toxic chemicals or greenhouse gases and are also ecologically beneficial.

The adaptability of workplace air coolers is another benefit. They may be utilised in many different industrial settings, such as factories, warehouses, workshops, and even outdoor settings like building sites. 

workplace air coolers

To increase cooling effectiveness even further, they can be used in combination with other cooling devices like fans or air conditioning.

For large-scale industrial applications, industrial air coolers provide an economical and effective cooling option. 

Its adaptability, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness make them the perfect option for organisations wishing to give their workers a comfortable working atmosphere.

Why Size Does Matter in Cooling: The Advantages of a Giant Cooler?

Large-scale applications require cooling solutions, which is why jumbo coolers were created. Large coolers are a popular option for both people and organisations since they provide a number of advantages over smaller coolers.

size of jumbo air cooler

The size of a giant cooler is its main advantage. Large facilities, such warehouses, industries, and entertainment facilities, where conventional cooling systems might not be enough, can be cooled by these coolers. 

They may also be utilised in outdoor areas like patios, terraces, and other gathering places to create a cosy atmosphere for visitors.

The effectiveness of a large cooler is another advantage. Even in the highest conditions, these coolers are made to deliver optimum cooling effectiveness

They create a cosy atmosphere for everyone by using elevated motor and fans to disperse cool air uniformly throughout the space.

Jumbo coolers have various additional advantages in additional to their size and effectiveness. 

They are perfect for parties and outdoor gatherings since they are portable and simple to transfer from one place to another. Also, they require little upkeep and cleanup, guaranteeing years of dependable cooling.

Generally, jumbo coolers are superior to conventional cooling systems in a number of ways, especially for large-scale applications. 

They are the perfect option for companies and people wishing to create cosy cooling options for their areas because of their size, effectiveness, and mobility. Here you should also know about desert cooler. It is the perfect one for remote areas. 

Which is Better for You: A Large Cooler or a Giant Cooler?

Size is important when picking a cooler. Businesses and individuals wishing to provide chilling solutions for their environments frequently choose between big cooler and jumbo coolers. 

Yet, there are a number of things to take into account while deciding between the two.

The size of the area you have to cool is one of the most important things to take into account. A gigantic cooler can be the best choice if you have a sizable industrial location, such a warehouse or factory. 

Jumbo coolers are more effective at cooling vast spaces than giant coolers since they were created expressly to offer cooling solutions for massive applications.

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Maintenance of Jumbo Coolers

To maintain the best performance and lifespan of giant coolers, maintenance is essential. Regular maintenance may prevent malfunctions and reduced cooling performance, which can cost a lot of money to fix. 

Maintenance of Jumbo Coolers

To keep the giant cooler in good condition, it is crucial to adhere to a maintenance schedule.

Here are some guidelines for managing large coolers:

Cleaning: Dust and other material may build up on the cooler’s surface, blocking the intake air and lowering cooling effectiveness. 

To prevent dust and grime buildup, the outside and inside of the giant cooler should be cleaned often. The cooler’s outside may be cleaned with a wet cloth or hoover, and its inside can be cleaned with a gentle brush.

Cleaning the water tank is important because it keeps algae and germs from growing. The water tank is a crucial component of giant coolers

Every two weeks or as directed by the manufacturer, empty and clean the water tank. 

The tank should be cleaned with a gentle brush after being added to a moderate detergent or vinegar solution. Before refilling, give it a good rinse with water and dry it.

Filter replacement is necessary to maintain the giant cooler’s peak cooling performance since it catches dust and other particles. 

Depending on usage, check the filter frequently, and change it every two to three months.

Electrical parts: Inspect the giant cooler’s electrical parts, such as the motor and fan, for any symptoms of deterioration. 

If required, oil the motor cooler and clean the fan’s blades. To prevent harm to the cooler, replace any defective parts right away.

Water quality: The effectiveness and lifetime of the jumbo cooler may be impacted by the water quality utilised in it. 

Utilise pure, fresh water; stay away from hard or highly mineralized water as this might lead to mineral accumulation in the cooler.

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