Affordable Smart Watches Under 500 INR

Affordable Smart Watches under 500 INR

A smartwatch has become a vital companion in today’s fast-paced world, flawlessly mixing elegance and utility. This blog looks at a variety of low-cost smartwatches that claim to keep you connected and inspired throughout the day. We will go through the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each wristwatch individually to help you make an informed decision before purchasing one.

Note: The best smart watch under 500 collection is quite difficult to find. However, we have provided a guide that will help you choose the affordable smartwatches with brand. 

MUTTA D-20 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Band 

MUTTA D-20 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Band

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Price – 499 INR

The MUTTA D-20 Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Band has a sleek and modern style that makes it appealing to fitness aficionados. This wristwatch has a 0.96-inch OLED screen that displays important fitness statistics such as steps done, distance travelled, calories burnt, and heart rate. Notifications for incoming calls, texts, and social media alerts are also supported.

Pros: – 

  • Accurate heart rate tracking 
  • OLED display for great sight
  • Message alerts for a smartphone-linked


  • The small display size may not be optimal for displaying comprehensive information; 
  • Advanced fitness monitoring technologies such as GPS may be lacking.

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REESO M1 Bluetooth Smart Watch Id-116 

REESO M1 Bluetooth Smart Watch Id-116

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Price – 399 INR

The M1 Smart Watch Id-116 is a multi-purpose fitness band with Bluetooth connection. Its 0.96-inch colour display is vivid and user-friendly, making it simple to switch between operations. This wristwatch has many sports modes that allow wearers to track activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and more.


  • Colourful display for an eye-catching experience
  • Multi-sport modes for full fitness tracking
  • Sleep measuring to analyse sleep patterns
  • Low-cost option


  • Limited battery life may need regular charging 
  • May lack sophisticated smart capabilities such as app support

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MOBIVAX ID116 Fitness Watch 

MOBIVAX ID116 Fitness Watch

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Price – 498 INR

The MOBIVAX ID116 exercise Watch is a dependable exercise companion. Its 0.96-inch LCD screen displays vital fitness information such as actions, location, nutrients, and blood pressure. The sedentary reminder on the watch helps users keep active around the day.


  • Accurate heart rate tracking 
  • Sedentary reminder to promote frequent activity 
  • USB charging for easy recharging 
  • Suitable for people of different wrist sizes


  • The LCD display might not appear as bright as an OLED or colour display;
  • There are less customization choices for watch faces.

BOXING ID116 Latest Bluetooth Phone Watch 1.3″ LED 

BOXING ID116 Latest Bluetooth Phone Watch 1.3_ LED

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Price – 399 INR

The 1.3-inch LED display on the BOXING ID116 Latest Bluetooth Phone Watch provides a clean and vivid visual experience. It has Bluetooth connection, so users may get notifications right on their wrist. The wristwatch also has a remote camera capability that allows users to snap photographs from their cellphones that are linked to it.


  • Larger LED display for improved visibility 
  • Remote camera control for more comfortable shooting
  • Low-cost solution with important characteristics
  • Simple design for simple operation


  • LED displays may waste more power than other display types 
  • Advanced fitness monitoring devices such as a gyroscope may be lacking

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PLATEFORCE ID116 Water Proof Smart Watch 

PLATEFORCE Smart Watch ID116 Water Proof Touchscreen Smart Watch

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Price – 449 INR

The PLATEFORCE Smart Watch ID116 is a water-resistant touchscreen wristwatch designed for active people. It has a 0.96-inch colour screen and basic fitness capabilities such as step counting, distance tracking, nutrition monitoring, and sleep analysis. The watch also offers a variety of alerts to keep users updated while they are on the go.


  • Water-resistant construction for increased durability
  • Simple touchscreen navigation 
  • Extensive fitness monitoring functions
  • It is light and comfy to wear.


  • Touchscreen responsiveness may differ depending on usage conditions.
  • Insufficient battery life for prolonged usage

Bounce Fit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch 

Bounce Fit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch

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Price – 479 INR 

The Bounce Fit D20 Y68 Fitness Band Smartwatch is a low-cost solution for fitness fans. It has a 0.96-inch colour screen and numerous sports modes to precisely track varied activities. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the watch also has a sedentary warning and sleep tracking.


  • Multi-sport modes for full fitness tracking 
  • Rest tracking for insights into sleeping habits
  • Affordability and value for money 
  • A comfy fit for use everyday


  • Display may be smaller than other rivals’ displays 
  • Limited interoperability with specific smartphone models

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Let’s Look At Some Low-Cost Smartwatch Categories And Characteristics

Generic Smart Fitness Bands:

 In addition to brand-specific smartwatches, the market is flooded with generic smart fitness bands. These bands are intended to measure basic fitness metrics such as steps taken, distance travelled, calories burnt, and sleep patterns. 

While they may lack certain advanced capabilities, they are frequently inexpensive and appropriate for moderate fitness tracking. These bands’ designs vary, with some including a tiny OLED display and others relying exclusively on LED indications.

Basic Connectivity:

 Low-cost smartwatches usually offer basic connectivity alternatives like as Bluetooth. While they may not offer advanced capabilities like as app installs or smartphone connectivity, they may still receive call, message, and social media alerts. Some devices may even have rudimentary music control and call rejection capabilities.

Fitness Tracking Functions: 

The majority of smartwatches under 500 INR concentrate on delivering basic fitness tracking functions. Step counting, distance measuring, calorie tracking, and heart rate monitoring are among examples. Some versions may additionally include extra sports modes to accommodate activities such as running, cycling, and yoga.

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Sleep tracking: 

Many low-cost smartwatches now have sleep tracking functions. These features analyse your sleep patterns, including the length of deep as well as light sleep, and provide insights to help you improve your sleep quality over time. Depending on usage patterns and options activated, charges may occur.

Water Resistance:

 Some low-cost smartwatches include rudimentary water resistance, making them appropriate for everyday usage, such as in wet weather or when sweating during exercises. It is important to note, however, that water resistance capabilities may vary between models, therefore users should avoid immersing their watches in water.

Remote Camera Control:

A few smartwatches in this price range may provide wireless camera control, allowing users to snap photographs from their mobile devices using their wristwatch as a remote shutter. This tool is very beneficial for taking group shots or capturing candid situations.

Battery Life:

 Due to cost restrictions, most inexpensive smartwatches have a modest longevity of batteries. While some models may last several days on just a single charge, others, contingent upon usage, might call for charging on a daily basis.

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There is a broad range of budget smart watches under 500 INR on the market, catering to various demands and preferences. While these watches do not provide the same amount of functionality and luxury features as their more expensive counterparts, they are nevertheless useful for basic fitness monitoring, getting alerts, and promoting an active lifestyle. Before selecting the best smartwatch for their budget and demands, buyers must thoroughly examine their requirements and preferences.

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