Sewing Machine For Beginners

Sewing Machine for Beginner

Some of us have an artistic hand and can create beautiful designs and embroideries with manual stitches but don’t have knowledge of sewing with machines. Handmade creations especially the ladies’ appraisals such as Kurti, shirts, tops, and blouses are blooming recently. 

Demand for hand-made a carpet, curtains, mat, etc are also increasing day by day. Sewing machines have made it possible to sew such things in no time. There are various sewing machines for beginners in the market with features that are very easy for first-time users.

Tips To Learn Sewing Machine For Beginners

  • With the sewing machine model, you will get a user manual which is very significant. You should read it carefully and start sewing.
  • There are many tutorials available on YouTube related to how to stitch on a sewing machine. You can take help from such videos.
  • Beginners’ sewing machine projects should be easy and simple rather than the bigger and tough ones.

Beginners Sewing Machine Projects

Beginners take a little more time learning to sew on machines. If you take stitching as your interest you will learn to use a sewing machine perfectly.

  • You must keep on practicing. With practice and practice, you will form a good hand for sewing.
  • You need to give yourself time for sewing.
  • Last but not least is patience. Have patience and you will get successful.

Scroll down to see a collection of 5 best beginner sewing machine projects that look very simple but are outstanding pieces of creation.

  1. Hankey Making for Kids – Take a piece of square size cloth. White color is preferred and folds the four sizes of the hankey.

    Now do a straight stitch on your sewing machine which is a very simple stitch for beginners. Now in one corner of your hankey, you can do a bit of embroidery such as you can make a flower or simply just write the first letter of your name using a colored thread on your embroidery machine.

  2. Kid’s Hair Band – You can make a stylish hairband for your kid in a very simple way. All you need is a rectangular size of printed cloth in the measurement of your kid’s head.

    Fold it four times to make it a bit thicker. Sew it in the machine. Now add an elastic at the back so as to adjust it in the head. Now make a bow and sew it in one corner of the hairband.

  3. Pillow Covers – This is really very simple to practice for your first project. Take cloth pieces according to your pillow size. Fold the corners of the clothes and do a straight stitch on your sewing machine which you will find the best sewing machine for home use.

    You can do some good embroideries in the middle of the pillow covers.If you are inexperienced in stitching, you can do some fabric works on your pillow covers and your excellent work is ready.

  4. Medium-Sized Bag – Hand-made bags are of great demand nowadays. You can make a bag with your old jeans. Cut the bottom part of the denim according to the size of your bag. Sew the corners in the sewing machine. You can make two pockets. There are different types of sewing machines that can do the same thing. But here, One at the front and the other one inside the bag. Pockets add great design to bags. Now you can put an appliqué on its center. Very easy to stitch it.You can also adorn the bags using other decorative items like beads, shells, stones, etc to make it look classic. Make a belt using the old denim and sew it again in the shape of a bag belt. Stitch it to the bag now.
  5. Mobile cover – The use of mobile cover to protect it from dust has become very popular. Measure the size of your mobile and sew the three sides of a beautiful printed or polka cloth. Design it with some decorative items like beads, stones etc. You can make tiny pockets to add extra style, for keeping your SIM and memory card. 

    Hope you liked the ideas. Now you need to know the name of certain sewing machines which are very easy to use for beginners with unique features for trying your first project.I have recommended you 5 best sewing machines for beginners based on the price, quality, value of money, and ratings. They are beginners friendly with amazing features and style and come at an affordable price on Amazon.

    Most of the models are from Singer which is a reputed brand in the industry, good for both beginners and experts.

Beginners Sewing Machines: Their Price and Rating

  • Singer M1500 Mechanical Sewing Machine – This Amazon choice,  portable sewing machine is a perfect choice for beginners, with zig-zag stitches to hem, it has 57 types of stitches. Price-$129 and rating 4.5.
  • Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine – This beginner’s choice sewing machine has 23 varieties of stitches from basic to even buttonhole stitches, making you stitch different materials of your creation. Price $ 199 with a rating of 4.6.
  • Rxmeili sewing machine for beginners – It has 12 different types of stitches, operating on the foot with a footswitch to manage and control. Price of $68 and a rating of 4.0
  • Brother Sewing machine – This beginner’s easy-to-use sewing machine comes with attractive features and unique stitches. It has 37 various stitches, best for beginners to advanced. It comes with a price of $176 and a good rating of 4.7.
  • Singer M1000 Mending Machine – This easy-to-handle sewing machine is one of the best choices for beginners which comes at an affordable price. It has 32 various types of stitches like a straight stitch, chain stitch, hem, zigzag stitches etc, making it popular among those who are young at sewing and among beginners. This model is available on Amazon at a price $ 84 and a rating-4.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a sewing machine for beginners?

Answer: When choosing a sewing machine for beginners, consider the stitch options, simplicity of use, durability, affordability, accessories, and brand reputation. 

Look for a machine that includes basic stitch options including as straight and zigzag stitches, which are required for most projects. A machine with straightforward controls and simple threading will help your learning process go more smoothly. 

Choose a machine that is recognised for its durability to ensure that it will last. When creating a budget, keep in mind not to skimp on quality, since a well-built equipment is a smart investment. 

Check if the sewing machine comes with necessary accessories such as multiple presser feet, a detailed handbook and a dust cover. Choosing a sewing machine from a recognised brand with strong customer service might be beneficial for troubleshooting and instruction.

What are some sewing projects suitable for beginners using a sewing machine?

Answer: Begin with easy tasks as a beginner using a sewing machine to build your abilities and confidence. Consider making cloth napkins, pillowcases, totes, basic skirts, and garment repairs and adjustments. 

Sewing cotton napkins requires only basic straight sewing and hemming, making it an ideal activity for beginners. Another alternative is to make ornamental pillow coverings with simple shapes and seams. 

For novices, making a tote bag with simple seams and a handle is a useful and doable project. Simple skirts, such as A-line or elastic-waist skirts, allow you to master the fundamentals of garment construction. 

Finally, you may practise by mending and changing garments, which is a great method to hone your abilities and become acquainted with various sewing techniques.


  1. Parbani
    January 5, 2023 at 9:14 pm

    I have always loved sewing things but am confused about what to buy for myself. Now that I have read this article and understood the types and got some good tips, it will now be easier to understand. Being a beginner, this is quite helpful.

  2. Usha Jindal
    January 23, 2023 at 6:08 am

    My have developed a new passion recently. It is my desire for learning sewing machine. I was searching a lot of articles online on beginners sewing machines when suddenly I came to this blog. This is very informative, containing tips and tricks to learn sewing. The features of the machines mentioned here are also very easy for beginners.

  3. Harpreet Kaur
    February 18, 2023 at 7:07 am

    Novice sewers should stay away from equipment with bells and whistles and search for models with good straight, zigzag, and buttonhole stitches.

  4. Praba
    November 19, 2023 at 7:54 am

    I want to learn sewing as a hobby. This blog helped me by giving me options.

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