The Best Toy for 6 Month Old Baby Boy and Girl

Best Toys for Your 6 Month Old Baby Boy and Girl

Deciding for the Perfect gifts for six month old babies is beautiful and happy yet a bit of a daunting and a difficult task. This is the age where the babies start to develop certain cognitive and intellectual abilities which is why gifts should be carefully selected and appropriately given.

While this may sound a little bit of a hassle, it is essential to keep in mind these few things like their developmental stages for the perfect gift. We, at price googly have carefully curated the perfect list of the best toys for six month old baby boys and baby girls.

In this blog we will look at a few toys for baby boys and a few toys for baby girls as the perfect gifts. We will also look at the safety parenting tips while the kids are playing with their toys. So without any delay, let’s dive into the world of babies.


Toy Name


Cars and Trucks


Activity Gyms


Stacking Rings


Soft Dolls


Interactive Books




List of Top Toys for Kids 

Rattles Toys

Best Toys for 6-Month-Old Baby Boys 

Cars and Trucks

Cars and Trucks Toys

Boys are naturally attracted to cars and trucks which is why this could be a perfect gift for a six month old baby boy. babies can push these toys around and have fun with them all while learning about gripping and developing. Consider buying bright colors of cars and trucks which is helpful for the baby and avoid having loose small items on the gift.

Activity Gyms

Activity Gyms Toys

Hanging little play toys to play in their cradle can be helpful for babies to grow ensuring that they learn about reaching and holding them even when struggling to get to them. This can help babies grow and develop in a healthy manner as well as improve their hand and eye coordination.

If you are looking for some brands toys for kids. Then Miniso toys  are the perfect one. It has huge collection of different kinds of toys. 

Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings Toys

Stacking rings is another toy that can be gifted to small babies. This is a very beneficial game for the babies as it can help in the improvement of fine motor skills and problem-solving skills as well as cognitive abilities. Bright coloured rings can help the babies with cognitive growth.

If you kids more than 6 years old, then here are some fancy and stylish toy gun price under 100 only. 

Best Toys for 6-Month-Old Baby Girls 

Soft Dolls

Soft Dolls Toys

If you know that the little baby girl has soft instincts then you can consider buying dolls for the little kid because studies have shown that baby girls have a greater inclination towards kindness and maternal love by the time they are born.

which is voice soft dolls are the perfect gift for six month old baby girls avoid having loose and pieces on the doll to prevent the risk of ingestion.

Here are some best toys brands in India to choose for your kids. 

Interactive Books

Interactive Books Toys

Interactive books that have fabrics to help kids feel different furs or skins of animals can help their cognitive growth and find skills to develop. Interactive books are a great way of helping the kids with a unique blend of education as well as fun. These books usually have bright colors and interactive components which helps develop the baby’s sensory skills.

Also know about the quality Sapphire toys for kids’ safety. 

Musical Toys

Musical Toys

Toys that make noises or music toys with soothing noises can help the babies’ hearing to develop, ultimately leading to their healthy growth, ensuring a positive environment around them which is why if you choose to give them a musical toy then it would be fantastic.

Apart from kids’ toys, enjoy these Carrom board brands with your family and friends. 

Safety Tips for Kids While Playing with Toys

Safety Tips for Kids While Playing with Toys

  • Choose Appropriate Toys: It is important for us to choose age appropriate toys for the kids to avoid having toys with dull colors and sharp objects that can hurt the child physically and mentally. At this age they are rapidly developing which is why it is important for us to keep in mind the benefits of bright colors and soft objects that they could feel and develop cognitively.
  • Inspect and Clean Toys Regularly: One should regularly inspect the toys of their kids to avoid having any danger or threat to their health. It is also important to clean the toys once in a while to avoid having dust and other harmful particles that they might ingest while playing with the toys. Kids tend to put things in their mouth which is why cleaning and inspecting toys regularly is a must for every parent.
  • Always be Present: Always supervise while your kids are playing. Never leave your kids alone with the toys because you never know what they might put into their mouth or what might hurt them
  • Keep Away from Small Objects: Kids tend to put things in their mouth which is why it is always safe to keep them away from small objects that they can ingest or or that can harm them in other ways like putting stuff up their nasal chambers.
  • Baby Proof the place: Always baby proof the apartment for the benefit of the babies. Baby proofing an apartment is essential because babies might put their hands in between the drawers and doors that can hurt them physically.

You can also learn about these best selling toys for kids. 

Personalized Choices 

Gifting a personalized choice gift to a baby is a great way to help their development and growth stage. Every baby is unique in their own way and has different abilities and capabilities to a particular particular environment which is why knowing what the baby wants and giving them gifts accordingly is mandatory. 

For example, if a baby tends to move towards bright lights or bright colors then you can opt for toys with the same colors to grab his attention more. Similarly if you see a baby playing with utensils or other things that make noises then you can opt for musical toys that can grab their attention.

Have a look at these outdoor toys for 8-10 year olds

In Conclusion 

As we have arranged the end of today’s blog, it is perfectly clear that certain toys are always a no for six month old babies and certain toys are the perfect gifts for them. In this blog we explore the beautiful world of toys of little babies. We have also seen the safety tips as a parent for your kids while they are playing.

You can always ask for help from the parent if you are thinking of giving something to their babies. Remember, choosing the perfect gift always needs a perfect balance between development and enjoyment. 

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