75 Rupees Coin in India And More

75 Rupees Coin in India And More

India has been releasing commemorative coins for many years. The coins are released to mark special days and for other specific reasons. This time our Prime minister released Rs 75 coin on the inauguration of the new parliament. It was released on May 28 of this year.

A total of 150 commemorative coins have been released till now by the Indian government. Since 1964 various coins have been released. In this blog, we will be talking about the Rs 75 coin and about its specific features.

The Rs 75 coin in India has great importance and it is now under the category of commemorative coins. Let us start discussing it in the following sections.

75 Rupees Coin In India And Its Features

75 Rupees Coin In India And Its Features

The Rs 75 coin in India has some amazing features. The features of the Rs 75 coin are shared as follows-

  • The coin weighs about 34 to 35 grams.
  • The coin has the lion capital of the Ashoka pillar in the centre.
  • It has written Bharat in Devanagari script.
  • In English India is also written.
  • The symbol of ₹ is also mentioned along with 75.
  • On the other side of the coin, the picture of the parliament complex is demonstrated.
  • This coin symbolises a new parliament.

All these are the salient features of the coin Of Rs 75. The coin looks remarkable and amazing. 

How To Get A Rs 75 Coin?

How To Get A Rs 75 Coin

If you are willing to get the coin of Rs 75 then you need to go on the official website and the website that you need to visit is the government mint. On visiting the website you can scroll the section of commemorative coins. 

You will easily see the coin of Rs 75 section and after that, you can add it to the cart successfully. 

Here you can also check the latest RBI old coins price list

75 Rupees Coin Value

75 Rupees Coin Value

The commemorative coins are not meant for circulation purposes. They are used to pay tribute to special people. Although one can get the Rs 75 coin at the cost of Rs 1,300. It is the estimated cost of Rs 75 coin and one needs to wait for the confirmed statement. 

You can check the photo of the Rs 75 coin on the official website.

Role Of Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are released to mark special events. They mark the importance of that event and the coins are specially designed in manner to embrace the beauty of that event. 

  • Commemorative coins make the event more memorable.
  • They give impressions of the history.
  • They reflect the culture of the country.
  • They are remarkable.
  • The designs of the coins are directly related to the event.
  • The coins may sometimes be passed for circulation. It may vary according to the choice of government.

Thus commemorative coins reflect a very great part of our culture and are of great importance.

India And Commemorative Coins

India has issued a great number of commemorative coins till date. Commemorative coins are also called collector’s coins. They are manufactured precisely.

  • For marking the 175 years of iit roorkee the centre issued Rs 175 coin.
  • The PM released a coin of Rs 100 in honour of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was released on the day before his 94th birthday.
  • In the year 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015 the government released 100 rs coins earlier.
  • Many other occasions have observed the issuance of various coins.

Thus India and its relationship with commemorative coins has been amazing.

Who Designs And Mint Indian Coins?

Who Designs And Mint Indian Coins

The designing and minting of Indian coins is done by the government of India. The Government of India takes the responsibility of minting and designing coins.

The circulation of coins is done under Reserve Bank of India terms. RBI takes responsibility of circulation.

What To Do With Commemorative Coins?

The answer to the usage of commemorative coins varies as one may need commemorative coins for various reasons. The reasons and choices may vary. The main usage of commemorative coins can be-

  • The commemorative coin can be used as a remarkable coin.
  • One can store them as a hobby.
  • One can collect them as a remark of heritage.
  • One can collect them for passing it to their generation.
  • The coin can act as a memorable thing.
  • Coins can help in embracing the moment.

So the usage of commemorative coins varies and it may depend upon the individual itself. You can store or collect it for your own personal reasons.

Special Coins To Buy In India

The list of some special coins that can be bought in India are shared as follows-

  • 2 rupees netaji subhash chandra ji coin at the price of rs 13 thousand.
  • 5 rupees coin of Indira Gandhi at the rate of Rs 2,899.
  • Copper nickel 5 Rs coin of republic india at Rs 250.
  • India 10 paise coin at rs 67.
  • Azadi ka amrut mahotsav chandrayan 3 coin at Rs 1,250.
  • Nickel coin at Rs 67.
  • 20 paisa coin at Rs 250.

Also, know about the gem portal products price list here to get the best price on the shopping. 

Commemorative Coins Of India

Here is the list of commemorative coins of India and their price list-

  • 150 birth anniversary of Ram Chandra ji at rs 3,820.
  • Diamond jubilee of national cadet corps at Rs 3,300.
  • International year of millets 2023 at Rs 4 thousand.
  • MDF box parliament coin at rs 4,417.
  • G20 coin at Rs 4 thousand.
  • Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi coin at Rs 9 thousand.
  • Anniversary coin of Raja Ram Mohan Roy at rs 3 thousand.
  • Rs 50 coin at 50 years of project tiger at Rs 4 thousand.
  • 150 years of telecommunication at Rs 10 thousand.

You can check many more coins at the official government site. The official site of the government is the government mint where you can look at all these coins. The simple process of adding them to a cart and buying them makes it easier to collect the coin of your choice. After the selection and payment process, the coins will be delivered to your registered address.

So if you are a lover of coin collection then do add various amazing commemorative coins in your collection.

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