Top 7 High Speed Ceiling Fans in India

Top 7 High Speed Ceiling Fan in India

Ceiling fans are the best means of the cooling agents from an economical point of view. They are highly efficient in delivering cool air, relieving us from the horrible heat. They deliver a continuous equal flow of air. 

High speed ceiling fans are very popular in India. India is a very hot country and the high temperature of summer demands high-speed ceiling fans which move very fast, delivering us more air than ordinary fans. Just think of a simple hand fan used in the olden days. 

The faster you move the fan, the more air it delivers. The same goes with ceiling fans too. They reduce the room temperature by attracting warm air upwards and delivering cool air downwards at a very high frequency. 

Normally the high speed fans consume electricity a bit more than the normal fans, nearly 70-75 watts, but their higher efficiency makes them everyone’s choices. There are certain key features that make them efficient high speed ceiling fans. Keep in mind these essential factors for buying the best high speed ceiling fan in India.

  • High RPM – The ceiling fan should have higher RPM (Revolution per minute).
  • Amount of air flow – It should deliver a higher amount of air flow. An efficient high-speed fan should generate more than 100 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) airflow per watt.
  • Size of blade –The length of the blade is vital for circulating a sufficient flow of cool air. The larger the blades, the more air it delivers.

Top 7 High Speed Ceiling Fan And Their Price List In India

Crompton High speed Markle Prime 1200 mm 46% offRs 25991 Year
Luminous Rio Bel Air High speed ceiling fan24% offRs 20402 years
Crompton Hill BrizDeco 1200 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan24%Rs 17992 years
Luminous Copter 1200 mm high speed ceiling Fan30%Rs 28992 years
Orient Electric Pacific Air Deco Ceiling Fan39 %Rs 17502 years
Usha Racer 1200mm Ultra High Speed Ceiling Fan6%Rs 16492 years
Orient Electric Apex-FX 12000 mm ultra high speed ceiling fan44%Rs 14002 years


Crompton High-Speed Markle Prime 1200 Mm High Speed Fan

Crompton High-Speed Markle Prime 1200 Mm High Speed Fan

This anti dust ceiling fan has 48-inch blades, quite long to give you a sufficient breeze. This crompton ceiling fan comes in various colors such as burgundy, pearl white, Red velvet, Navy, etc. This fan is energy efficient and is an ideal choice as a high-speed ceiling fan in India.


  • It generates 225 cmm amount of air delivery.
  • It revolves 370 per minute delivering sufficient air.
  • It has a power consumption of 55 watts.
  • It has a fully secured copper motor.

Luminous Rio Bel Air High Speed Ceiling Fan

Luminous Rio Bel Air High Speed Ceiling FanThis Luminous ceiling fan comes in an elegant design, having a glossy finish with dust-repellent properties. The fan is very easy to clean and maintain. The model comes in two different shades of colours-Red and Silver. The aluminum ceiling blades are quite long.


  • It consumes 75 watts of power.
  • It gives 230 cmm amount of airflow.
  • It takes 380 RPM.
  • It has a very high quality motor which ensures high longevity.

Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200 mm High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz Deco 1200 mm High-Speed Ceiling FanThis fan has a premium design, available in six colours-Gold, Brown, Bronze, Ivory, White, and smoked brown. The 48-inch aluminum blades prevent it from rusting. It produces minimal sound when moving with 100% copper winding. It ensures higher durability for its authentic quality copper motor.


  • It can consume power up to 75 watts.
  • It takes a total 370 revolutions per minute.
  • It delivers 205 cmm amount of air flow.
  • It produces very less noise due to double ball bearing technology.

Luminous Copter 1200 mm High Speed Ceiling Fan

Luminous Copter 1200 mm High Speed Ceiling FanThis fan is an ideal choice for beating the summer heat. The three large blades of the fan instantly cool your body, evaporating the body’s sweat. This fan is available in two beautiful colours. The models come in beautiful designs with glossy finish.


  • Air delivery capacity is 230 cmm which is quite good.
  • The fan’s RPM is quite high which is 380.
  • It operates on 220 v-240 v of voltage.
  • It consumes nearly 75 watt of power
  • It has a very powerful motor for the smooth functioning of the fan.

Nowadays low power consumption bldc ceiling fans in India are very much popular. So, you can also look for Luminous bldc ceiling fans under your budget.

Orient Electric Pacific Air Deco Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Pacific Air Deco Ceiling FanThis high-speed Orient ceiling fan gives a long-lasting effect. The model has a very powerful and strong motor which ensures higher durability. It has three ribbed strong blades for rust and corrosion-free longer life. It comes in four beautiful colors such as smoke brown, Ivory, white and brown.


  • It delivers a higher air flow of 210 cmm for cooling you.
  • It performs 400 revolutions per minute.
  • The high-speed fan has decorative trims to add elegance to the model.
  • The strong copper motor has double ball bearing technology for functioning smoothly.

Usha Racer 1200mm Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Usha Racer 1200mm Ultra High-Speed Ceiling FanThis high speed Usha ceiling fan in India comes in a beautiful design, which has used a glossy power-coated paint for ensuring excellent finishing and higher longevity. They are available in three superb shades – Brown, rich ivory, and rich white. This fan even operates smoothly during low-voltage situations.


  • It has a higher resolution of 400 RPM.
  • It circulates a sufficient air flow of 210 cmm.
  • It has a wattage of 78w.
  • It has high-quality electric steel lamination for its effective operation.

Orient Electric Apex-FX 12000 mm Ultra High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX 12000 mm Ultra High-Speed Ceiling FanThis high-speed fan has a strong and powerful copper motor with double ball bearing technology. This stylish Orient ceiling fan comes in various colours such as brown, matt blue, smoke brown, white and blue colours. The strong galvanized blades of this fan prevent it from rust and corrosion, making it longer lasting. This is very simple and easy to clean.


  • It has a high-speed revolution per minute of 400 RPM for delivering air.
  • It generates an amount of 210 cmm of airflow.
  • It has a 100% copper motor for the smooth functioning of the fan.

Hope this collection of high speed ceiling fans in India with their features will help you to choose the right model for you.


  1. Parbani
    January 11, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Never knew about so many features and variations in ceiling fans. Glad the author mentioned them in detail for one to know. This blog is super resourceful, please go through it to know in details about all high speed ceiling fans in India.

  2. Kanika Dey
    January 23, 2023 at 5:59 am

    Very informative blog. Like me most of the people search for the best high speed ceiling fans because without this we cannot survive in countries like India where the summers are too long. Very elaborately explained the important features of the ceiling fan. The best part of the blog is that the price of the ceiling fans are also mentioned to see whether it is within our budget or not.

  3. Amit
    February 20, 2023 at 12:07 pm

    Thank you for referring to these top products from different brands in the category of high-speed ceiling fans. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to choose the best one out of so many varieties.

  4. Gagan
    August 22, 2023 at 3:35 am

    Every ceiling fan mentioned is very affordable and feature mentioned helps us narrow down the choices!

  5. Dhriti
    September 18, 2023 at 4:37 am

    I agree, many of us in places like India need high-speed ceiling fans for hot summers. Your blog explains fan features well and even mentions prices, which is helpful.

  6. Vadisha
    September 19, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    I didn’t know there were so many ceiling fan options. This blog is very helpful to learn about high-speed ceiling fans in India.

  7. Ritika
    November 13, 2023 at 3:37 am

    The design of orient fan is super cool. Would like to check the colour options and i will prefer going with this. Very great and helpful blog.

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