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A toy gun is a replica of a real gun that is designed to be safe for children to play with. Toy guns can shoot pellets, water, or foam darts, and may make noise when they are fired. Some toy guns have lights and sounds that simulate the experience of shooting a real gun. In the 1800s, toy guns became increasingly popular, as mass production made them more affordable. By the early 1900s, almost every child in America had a toy gun.



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Today, toy guns are still hugely popular with kids of all ages. Many toy guns are designed to look like real guns, but some are brightly colored or have other features that make them clearly toys. Never point a toy gun at someone else, and never shoot pellets or darts at people or animals.

Types of Toy Guns for Kids

Looking for the perfect toy gun for your kid? Check out our top picks below!

Types of Toy Guns for Kids

  • NERF blaster toys: If you’re looking for a toy gun that will provide hours of fun, a NERF blaster is a great option. We love the NERF N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster – it’s got a pump-action design that’s easy to use, and it comes with 6 darts.
  • Laser tag guns: Laser tag is always a hit with kids, and you can now get laser tag guns that are specifically designed for kids. We like the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Set – it comes with 4 guns and 4 vests, so up to 4 kids can play at once.
  • Water guns: Water guns are always a popular choice for kids, and there are now some great options that are specifically designed for little hands. We like the Super Soaker Splashtime Summer Fun Pack – it comes with 3 water guns and 3 water balls, so kids can have a blast while staying cool.
  • BB guns: BB guns are another great option for kids who want to have some fun while learning about gun safety. We like the Crosman T4BT Pump Action Tactical BB Rifle – it’s got a realistic look and feel, but it’s designed to be safe for kids.

When it comes to toy guns, there are endless options available. It can be tough to decide which one is right for your child, but our top picks should help make the decision a little easier.

Here you should also choose from Centy toys. Its toys are very much safe for kids as compare to other toy brands. 

Buying Guide For Toy Gun for Kids

The type of gun is also important. Paintball guns are more dangerous but can be a lot of fun for older kids. For example, water pistols may be fine for toddlers but could be dangerous for infants.

Safe toy guns for kids

Safety is another important consideration. Some toy guns come with safety features, such as trigger locks or safety glasses. These features can help prevent accidents. It is also important to teach kids how to use the gun safely.

Brand That offer Toy Guns for Kids in India

In recent years, toy guns have become increasingly popular among children in India. There are a number of brands that offer these products, making it easy for parents to find the perfect one for their child.

One of the most popular brands is Nerf, which offers a wide range of toy guns that are perfect for children of all ages. Another great option is Airsoft, which offers both electric and gas-powered models.

If you’re looking for a toy gun that’s both fun and safe, consider one of these brands.

Are Toy Guns Safe to Play for Kids?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to whether or not toy guns are safe for kids to play with. As with any other toy, it’s important for kids to be aware of the dangers associated with using a toy gun. 

They should know not to point it at anyone else and to always keep it unloaded until they’re ready to use it.

In addition, parents should carefully select which toy guns their children are allowed to play with. Not all toy firearms are created equal. Some may be more realistic than others, which could lead to confusion or accidents.

If parents are unsure about a particular toy gun, they can always consult with the manufacturer or look for reviews online. Ultimately, it’s up to the parent to decide what’s best for their child.

While there’s no definitive answer when it comes to whether toy guns are safe for kids, there are a few things parents can do to help ensure their child’s safety while playing with them. 

By teaching kids about gun safety and carefully selecting which toy guns they’re allowed to play with, parents can help create a safe and fun environment for their children.

Pop it toys are also liked by small kids. It comes with different brands and colours.  

Price Range of Toy Guns in India

Toy guns are quite popular among children in India. The most basic and simplest toy gun would be a water pistol, which typically costs between Rs.100-200

These water pistols usually have a small tank that can be filled with water, and they work by pumping water into the gun chamber and firing it at the target. Water pistols are generally not very powerful and have a limited range, but they are still great fun for kids to play with.

Nerf guns use compressed air to fire soft foam darts or balls, and they can be quite powerful. Prices for Nerf guns start at around Rs.1000 and go up to Rs.5000 or more, depending on the model and features.

If you are looking for a toy gun that is more realistic, then you could opt for an airsoft gun. These guns can be very realistic, and some models even have working parts like slides and magazine releases. Prices for airsoft guns start at around Rs.3000 and can go up to Rs.50000 or more depending on the model and features.

Finally, if you want a toy gun that is really powerful, then you could opt for a paintball gun. Paintball guns use compressed air to fire paint-filled pellets at opponents, and they can be quite accurate and powerful. 

Prices for paintball guns start at around Rs.5000 and can go up to Rs.50000 or more depending on the model and features. So, there is a wide range of toy guns available in the market, which cater to different budgets and needs.

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