Kitchen Appliance Trends-to Keep Your Kitchen Trendy!

Kitchen Appliance Trends-to Keep Your Kitchen Trendy!

Kitchen is the powerhouse of our homes. Kitchen a place where various spices,veggies and flavours reside. A boring kitchen invites boredom and yes most of us like variations. While cooking we do various experiments with our cooking styles. Then what about experimenting with appliances too?

Appliances are the forerunners of delicious servings that need to be served with love and care. Let us care about the appliances too. Because they too deserve our attention!

In this blog, we are going to make your taste buds more sweeter.

In this blog, we are going to give a boost to your kitchen appliances which will indirectly make your food tastier!




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Why Are Various Kitchen Appliances Needed? 

Kitchen appliances such as gas stove, exhaust fan, chimney, electric gas stove, dishwasher, mixer grinder etc all need an update because why not.

Why Are Various Kitchen Appliances Needed?

The benefits of updating them –

  • To give your kitchen a more great look.
  • To get rid of your overly used appliances.
  • To maintain smooth productivity.
  • To make your dish making experiences more great.
  • To bring a needed change.
  • To enjoy cooking a bit more!

Kitchen Appliance Trends-All You Need To Know

In this section we are going to share some most recent kitchen appliance trends that you can get started with. Renovating your kitchen with kitchen appliances is not a easy task but we will make it more interesting for you. We will talk about Gas stoves, Exhaust Fan, Chimney, Electric Gas stove, dishwashers, mixer grinder, etc.

So are you ready to reboot your kitchen?

Let’s begin by talking about the trending ones.

Gas Stoves

Gas Stove

The most essential item of making the kitchen as a whole. Gas stoves are one of the basic necessities.Trending gas stoves-

  • Elica hob 4 burner italian gas stove which comes with perfect quality and euro coating and fabulous appearance.
  • Bosch built in gas hob burner which comes with integrated flame failure self control.It is useful as it comes with special features.
  • Butterfly smart glass top 2 burner stove which is available at Rs.2,499 only. At this reasonable price  this product offers a great range of services. In comparison of Butterfly gas stove, here you should check the Surya gas stove price which is available with same features. 
  • Sunflame PRIDE 3 burner gas stove with 6mm of glass and an upper coating. It has easy to use knobs which makes it more effective and elegant. The material is powder coated. A smooth finished look makes it very appealing.

Here are some best gas stove brands in India to choose from. 

Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans with modest cooling and perfect design add a glory to your kitchen.Not only they appear good but the services they offer are quite tremendous. Following are few best exhaust fans –

  • Crompton exhaust fans – Comes with an automatic shutter that blocks unwanted particles. Multi switch modes for better working. They have various designs and are pocket-friendly. Crompton is a well-known brand and it provides great feedback too.
  • Almonard exhaust fan – Ball bearings are the main feature and they have a steady look. They also are available in various designs. Ball bearings are essential as they provide noiseless functioning.
  • Luminous exhaust fan – The great feature is dust protection and the simple look makes them a good option. They have a good appearance. They have a corrosion-resistant body with varied designs.

You may also like to read about the Exhaust fan size chart here. 

Juicer Mixer Grinder

5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Brands in India

Mixer grinders are requisite as their grinding effect adds a blend to the dishes prepared. Having a mixer grinder of great quality is a requisite thing.

The best few mixer grinders that are currently trending are as follows –

  • Preethi Steel supreme mixer grinder – The polished blades give perfect grinding. Turbo vent technology is another aid and helps to keep the grinder’s body cool and save things to get heated up. It has 4 jars and is easy to clean.
  • Philips HL7707 mixer grinder – It comes with 4 jars and has a 750W motor.It is also easy to use and clean. The jars are leakproof and gear drive technology is another boon.
  • Sujata dynamic mixer grinder – 22 rpm operation which gives smooth functioning and 9-watt motor which gives worry-less grinding. It is shockproof and is safe to use.

Also, consider reading about the Sujata mixer grinder 1000 watts price here. 


Chimney for Kitchen

The below-mentioned kitchen chimneys are one of the best options for modern houses. 

  • The Ruwa kitchen chimney comes with a stylish appearance and is smoke-free. 
  • Elica auto clean chimney provides a great performance and has filtreless construction.

Both of these are trending chimneys and have special appearances. You can check their designs and can choose accordingly.

Also, check the Best chimney in India here. 

Above mentioned is the list of a few kitchen appliances and a few of their currently trending options available in the market that will fulfil your need and will definitely make your kitchen modest. You can give it a try and you can select the ones who fulfil your own desires and needs.

On What Basis all these Options are Chosen?

All the above options are chosen on the basis of few desired quality traits which furthermore supplements great functioning and appealing look.

They are chosen on the basis of –

  • Cost range-all of the items are affordable.
  • Power consumption and battery life – With great power batteries comes great effectiveness which sustain smooth functioning.
  • Looks-all the appliances are appealing in their looks.
  • Reviews-All the products are highly reviewed.
  • Trending-Products mentioned are trending currently.

Apart from that, The Surya gas stove 3 burner price is quite affordable and easily available on online stores. 

Things to Note while Choosing the Best Appliance for Home

Things to Note while Choosing Best Appliance for Home

While choosing the most suitable appliance one needs to take care of a few things and while selecting few precautions such as material qualities are to be taken too.

Take care of a few things while purchasing such as –

  • Durability as it can tell how reliable a product is.
  • Body of the appliance as it can tell how strong and premium material has been used.
  • Material quality is needed to be taken care of.
  • Reviews because they tell us about the product’s feedback.
  • Power consumption as it gives us a brief idea of power being consumed.
  • Environmental friendly – avoid using products that do not sustain our environment.

With all these things in one’s mind. One can choose the appliance of your choice and need. Kitchen appliances are really the core of our homes and they deserve to be the best. It is always recommended to choose the best because we know the best ones deserve the best only!

So the best people over there, are you and your kitchen ready for a great journey of updating?

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    All the features are explained greatly.A perfect blog.

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    I have been waiting to buy an electric gas stive. Now i will buy that this month. Electric gas stoves is really a must have.

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