The Stylish Branded Sandals for Men in India

The Stylish Branded Sandals for Men in India

When it comes to the latest fashion, men’s sandals play an essential role in completing a well-put-together look. No longer limited to just casual wear, sandals have become versatile fashion statements that cater to various occasions, from laid-back beach outings to sophisticated evening events.

Prepare to learn about the best branded sandals for men in India which strike the optimal balance between cutting-edge styles as well as unmatched comfort. We have the perfect pair for you, even if you’re looking for something to wear on a special occasion or on a regular basis every day. Men’s sandals will be our dependable allies as we set out on this fascinating journey of style and sophistication. Have fun reading!

Importance of Men’s Sandals in Fashion

For many reasons, men’s sandals are important in the world of fashion. Although shoes are a necessary component of any outfit, sandals stand out from other shoe styles thanks to their distinctive features and fashion elements. The significance of men’s sandals throughout fashion can be explained by the following main points:

  • Men’s sandals allow for seamless transitions between casual and polished looks and are available in a variety of styles, designs, and materials that are appropriate for casual, beachwear, and semi-formal occasions.
  • Men’s sandals are incredibly comfortable, allowing feet to breathe, stopping sweating, and preventing constriction, making them perfect for hot weather or prolonged walking, making them essential summer fashion choices.
  • Men’s sandals, which can be worn with casual or elegant attire, add style with their designs, adornments, and trendy colours.
  • Sandals have a casual, carefree vibe that makes them ideal for weekend excursions, beach vacations, and social gatherings.
  • Men’s sandals are popular for wearing to the beach and resorts because they are practical, fashionable, and adaptable in sand- and water-filled environments.
  • Sandals improve foot health and daily wear for men with foot problems by providing better arch support and alignment.

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Best Brands for Trendy Men’s Sandals


Sparx is a popular Indian brand known for its affordable and trendy footwear, including men’s sandals. The brand caters to the latest fashion needs of men, women, and children and is recognized for its wide range of casual and sports footwear.

Sparx Sandals for Men

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Pros of Sparx Sandals:

  • Sparx offers budget-friendly sandals without compromising on style and comfort.
  • The company offers a wide range of fashionable patterns and consistently follows the most recent fashion trends.
  • Sparx sandals are designed with adequate cushioning and support, ensuring comfort during extended wear.

Cons of Sparx Sandals:

  • Some users may find that the durability of Sparx sandals is not as high as more premium brands.

Price Range:

It ranges between 500 to 1000 Rupees.

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The campus is another well-known Indian brand that focuses on sports and casual footwear. It is popular among the younger demographic and offers a range of vibrant and trendy sandals for men.

Campus Sandals for Men

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Pros of Campus Sandals:

  • Campus sandals often have a sporty and dynamic appearance, appealing to active individuals.
  • Shoppers can choose from a variety of color selections provided by the company, enabling them to customize what they are buying.
  • Campus offers stylish sandals at competitive prices, making them accessible to a larger audience.

Cons of Campus Sandals:

  • Campus primarily focuses on casual and sporty sandals, so individuals seeking formal designs may need to explore other brands.

Price Range:

It ranges between 400 to 900 INR.

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Bata is a globally recognized footwear brand with a long history of providing quality shoes and sandals. It offers a diverse selection of leather, rubber and many more materials and it also offer ranging from everyday wear to more formal styles.

Bata Sandals for Men

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Pros of Bata Sandals:

  • Bata is an internationally recognized business for its expertise in manufacturing dependable and long-lasting footwear.
  • Bata caters to various tastes and preferences, offering sandals for casual, formal, and semi-formal occasions.
  • Bata uses quality materials, ensuring their sandals are built to last.

Cons of Bata Sandals:

  • Bata sandals might be a bit more costly for certain consumers if compared with other indigenous companies.

Price Range:

It ranges between Rs.350 to 1400.


Woodland is an Indian brand that specializes in outdoor and adventure footwear. It is known for its rugged and durable sandals designed for outdoor activities and adventurous pursuits. It also makes the best leather sandals for men. 

Woodland Sandals for Men

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Pros of Woodland Sandals:

  • Woodland sandals are built to withstand rough terrains and outdoor conditions, making them highly durable.
  • The brand’s sandals are ideal for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Woodland sandals often provide excellent arch support and reliable traction.

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Cons of Woodland Sandals:

  • As Woodland mainly focuses on adventure footwear, its range of formal sandals may be limited.

Price Range:

It ranges between 600 to 2000 Rupees.


Puma is a well-known international sporting goods company that sells a variety of sports gear, notably sandals. It is well-known for its innovative as well as visually appealing layouts which cater to people who lead active lives.

Puma Sandals for Men

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Pros of Puma Sandals:

  • People who care about style will enjoy the modern designs of Puma sandals.
  • Puma puts user convenience first, creating sandals appropriate for both athletic use or daily wear.
  • Puma’s reputation as a premium sports brand adds to the appeal of its footwear.

Cons of Puma Sandals:

  • Puma sandals may be relatively more expensive.

Price Range:

It ranges between 1000 to 2000 Rupees.

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Reebok is a prominent sports brand recognized worldwide for its athletic and lifestyle footwear. It offers a wide range of sandals designed for active individuals. 

Reebok Sandals for Men

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Pros of Reebok Sandals:

  • Reebok sandals blend style and performance, catering to those with active lifestyles.
  • The brand’s sandals often come with ample cushioning as well as support.
  • Reebok incorporates advanced technologies into its sandals, enhancing their performance.

Cons of Reebok Sandals:

Reebok sandals could be viewed as an expensive alternative, which might be a deterrent for consumers on a tight budget.

Price Range:

It ranges between 700 to 1000 Rupees.

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Taking Care of Your Sandals

To prolong the life of your sandals while maintaining up their good looks as well as ease, you must take good care of them. In addition to extending the usefulness of your favorite sandals, regular care will assist in keeping your toes healthy and comfortable. Here are some crucial pointers to keep in mind when caring after your sandals:

  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your sandals to remove dirt, dust, and grime. The cleaning process varies :

Leather Sandals: Remove dirt from surface, wipe with damp cloth, avoid soaking, and apply leather conditioner for suppleness.

Synthetic Materials (e.g., rubber, EVA, or PVC): Clean with mild soap and water, gently scrubbing dirt.

  • After cleaning, let sandals air dry naturally.
  • Avoid getting wet to prevent water damage to your sandals because moisture weakens materials and encourages the growth of Mold.
  • To avoid Odor and Mold development, rotate several pairs of sandals on a regular basis.
  • To prevent damage, keep sandals in a cool, dry place away from humid areas and direct sunlight.
  • To extend the life and maintain comfort of sandals, replace any worn-out components with interchangeable straps or insoles.
  • Use gentle soaps and cleaners for specific materials instead of harsh chemicals when cleaning sandals.

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