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Gas stoves have been in operation for decades now, which makes one easily confused when choosing the best stove for the kitchen because of the introduction to electric stoves. The question always arises whether one should go for the traditional kitchen stove working on gas or the modern electric stove. Both, of course, have their own pros and cons which make a person choose one over the other. But the mini gas stove has been rated as the most preferred choice over an electric stove because of a number of reasons.


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If you are looking to buy the perfect kitchen stove for your kitchen, but are confused as to which one to purchase, then, this blog is perfect for you. 

Mentioned below are points in detail to show why a gas stove is highly recommended for kitchen use, and why you should go for it over an electric gas stove. 


When in the kitchen, especially during cooking meals, you will want to ensure all safety measures for yourself, and for your family.

Safety of Gas StoveWhen it comes to this factor, the big or small gas stove has an upper hand over the electric gas stove.

This is because you can see and adjust the flame level. 

In case of a leak, you will be able to smell the gas immediately and inform the necessary authorities while following appropriate protocols. 

But with an electric stove, you can never know when the stove is on, especially if it is in low heat mode. There will be no glow on the stove, and you could be in danger of burning yourself. 


Of course, no one wants to stay in the kitchen for hours just catering to the meal prep. You want to get done quickly, and only a gas stove can help you get your work done in a jiffy. 

Gas stoves come with dual, triple, or four burners, based on your requirements which makes multitasking extremely easy. 

Gas stoves allow heat distribution very quickly unlike an electric stove. 9 out of 10 electric stoves have only single burner gas stove, and those which have more do not have enough space between each burner for easy utensil placement. 

Electric stoves cooks food very slowly in comparison to gas stoves which means extra time is required. 


Cleaning Gas StoveImagine you have spilled something on your stove, and you have to clean it. Can you guess which stove out of the two is easier to clean? Of course, it is the gas stove. And there is a hob gas stove which is very much used in India. It is quite effective and easily comes under budget.

Apart from that A normal burner gas stove is usually made out of a stainless-steel body with some having a toughened glass surface top. Even if you spill something on it, you can easily clean it with a piece of cloth or a wet tissue. 

Your gas stove will not be prone to rusting, and look sparkly new each time you clean it. On the other hand, you need to be extra careful when cleaning the electric stove. 

Because it works on electricity, you cannot use wet items. Only a soft towel is recommended for use. You also need to remove all coils and drip pains, and use a baking soda paste to remove any tough stains. 

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When it comes to efficiency, nothing can beat a burner gas stove in this matter. Along with providing you with even cooking of food and easy multitasking, you can use a gas stove even in times of an electric blackout. 

Imagine cooking your favorite dish on a Sunday morning, and the electricity just goes out. What do you do? If you have an electric stove at home, then you can bid goodbye to your favourite dish. 

But, if you have a gas stove in your kitchen, then, your Sunday morning will not go as bad as you can imagine. 

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There is no doubt that a gas stove price is way cheaper than an electric stove.

You could ask anyone which one is cheaper and their answer would be a straight indication to the gas stove burner. 

Based on your gas burner requirement, you will be able to adjust and create a budget for yourself easily for the price of gas stove. Even with respect to its operation costs, you must note that in most places, electricity bills run higher than gas bills. 

No wonder this means that if you are using a gas stove burner over an electric stove, you will end up saving a considerable amount of money.

If you want a gas stove with some advanced features then try a glass top gas stove


Although the decision of purchasing a gas stove or an electric stove is completely based on your tastes and requirements, there is no going back from the fact that a gas stove is better than an electric stove. In terms of convenient use, affordability, working, ergonomics, and maintenance, an electric stove might not be able to beat a gas stove. Although a gas burner stove also has its own cons to using it, the benefits of using a gas stove overpowers the cons easily.

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