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Top Sona Masoori Rice Brands with Price, Quality, and Recommendations

Top Sona Masoori Rice Brands with Price, Quality, and Recommendations

Various dishes are enjoyed with rice. Rice of various types offers good taste. It is necessary to have rice that provides a good texture and aroma. Be it a simple dinner or a spicy craving for fried rice, good-brand rice makes sure that you enjoy it to the fullest. Sona Masoori rice is a type of rice that is loved for its good qualities.

This blog will help you learn many good things about Sona Masoori rice and also it will provide some good options and brands to try. If you are a rice lover and you love experimenting with its varieties then this blog is for you. Read below to know more about Sona Masoori rice.

Check out the features and make sure that you enjoy the best. This blog is going to be a very insightful one. The quality aspects of Sona Masoori rice are shared in the upcoming section.

Sona Masoori Rice – Quality Aspects

The quality aspect will help you to know about the Sona Masoori rice and its specific features. The quality aspects of Sona Masoori rice are shared as follows-

  • Grain length – The length is good and it is slender. One can enjoy its taste and one can cherish the aroma.
  • Texture – Rice of good texture provides good taste and Sona Masoori is well known for its texture. You will fall in love with its texture.
  • Aroma – With its pleasing aroma it gives you the best joy. It is well known for the aroma it has.
  • Purity – Sona Masoori rice is pure and they are free from impurities. This is one of their best features.
  • Processing – Sona Masoori rice is made after processing through various stages. This ensures their best taste. Stages like cleaning and polishing are done greatly.

Before buying Sona Masoori rice make sure that the brand you are choosing is fulfilling all these quality aspects. The best brand of Sona Masoori rice will help you have a good taste.

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Top Brand Recommendations And Price Range

For having the best Sona Masoori rice it is a must to consider the best brands. The best brands that are reliable are shared as follows.

Southern Star Sona Masoori Rice

This brand is very popular for its taste and purity. People love the aroma that it has and you can consider the amazing features of this brand. The specialities are-

Southern Star Sona Masoori RiceAmazon Buy Now Button

  • They provide premium grain rice.
  • They are chosen from great paddy fields.
  • The good and fluffy texture is good.
  • It can be bought in different packages and rates can vary.
  • The price for a 5 kg bag is Rs 450. The price can vary according to place and location.

Safe Harvest Sona Masoori Rice

It is made by proper processing and by proper instructions. They have a very good taste and they have good nutritional value. The features are-

Safe Harvest Sona Masoori RiceAmazon Buy Now Button

  • They have good grain length.
  • They have good nutritional value.
  • The fragrance is very nice.
  • They can be used for making various dishes.
  • Safe harvest Sona Masoori rice can be bought at different rates.
  • Price for 5 kg is Rs 409.

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Kurnool Sona Masoori Rice

They are derived from Andhra Pradesh and thus the taste of fertile land is observed in it. The features that it has are-

Kurnool Sona Masoori RiceAmazon Buy Now Button

  • The soft texture is loved.
  • They are one of the high-quality brands.
  • They are used for daily use.
  • They are healthy to consume.
  • They are free of impurities.
  • The price for 5 kg is Rs 500.

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Pro Nature Sona Masoori Rice

The flavourful nature of this brand is really good. It is very good to use and the features that it has are as follows-

Pro Nature Sona Masoori RiceAmazon Buy Now Button

  • It has a very good stickiness.
  • The processing of this brand is done carefully.
  • One can enjoy its taste and aroma.
  • They are available in different packaging.
  • The rate for 5 kg is Rs 482.

Organic Tattva Sona Masoori Rice

The premium quality of this rice brand is good. It has achieved good reviews and the features are-

Organic Tattva Sona Masoori Rice

Amazon Buy Now Button

  • One can have the best taste.
  • One can use them to make perfect cuisines.
  • The quality is super great.
  • They are gluten-free.
  • No additional additives are added.
  • The price for 5 kg is Rs 595.

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Daawat Sona Masoori Rice

It is a popular rice brand and has good market value. The features are as follows-

Daawat Sona Masoori Rice

Amazon Buy Now Button

  • They are of perfect taste.
  • One can rely on its taste.
  • Try it for making cuisines.
  • No additional things are added to this.
  • They are pure.
  • One can have them for Rs 358.

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Consider Following Tips While Buying Sona Masoori Rice

Take care of the following things while choosing Sona Masoori rice-

Consider Following Tips While Buying Sona Masoori Rice

  • Check the brand reputation of rice.
  • Check the packaging of rice.
  • Look for certifications like FSSAI or ISO.
  • Check the customer reviews.
  • The price, quality and affordability should be taken care of.

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Comparison Table

The comparison table for all the Sona Masoori rice brands is shared as follows.


Name of Sona Masoori rice brandSpecial qualitiesPrice
Southern star Sona Masoori rice brand
  • Fluffy texture.
  • Good aroma.
Rs 450 for 5 kg.
Safe harvest Sona Masoori rice
  • Good taste.
  • Good nutritional value.
Rs 409 food 5 kg.
Kurnool Sona Masoori rice
  • Daily use.
  • Good for your health.
Rs 500 for 5 kg.
Pro nature Sona Masoori rice
  • Different packaging is available.
  • Good flavour.
Rs 482 for 5 kg.
Organic tattva Sona Masoori rice
  • No additives.
  • Gluten-free.
Rs 595 for 5 kg.
Dawat Sona Masoori rice
  • Affordable.
  • Pure.
Rs 358 for 5 kg.


Sona Masoori rice is very well known and one can choose this for having great taste. The best brands of Sona Masoori rice are shared in this blog. You can check the features of the Sona Masoori rice brand and then you can choose for yourself.

The comparison table is shared too. Consider some tips before buying Sona Masoori rice. They will definitely provide you with a good taste and aroma.

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