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Coolers are a dire need for people now, especially in the Indian summers where the heat is looking to devour you. The best coolers have all the qualities, they are affordable, eco-friendly, versatile, portable, lightweight, fresh air producers, and the list goes on and on.

Now we repent to you some of the best air coolers in India 2023 according to our compilation, and we have also discussed their features.2023: Beat the Heat. There are different criteria for compiling this list. Let us see some specifics of these best coolers in India.

Symphony Siesta 45 Air Cooler

Symphony Siesta 45 Air CoolerThe tank capacity of this cooler is 45 liters, a superb feature of an alarmed tank. Even when the temperature outside can break scale, you can find comfort in its cooling waves. It is also lightweight and movable. 

The fan gives a good swing, and it also produces less sound. It gives you a control panel, and its dial knob control makes its use easier

Symphony Hicool I Air Cooler 

Symphony Hicool I Air Cooler Well, we are also speaking of the best air cooler in India, not just simple coolers. The symphony Hicool I is a personal air cooler suitable for a compact room. It has a beautiful design and uses lesser water. It comes with remote controls. It offers a highly portable experience as its wheels are smooth and of good quality.

Even without water, it can save you from the humid enter roaming around. We call it the best because it also comes with the auto shut feature with SMPS technology. So rest assured about the voltage fluctuations.  

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Crompton ACGC-DAC5555 Air Cooler

Crompton ACGC-DAC5555 Air CoolerThis one is the top in performance. It uses inverter capability as well. Its inner swing strip is movable, and its outer swing strip moves automatically. You can adjust it on various levels, from lowest to highest. 

You get feature of transparent water level indication which helps you see the water level easily from outside. It also has an inlet that automatically stops the waiter from filling with a sop cock. 

Bajaj PX97 Torque Air Cooler 

Bajaj PX97 Torque Air Cooler This cooler has castor wheels with a 4-way movement which ensures easy mobility. It has a water level indicator which shows you its water level from the outside too. You can manage it from the outside. It has good cooling ability and turbofan technology. 

Crompton Optimus 65IoT

Crompton Optimus 65IoTCrompton has a unique range of air coolers. It has many types based on its specifications and comes in variable price ranges. It also has a timer, and the Crompton air cooler’s price is INR 21,500. 

Crompton air coolers have innovative features that help you beat the heat of summer. Let the summer lose with Crompton Optimus 65IoT as you get with it a PureShield.

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Tower Cooler

We all need a cooler for our home. The best cooler for home is the Tower cooler. The cost of electricity touches the skies in summer, so many people are afraid to buy and use air coolers for homes and offices. But this is not the case with tower air coolers. You can conveniently buy an air cooler online as well as offline.

Tower CoolerTo buy a tower air cooler online, you need to do a search on the internet and find out the best tower cooler for you according to your budget and specifications. They are energy-efficient and give healthy and fresh air to you

They are also beneficial for the environment as they do not pollute the environment like the hungry for power ACs. So you should invest in the right tower air cooler according to your requirements. 

Buying an air cooler may seem like easy work, but people get confused when so many models are presented in front of them. They find it difficult to select the best cooler for themselves because each has a distinct functionality.          

These are simple coolers for a home costing just a few bucks. Do not think they cost you a fortune. The tower cooler price of the Kelvinator alps KCT-A300 30 L is INR 7,290. The Bajaj TMH12 12 L white tower cooler price is INR 6,499.

The price of the Crompton 27 L tower air cooler is INR 8,499. The price of the Flipkart smart buy 30 L tower air cooler is INR 6,200. The price of the Crompton genie neo personal air cooler 10 L, white and light blue, is an air cooler without water at INR 3,970.

Working on an Air Cooler

Now we will discuss how an air cooler works. Air coolers work using the evaporative cooling method. The water evaporates then it cools the air. If we see at humans, we find

evaporative cooling happens when we sweat. When it evaporates, it extracts the extra heat absorbed from the skin in gaseous form. 

This results in cooling. The air cooler takes the warm and fresh air of the surroundings and passes through the evaporative medium or the cooling pads in which water is moved via the pump. The water takes out the heat from the warm air and gives out the cool air instead. This cool, fresh, and humid air fill your room. 

It is given through a fan in the cooler. Many air coolers are equipped with ice trays nowadays to provide enhanced cooling. So the cooling effect is fast and powerful too. To ensure lesser humidity and ventilation, you can keep the doors and windows of the room open. This is the best factor of an air cooler.


We can safely conclude that some great functional coolers in India have been mentioned above. Not only do they have great attributes, but also they cost just a little. It would help if you were careful while investing in a cooler, as it is a long-term investment. We have compiled a list for your benefit with detailed features of coolers that are about to rule the scorching summers of 2023. So do check this list out!


  1. Nitya
    July 2, 2023 at 7:54 am

    Can I get more similar options but under 10-15k, and that too which are small/compact for small sized rooms ??

  2. Esha
    December 6, 2023 at 4:32 am

    Crompton optimus and its features are wholesome. I was wondering which one to choose. This blog is super great.

  3. Khyati
    March 27, 2024 at 11:04 am

    Tower cooler looks astonishing. A precise look can be obtained.

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