Polycab Pedestal Stand Fan

With the daily rising temperature in India, we always need some cool and refreshing air to cool ourselves down. And for generations, the pedestal fan has been there to save us; they are very convenient and portable. In this blog, we will discuss all you need to know about polycab pedestal fans, from their features to their prices.


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Introduction to Polycab

Polycab is a well-known brand in the electrical business with a spectacular history spanning more than 40 years. Polycab has established itself as the fastest-growing firm in the Indian Cables industry and is renowned for its extraordinary growth and innovation

Pedestal Stand FanThe business has built a strong reputation for its quality and dependability through the production and sale of wires and cables as well as the provision of a vast array of quickly moving electrical goods under the distinguished ‘POLYCAB’ brand.


When it comes to providing the solution to this heat and summer, Polycab does not disappoint us. They have launched their Pedestal Stand Fan at a very reasonable rate and are making it affordable for everyone. They are also designed with the utmost technology and care and can easily fit in your home, office, or any other space.

Some of the key features of the Polycab pedestal fan are:

  • It has a Sleek and Sturdy Design making it blend in with your space easily.

The Polycab pedestal fan’s sleek and durable design simply complements any area and gives your surroundings a touch of elegance.

  • It has the feature to adjust the height of the fan according to the need.

With this fan’s adjustable height feature, enjoy customised cooling. The height can be readily changed to suit your preferences and the unique needs of your space.

  • It has a high-performance motor, which results in Powerful Airflow.

The Polycab pedestal fan, which has a high-performance motor, generates a strong airflow that efficiently moves cool air about the space and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

  • It comes with Multiple Speed Settings.
    With the fan’s many speed settings, you may customise your cooling     experience. You may easily change the speed to meet your demands, whether you want a little breeze or a greater airflow.
  • It operates silently which promotes a peaceful environment. The quiet operation of the Polycab pedestal fan will help you relax. Its silent operation guarantees a calm setting, allowing you to concentrate, unwind, or sleep well.
  • All the features in the pedestal fan are user-Friendly which makes it easier for the customer to operate them.The user’s convenience is a top priority for Polycab, and this fan is built with simple, straightforward functions. Every element, from intuitive controls to trouble-free operation, is designed with the client in mind.
  • It also contributes to energy savings because of its efficient design and low power consumption.
  • The Polycab pedestal fan was created with energy efficiency in mind, resulting in power reductions and energy savings. You can stay cool while being conscious of the environment and your energy costs with the help of this fan.

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Polycab provides a wide selection of pedestal fan solutions to meet your requirements. You can choose the ideal fan that combines performance and price thanks to the range of models, colours, and wattages available. The following is a list of Polycab Pedestal Stand Fan pricing as of right now:

S No.Product NamePrice in rupees
1.Polycab Elanza 47W White Pedestal Fan2,549
2.Polycab Toofan Farrata 105W Grey Pedestal Fan2,799
3.Polycab Elanza 60W White Grey Pedestal Fan2,799
4.Polycab Unicorn 55W White Maroon Pedestal Fan2,799
5.Polycab Thunderstorm 125W White Grey Pedestal Fan2,879
6.Polycab Thunderstorm 125W White Pedestal Fan2,949
7.Polycab Thunderstorm 125W White Blue Pedestal Fan2,949
8.Polycab Sunami MK-3 130W Black Pedestal Fan3,569
9.Polycab Sunami Farrata 130W Black Pedestal Fan3,799
10.Polycab Maruth Oscillating 110W Black & Silver Pedesta Fan4,013
11.Polycab 100W Silver & Grey Air Circulator Pedestal Fan6,299
12.Polycab 200W Silver & Grey Air Circulator Pedestal Fan7,499
13.Polycab 250W Silver & Grey Air Circulator Pedestal Fan8,991

Additionally, please note that the prices and availability may vary because of locations and dates and the prices shown are current prices. Therefore, even the price might not be the same later.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure that it continues to provide you with efficient cooling and long-lasting performance, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some valuable tips to help you maintain and care for your Polycab pedestal fan:

Regular Dusting and fan cleaning.

The fan’s performance and air flow can be hampered by dust collection. The motor housing, fan blades, and other accessible elements should all be dusted on a regular basis. To clear dust, use a soft cloth or a brush.  Be careful to disconnect the fan before cleaning it, then adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

A Small break after long use

It’s a good idea to give the pedestal fan a break if you’ve been using it for a while. Long-term continuous use can wear down the motor and other components. To avoid overheating and extend the life of the fan, give it some time to rest.

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Stable electricity connection.

Make sure your fan is connected to a reliable and properly grounded electricity source to prevent any electrical problems or damage. Voltage swings or an unstable power source can harm the fan and have a detrimental effect on its performance. If necessary, think about utilising a voltage stabiliser or surge protector.

Avoid putting them in places they can easily fall

Make sure your Polycab pedestal fan is positioned on a solid surface. Place it away from areas where it might be easily knocked over or fall. To avoid mishaps and harm to the fan or nearby items, secure it appropriately.


In conclusion, the Polycab Pedestal Stand Fan provides a dependable and cost-effective cooling option for homes, businesses, and other locations. It guarantees a cosy and cooling environment with its elegant design, adjustable height, strong airflow, and user-friendly functions.

Furthermore, Polycab offers a large selection of models to pick from, meeting various demands and tastes. You can keep your fan in top working order for a long time by following the above maintenance advice. So, use the Polycab Pedestal Stand Fan to keep comfortable and unwind throughout the sweltering summer months.

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