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We are all aware that phones and computers can be recharged. The bulbs can occasionally be recharged as well.Have you ever attempted to purchase a rechargeable table fan for yourself, though?


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If not, it’s time to learn more about this novel technology. There are a number of these battery-powered fans on the market that, when the battery is depleted, may be powered by the electrical cable. Under normal circumstances, they operate on static electricity.

Since many people are unfamiliar with this technology, we have provided the information you might need to locate the finest rechargeable table fan in India.

Piesome Powerful Rechargeable Fan

Piesome Powerful Rechargeable FanFor use in the kitchen, workplace, or on your study table, Piesome is the finest rechargeable fan in India. Here, the fan’s battery and other components are stored on an elevated platform on top of which the circular cage is mounted.

There are three curved fan blades that may move the air more quickly than straight fan blades.

The fan can run for 4 hours on a single battery charging cycle, but the LED light in the middle can last an impressive 8 hours without stopping.

Like your phone, you may connect it to an electrical outlet, a computer, or any form of static charge if the charge goes below a certain level.


  • A fan and LED bulb may both be used concurrently.
  • Height may be changed
  • Convenient and light-weight


  • The swing option is not offered.

OPOLAR Rechargeable Fan

The second best eco-friendly rechargeable table fan in India that can operate while charging is OPOLAR. Due to the two charging connections, the complete gadget can be charged in just six hours.

Opolar Rechargeable FanThe white cage that surrounds the curved blades, which have more torque-producing capability than standard table fans, is the design.

The complete system is mounted on a base that houses an inextricable battery with a total capacity of 10,000 mAh. There are four speed choices available: low, mid, high, and energy-saving mode.

The fan may run in the energy-saving mode for a  maximum of 12 hours. The mount’s twin bite force clamp allows you to attach the fan to any surface.

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  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Due to heated interior parts, it does not produce warm air.
  • Height can be altered.


  • Due to the converging airflow, the blade sweep area is less.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini Fan

Geek Aire Rechargeable Mini FanWhen camping or going on a hiking trip, you may occasionally require a little fan that you can carry in your palm. The Geek Aire rechargeable mini fan is the best option for such folks.

The fan features a hand-holding stand and a surface area of approximately 4 inches. The power button to adjust the fan’s speed and turn it on and off is located in this stand.

There are six tiny blades and a flow velocity of 27 feet per second of air. Depending on the speed level, the battery’s lifetime of 2600 mAh will enable the fan to run for up to 9 hours.

The handle will contain a blue LED circle that represents speed and four tiny white LEDs that represent battery charge.


  • Has a rubber cushion included for improved stability when charging
  • It is portable and has a battery life of 3 to 9 hours outside, so you may enjoy cold breezes for a longer period of time.


  • There is no height adjustment option.

SMARTDEVIL Small Desk Rechargeable Fan

Only a select number of rechargeable fans, like SMARTDEVIL’s little desk fan, can produce winds that range in strength from moderate to powerful and can also blow in various vertical orientations.

SmartDevil Small Desk Rechargeable FanThe fan may be used everywhere and is portable because of its lightweight construction, including your computer desk, the kitchen, the patio, etc.

There is a button that you may press to adjust the tilt in 45° increments. The aerodynamic design of the blades may provide a lot of torque and increase the airflow rate. Gentle breeze, fresh wind, ocean wind, and forceful wind are the four-speed options available here.

Depending on the speed setting, the fan’s 3000 mAh rechargeable battery allows for 3.5 to 14 hours of maximum operation without recharging.


  • The front grille may be removed for cleaning.
  • Recharging the battery is quick.
  • It can be powered by several sources, including electrical outlets, laptops, battery banks, and others

Rico Rechargeable table fan

Rico Rechargeable Table FanThe Rico rechargeable table fan is the perfect option if you want a fan that can oscillate between two places for greater air circulation.

All of the control buttons are located on a mounting pedestal. The fan has only two-speed options, which can be a little challenging.

But because the air blades are curved, the air throw is maximised, and when the fan is turned on, you may feel a tremendous blast of wind on your face.

On the high setting, the motor can spin at a maximum speed of roughly 1350 rpm; on the low setting, the motor can spin at a maximum speed of 1050 rpm.

Given the size of the battery, the fan can run for up to 4 hours when set at low speed.


  • Built-in power cable to make charging easier
  • A high-speed fan with a 1350 rpm maximum output.
  • DC brushless motor is included for increased durability.


  • There is no option to swing vertically.

EVOLT Powerful Rechargeable Table Fan

The fan may be carried outside without any difficulty because to its modest size and base swing holder. Three turbine-shaped blades with a high torque output make up the EVOLT rechargeable table fan blades.

Since the air throw is so great, compared to other tiny rechargeable fans, you can readily feel the cool air.

It may be positioned on any platform thanks to the base, including the kitchen island, desk, study table, and others.


  • Less time is needed to completely charge.
  • Possesses several speed settings


  • There is no height adjustment option.

Geeky Portable Rechargeable Fan

A Li-ion battery with a 1200 mAh capacity is installed in it. The motor, despite its modest size, can provide a maximum airflow of 3800 rpm.

Geeky Portable Rechargeable FanYou may simply hold the fan in your palm since a handle is linked to the grille cage.


  • A high-speed fan to ease heat-related pain
  • Due to its simplicity of use, it is ideal for outdoor activities.
  • We may use a USB to charge it Negative


  • There is no possibility to adjust the tilt or alignment.


Because they are portable and simple to charge, rechargeable fans have gained a lot of popularity recently.

We may charge laptops, mobile devices, power banks, and other devices from the main electric supply. Having the finest rechargeable table fan in India is a preferable alternative because the outside temperature is rising daily.

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