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Kerosene is a crude oil product, also called paraffin in some countries. Kerosene is widely used for cooking and lighting in urban homes in many developing countries. City dwellers can easily find and buy kerosene stoves. Kerosene as a cooking fuel is described in detail in the article “Cooking with kerosene”.

Kerosene is typically purchased locally in liters or bottles and shipped in bulk. Studies have shown that the amount of kerosene used for cooking and lighting has only been the subject of extensive research.

Assuming a monthly consumption per household he said 1-10 L, N.L. Ram He investigated surveys, reports and regional communications from 23 countries. For cooking with kerosene, there is a portable kerosene stove. The best known is the Primus or Wick stove made in 1892. 


A wide variety of portable kerosene stoves have been developed and can be divided into two categories: wick stoves and pressure stoves. There are many kerosene stoves in use, but there are very few emission data for kerosene stoves. In general, there is little information about testing kerosene stoves or comparing their performance with other types of stoves. 

In fact, a recent article called them “the least studied herd.” According to test results from the Aprovecho Research Center, the kerosene wick cooker model tested emits less CO and PM than many other types of cookers when boiling 5 liters of water and simmering for 45 minutes. was also shown to be less used. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kerosene Stoves


  • Cooking on a pressure stove is quick.
  • Easy to control heat.
  • Pressure furnaces can burn very cleanly
  • This is an alternative backup technology for city power consumers during power outages. 


  • Kerosene is an exhaustible resource.
  • When used in cheap kerosene stoves, kerosene produces high levels of pollutants and can contribute significantly to indoor air pollution and health hazards.
  • Kerosene is highly flammable and many fires and fatalities occur each year due to unsafe equipment and careless handling of inexpensive equipment. Examples of user errors include fuel spills, refilling burners while they are running, and stove tipping during combustion.
  • Wick stoves can explode if used for long periods of time due to the hot tank.
  • Pressure cooker nozzles can become clogged with soot.  

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Star Sunlite Iron


  • All accessories, including funnels and spigots, are of heavy burner quality.
  • This is a durable product
  • Ensures maximum utilization over the long term 

Kerosene Wick Stove Chrome

Price: Rs.1418

  • New 10-core stainless steel cooker
  • Pure steel (Iron support stand only)
  • 3-liter tank capacity 

Plastic Kerosene Pump Stove 2Ltr

Price: Rs.1450

  • This is a durable product
  • This will give you the best utilization over the long term
  • Very helpful 

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NET Kerosene Pressure Stove

Cast iron kero pump kerosen stovePrice: Rs.1700

  • Steel side tank.
  • single burner.
  • capacity:1.5 liters. 

Generic Kerosene Stove

Price. Rs.850

  • Fuel type Kerosene
  • branded generic
  • energy source kerosene 


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