Top 12 Prestige Gas Stove for Home Use in India

Top 12 Prestige Gas Stove for Home Use in India

This 1980s marketing slogan still resonates with people today. Naturally, “Apnon” is used instead of “Biwi” due to the gender-neutral campaigning period of the 2020s. Then why is Prestige India’s top gas stove brand?

The 1995-founded TTK Prestige Limited owns the Prestige brand. Due to its game-changing innovation for home-use products and cutting-edge designs, the Chennai-based company has gone a long way since its start. 

In actuality, Prestige is to blame for elevating a gas stove to the status of a household heirloom. This is the outcome of superb marketing and high-quality products.

Today, we’ll compile a list of the top 12 Prestige Gas Stoves in India for home use that are both stunning to look at and excellent performers.

Prestige Svachh GTSV-04 Glass Top Gas Stove

The difficulty of cleaning a glass-top stove’s surface, particularly where the burners are located, is one of its main drawbacks. This brand-new prestige gas stove confirms our faith in Prestige’s commitment to its customers. 

You can effortlessly remove the burners in the liftable burner set to clean off the grease and stains from the glass top. The 4 burner premium gas stove is a great purchase for your kitchen because of how much time and energy it saves thanks to its durable construction and simple-to-clean surface. 

Although it may not be a cheap product, you will undoubtedly value its features as soon as you try it.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stoves

Customers have praised the home-used Royale plus Schott glass 3 burner gas stove as one of the top Prestige Gas stoves since it is made to last. It has tri-pin burners to meet all of your demands, an imported SCHOTT glass top, and Italian knobs. There is no denying that this product looks great and gives your kitchen a touch of sophistication.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stoves

Here are some more gas stove brands which you should consider before choosing. 

Prestige PHTV 04 Vogue Hob Top Gas Stove

Modern kitchens undoubtedly merit contemporary appliances like this really attractive hob stove burner from Prestige. The stove is comfortably positioned flush with your countertop, not sticking out. You can now manage even large boats with ease thanks to this. 

Prestige PHTV 04 Vogue Hob Top Gas Stove

Prestige’s auto-ignition gas stoves have an ultra-slim design and are available with 4 or 3 burners. You may use it as a conventional gas stove or as a contemporary hob with heat control features thanks to the simple conversion design. A variety of cookware is also available, including hefty cast iron pans.

Prestige 3 Burner Marvel Glass Top with Manual Ignition

This three-burner Prestige gas stove combines classic gas stove functions with an incredibly fashionable appearance. Customers have praised the best-selling Prestige gas stove for its small, space-saving design and great performance. This one is a hit because of the ergonomic knobs, distinctive brass burners, and spill-proof plates!

Prestige 3 Burner Marvel Glass Top with Manual Ignition

Prestige Edge Gas Table PEBS 03 – Manual Gas Stoves

This stove will undoubtedly wow us from the moment we first see it! Another excellent gas stove from Prestige, this stunning black beauty is guaranteed to add glitz and style to your kitchen. The Prestige Edge is the world’s slimmest cooktop gas stove with manual ignition. It is made of SCHOTT glass, which is renowned for its durability even in very cold conditions. 

Prestige Edge Gas Table PEBS 03 – Manual Gas Stoves

Both the distinctive knob design and the all-black tri-pin burners improve the overall appearance.

Prestige Sleek Stainless-Steel L.P Gas Stoves, 2 Burners

No matter how many new designs are introduced each year, a sizeable portion of purchasers continues to admire the traditional SS gas stoves. This Prestige stainless steel gas stove is an improved model of the original stove, with a slimmer design, vibrant colors, and an entirely rebranded appearance. 

Prestige Sleek Stainless-Steel L.P Gas Stoves, 2 Burners

The stove is perfect for anybody seeking a product that requires little maintenance and gives the kitchen a tidy appearance. It has all the features you want, including a surface that is easy to clean and burners made of brass.

Prestige Euro Glass Top Gas Stoves Wit 2 Burners

Prestige has once again produced a stunning piece that makes us want to purchase it immediately. We are pleased with how it appears since it checks all the right boxes for us: it is dual-toned, sleek, modern, and attractive. 

