Top Tequila Brands in India with Price

Top Tequila Brands in India with Price

Tequila is a type of a drink that is made from a plant and it has gained massive popularity in recent years. Fortunately for us, India is a home to many top brands that provide tequila drinks having different flavors and experiences.

We have come up with a blog about the Top Tequila Brands in India and are very thrilled to provide you with amazing insights including their price, their flavor, their experience and their overall operations.

We will provide you with a comprehensive guide through the tequila world  that you can have in our country. So what are you waiting for? Grab a glass, make a shot and have at it.

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The Origin of Tequila

We will get to the best brands of tequila in India but before that it is important for us to know where exactly tequila originated from.

The Origin of Tequila

So the story dates back to the 16th century where the blue agave plant, found in Mexico, Jalisco, was used to extract this Mexican Drink that we now call Tequila. This plant is not easy to grow as it takes several years before the center or the core of the plant can be extracted which is sweet in taste. It is then fermented and finally tequila is made. 

The process involved many other things other than fermentation, like roasting, crushing, & distillation. There are different varieties of Tequila according to their age. These are mentioned below 

  • Blanco (unaged)
  • Reposado (few months)
  • Aejo (1-3 years age)
  • Extra Aejo (more than 3 years)

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Best 4 Tequila Brands in India with Different Prices

Patron Tequila 

User Rating – 4.6/5 

Starting Price in India – ₹3,100

Patron Tequila

Patron is a well known Tequila Brand in the world known for their high-quality tequila that is purely handcrafted and made with 100% pure blue agave. They are known for their keen attention to detail in the production process providing the best experiences to the user across the globe.

The production process of Patron Tequila is similar but in this each plant is selected thoroughly and made in small batches to ensure the quality. They offer a wide range of flavors of tequila suiting every need and choice. So patron tequila is the way to for  if you want to elevate your experience.

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Jose Cuervo 

User Rating – 4.2/5 

Starting Price in India – 1,600 INR

Jose Cuervo

Another iconic brand of Tequila in India is Jose Cuervo which is known as the Original Tequila because this is considered the oldest brand of Tequila. Founded in 1758, this oldest Tequila Manufacturers have played a crucial role during the LPG reforms too.

They too offer a wide range of options to choose from, starting from classic Especial to Reserva de la Familia which is a luxury drink whose production is done in oak barrels since ages.

This has led to Jose Cuervo gaining popularity in a drastic manner in recent years. Users can have this tequila meat also and with a mixed cocktail also which will elevate your drinking experience to a whole new level.

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Don Julio 

User Rating – 4.8/5 

Starting Price in India – 4,000 INR

Don Julio

Another fascinating brand of Tequila in India is Don Julio which is a brand that was founded by Don Julio González in 1942. This brand is known for its excellence in the making of its Tequila.

Their incredible flavors and well known bottles are worthy of every single praise because of their precision and accuracy in the production process. One such flavor is The Don Julio 1942 Aejo that is known for its silky caramel and vanilla flavor with a little bit of oak taste.

They also have many other varieties of Tequila that draw customers of all choices and preferences towards their tequila. This Don Julio Brand really stands out of the crowd in many aspects so if you’re someone with a different taste than most, then this is your choice.

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User Rating – 3.8/5 

Starting Price in India – 1,800 INR

Herradura Tequila in India

Herradura is one of the most widely known Tequila Brands in India and has a rich authenticity towards their product. This brand was founded in 1870 in the Jalisco District of Mexico and has been on the grow ever since.

One of their most notable tequila called the Herradura’s Reposado Tequila is the best out of every single flavor of tequila due to its blend of accuracy and attention to detail.

This tequila is matured for 11 years before it is finally introduced to the market making it the eye catcher among all. And their Aejo is matured for 25 months which gives a complex taste to the users, enchanting them into the world of Herradura more and more with every sip.

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Additional Aspects of Tequila 

Now that we have seen the best brands, it is time to move on towards the other crucial aspects to note when choosing a tequila, like the brand or their manufacturing processes. Below are some essential points to consider for having the best experience of Tequila in India. 

Additional Aspects of Tequila

  • Craftsmanship: Many brands offer handcrafted tequila to their users for the rich and luxurious experience through their drink. It is crucial to understand the role of excellent craftsmanship in the making of tequila
  • Sustainability: Tequila Produces are concerned towards sustainability for the supply of agave plants and hence sustainability is a measure to consider. 
  • Tourism: As the Tequila Trend has seen a surge, many fans also take tours to the original place of birth of their favorite brands of tequila to observe first-hand the production process.

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To summarize it all, we have had an exciting journey with the top tequila brands in India where we saw a few important things about the said brand. From shots to sips, these brands have made a cozy home of their own.

Moreover, with so many brands available, you will get one of your choices, needs, and preferences very easily. The key is to remember that moderation is the best way of preventing any major troubles.

So raise your glass and have a toast to food times and crazy laughters. Celebrate and embrace the moment. Thank you to all the readers for your precious time and effort to make it through this blog.

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