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Cricket Bat Stickers: Unleashing Your Style on the Field

Cricket Bat Stickers

With the dedicated cricket lovers out there, All I know is that we have a special bat that holds very memories for us. Even if it is torn apart or in pieces, it would always stay close to us. Likewise, to add a new addition to the bad, making it part of the memory we can use stickers. 

In this blog, we would discuss how a mere sticker could hold the importance and change the personality of that bat by 180.

Know All About Bat Stickers?

As mentioned above bat stickers are glued labels in the form of pictures or illustrations that are applied to the cricket bat to make it more aesthetic and add a personal touch.

Know all about bat stickers

Now why are cricket bat stickers so popular, here is the breakdown:


For a very long history, branding has been the most important for any company to make a name for themselves. Nowhere days, the company tends to brand itself through stickers too!

Even if it is a small detail, every cricket fan has observed that players always have very stickers on their bats while playing. This bat sticker often features logos, names, and colours of specific cricket brand and their sponsors too. For example, brands such as:

  • MRF
  • SS
  • SG
  • Kookaburra


Cricket bats used by professional players often display stickers of their sponsors. These stickers promote the brand greatly through the players and represent the relationship between them to promote and grow the relationship between the customers.


As shocking as it might sound but sticker also protects a bat by avoiding unnecessary:

  • Starches 
  • Moisture
  • General wear and tear

They act as an additional layer of protection.


Now not that every player in this world would be sponsored by brands to have a sticker on their bat, but usually there are numerous normal and personalized stickers available in the market.

They are there to add a personal touch to the bat and match the vibe of the player. They come in all shapes, sizes and characters to even look funny and interesting.

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Popular Bat Sticker Brands

Now it is a personal preference to choose the sticker form a specific brand and there are several brands that offer these services, some of them are:

MRF (Madras Rubber Factory)

There is no need for an introduction to this brand. India’s well-renowned brand MRF produces high-quality cricket equipment. As for the stickers, they are widely known and recognized for their iconic logo and vibrant design.

MRF Bat Sticker

Many popular cricketers are affiliated with and sponsored by the brand and proudly display the MRF stickers on their bats.

SS (Sareen Sports)

SS, an internationally recognized company in the world of cricket, is well-known for its high-quality cricket bats and equipment. SS bat stickers shine out as a result of their distinctive branding and elaborate designs.

SS (Sareen Sports) Bat Stickers


 Many athletes, both nationally and internationally, favour SS bats and proudly display the SS badge on their equipment.

SG (Sanspareils Greenland)

Another widely recognized Indian company, SG has been manufacturing cricket gear for many years. 

SG (Sanspareils Greenland)

The stunning layout and vintage aesthetics of SG bat stickers are well known. Same as before, many cricketers, both domestically and internationally, use SG bats and proudly display the SG badge on their equipment. 


A well-known Australian brand with a dominating name, Kookaburra has become recognized worldwide. 

Kookaburra bat sticker

Kookaburra bat stickers are well-known for their contemporary patterns and the unique Kookaburra bird logo. Many professional cricketers from across the world use Kookaburra bats and proudly sport the Kookaburra sticker on their equipment.

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How Do You Customize Your Own Cricket Bat Sticker?

In my opinion, it is not necessary for everyone to have a well-known brand sticker to make their bat look amazing and stunning. There are numerous ways to do so.

 Firstly, Examine your bat and your theme. Why? Because you need to understand the need for a bat. Look for all those cracks, wear and tear spots, and scratches.  

How Do You Customize Your Own cricket Bat

Secondly, decide on a theme. Whatever theme you may ask, except for these well-known brands we can also add funky stickers to bat to make them look interesting and unique. They would stand out a lot because the only person to have those specific stickers would be you.

Now that we have all the necessary materials, it is time for some cutting and pasting. Carefully, place the stickers of your choice on those specific spots you want to hide, or want to make extra special.

And now you are all done!

Care and Maintenance of Bat Stickers

Proper care and maintenance of bat stickers can help preserve their appearance and ensure their longevity. Bits some of the tips are:

  1. Prevent Too Much Moisture
  2. Treat with caution
  3. Clean with water and mild soap
  4. Avoid exposure to the sun
  5. Use a transparent protective sealant.
  6. Consistently Check and Replace


Cricket bat stickers are essential in the game of cricket because they let players display their favourite brands, customise their gear, and create a distinct personality. They provide customizability choices and let players show off their own personalities. 

Cricket bat stickers need to be handled, cleaned, and cared for delicately in order to preserve their durability and aesthetic appeal. Their endurance is increased by shielding them from sunlight and using a clear protective sealer. 

Stickers for cricket bats add to the enthusiasm and pride of cricket players and supporters, enhancing and enhancing their cricketing experience.

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  1. Kiran
    June 26, 2023 at 1:38 pm

    The relevance of cricket bat stickers in enhancing and personalizing the aesthetics of the game is brilliantly highlighted in Ravi Kumar’s blog. Popular brands including MRF, SS, SG, and Kookaburra are also mentioned in the article. Create your own bat to showcase your distinct sense of style on the field could have never been this easy.

  2. shruti
    June 28, 2023 at 4:04 pm

    This blog beautifully explores the significance of cricket bat stickers in adding personalization and style to the game. It covers various aspects, including branding, sponsorship, protection, and personalization, highlighting popular brands like MRF, SS, SG, and Kookaburra. The article also provides insights on customizing bat stickers and offers tips on care and maintenance. Overall, it’s an engaging and informative read for cricket enthusiasts looking to express their personality on the field.

  3. Naveen
    June 30, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    Cricket bat stickers play a vital role in infusing the game with personal flair and uniqueness, as this captivating blog splendidly explains. From branding to sponsorship, protection to personalization, it explores every facet, featuring renowned brands such as MRF, SS, SG, and Kookaburra. Delving into custom sticker options and sharing maintenance tips, this article becomes an engrossing resource for cricket aficionados yearning to showcase their individuality during the game. A must-read for those seeking a blend of style and sport on the field!

  4. Ammar
    July 9, 2023 at 6:01 pm

    The blog provides a comprehensive overview of cricket bat stickers, covering various aspects such as branding, sponsorship, protection, personalization, and popular brands. However, it lacks practical examples or illustrations of customized bat stickers, wish to get more!

  5. Rituj
    July 12, 2023 at 6:29 am

    This blog emphasizes the significance of cricket bat stickers in enhancing the game’s aesthetics and allowing players to showcase their unique style on the field. It mentions renowned brands like MRF, SS, etc, highlighting the ways in with which players can create their own personalized bats. the article provides a thorough overview of bat stickers

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