Prestige Euro Glass Top Gas Stoves Wit 2 Burners

In terms of characteristics, the toughened power-coated glass surface of the Prestige Euro 2 Burner stove provides a superb appearance and long-lasting sturdiness. The sleek black surface and lovely gold knobs give the item a refined appearance. The other characteristics, such as the manual ignition and brass burners, are unchanged.

Prestige 2 Burner Eco Gas Stoves

The Prestige Eco won’t let you down if you’re seeking a straightforward, basic gas stove. The stainless, vintage gas stove has all the qualities that a gas stove ought to have, like basic burners, ergonomic controls, a solid body, and ease of maintenance. 

Prestige 2 Burner Eco Gas Stoves

It is a fantastic option for people who use conventional gas stoves and are not yet ready for high-tech equipment. This is a fantastic Prestige gas stove type that is cost-effective if you don’t care too much about appearance.

Prestige Induction Cooktop Pic 6.1 V3 2200 Watts

Of course, we included the category of induction stoves! Although prestige may not be the top brand in this market, it does offer some excellent items, such as this model. 

Those who don’t feel comfortable using gas stoves would be wise to choose PIC 6.1. An automated whistle counter, an automatic keep-warm function, options for cooking from the Indian menu, an automatic voltage regulator, and other outstanding features are included in the Prestige electric induction burner. Of course, its elegant and sleek appearance cannot be disregarded either!

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Prestige PIC 20 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop Gas Stove

A simple induction cooktop from Prestige with a price under 2000 INR is called the PIC 2.0. The stove is equipped with all necessary functions, including an auto voltage regulator, an aerodynamic cooling system, and Indian menu selections. 

In contrast to the higher variants, it does not do as well in the aesthetics category, which is understandable given the cost consideration. Overall, it is a wise purchase for anyone searching for a reliable induction stove that won’t break the bank.

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

The Prestige IRIS 2 Burnermodel is a two-burner gas stove that is incredibly attractive and elegant. Since this stove burns propane instead of electricity, you may save time and energy. You no longer require power cables as a result. 

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

Since this prestige gas stove is made of stainless steel, it is rustproof and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum makes up its body, making it stronger and lighter. The glass top makes it simple to clean. 

This may be sprayed clean or cleaned like a dish with soap and water. Using LPG fuel instead of power will save you time. This stove is stylish and suitable for use in any modern kitchen. 

A regulator valve that provides a steady gas flow to each burner is included with the gas stove. Additionally, it has a separate storage area where you may keep the cooking utensils you’ll need to clean the stove.

Prestige 2 Burner Premia Glass Gas Stove 

Cooking with its Prestige Premia Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove in Stainless Steel is a pleasure. It has an open cooktop that allows you to easily see what you’re cooking even with the burners switched on and is made of stainless steel. 

Prestige 2 Burner Premia Glass Gas Stove

it contains an oven chamber with three knobs for control. Gas is used to power the stove instead of electricity, doing away with the need for power lines. Additionally, the stove contains an electrical regulator that ensures that gas flows evenly to each burner. 

Additionally, the stove features a spherical base that enables placement on any surface or floor. It comes with a 12-month warranty.


  1. Parbani
    January 27, 2023 at 11:17 am

    Prestige is a reputed brand when it comes to kitchen appliances, and this article precisely curated the right options for every household.

  2. Anu
    February 27, 2023 at 11:56 am

    Among all the other brands available in the market, Prestige is definitely the one you should go for when choosing gas stoves.

  3. Tamanna
    March 6, 2023 at 1:47 pm

    Two reasons to buy these products: 1) It is by Prestige, the top Indian brand; 2) All of them are unique in their own features and appearances. No more reasons are needed, check these products out immediately.

  4. Yshita
    November 21, 2023 at 5:44 am

    A very detailed blog with good information.

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    March 20, 2024 at 5:28 am

    None can beat prestige and its value. A trusted brand.

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    June 4, 2024 at 2:28 am

    The burners and their capacity is to be checked properly. I am excited to buy a new stove. This blog guied me.

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