Top 6 Full Shuttle Sewing Machines In India

Top 6 Full Shuttle Sewing Machines In India

The full shuttle sewing machine is more difficult to use than a regular sewing machine, but it is ideal for working with body-fitting clothing and bedding made of delicate materials. 

Full shuttle machines are ideal for personalized garment jobs because they are more demanding and difficult to operate than conventional machines.

A complete shuttle might not be the best option if you need something that can move bulky items like winter pants or jackets. However, this machine is ideal for those who only sew delicate objects. 

Shuttle stitch sewing machines are gaining popularity because of their advanced technology and ability to produce long-lasting results when used correctly, particularly for leather and other difficult-to-sew fabrics.

This article will guide you about the full shuttle sewing machine

Benefits of Shuttle Sewing Machines

  1. A steel or plastic shuttle is used to place a bobbin, a small bundle of backing thread used to make the small cocoon-shaped bundles used in sewing. 
  2. Just like on a regular sewing machine, the back thread is removed from the shuttle by pulling or tangling it.
  3. This machine is used for the continuous stitching of fabric
  4. It is ideal for long-lasting fabrics due to its robust and thick seams, which are frequently utilized in haute couture sewing.

Two Types Of Full Shuttle Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines are more efficient than home sewing machines and are available in a wide range of sizes, costs, appearances, and features. Compared to industrial sewing machines, household sewing machines typically cost less and are smaller.

Additionally, it is made to be simple to use for novices and everyday household tasks like sewing and repairing clothing. The man I have is capable of operating either manual or automatic sewing machines. Each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the work you want to finish. 

Here you can try Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic zig-zag electric sewing machine at the best market price. It is one of the most used using machines with advanced features. The price of the sewing machine is around 10,000. 

6 Best Full Shuttle Sewing Machines in India

Full shuttle machines, which use a shuttle to adjust the hem setting and backstitch, are more complicated than traditional sewing machines.

superior to conventional sewing machines for delicate fabrics like linen, tailored clothing, and other fabrics with high demands. Choose the one that best suits your needs from this selection.

Sewing Machine Juki Zig-Zag 

Any kind of pico work and embroidery can be done on this Juki sewing machine. Most experts choose this for children’s clothing, series, and other artistic endeavors. 

Sewing Machine Juki Zig-Zag

A Dependable Instrument The typical lifespan is long. A very long-lasting machine that uses chains and gears for sewing zigzags for the fall saree auction. It is ideal for straight and zigzag sewing.


  • primarily designed for straight stitching, needlework, and darning on silk, cotton, and rayon. 
  • This can be used for both double-needle and single-needle operations.
  • best suite straight-line sewing.
  • A sewing machine that can stitch at a rate of 2000 stitches per minute.
  • Six stitches per inch with a stitch width of five millimeters.
  • Stand or use a tabletop foot treadle

Master Full Shuttle Silai Machine with Stand & Table (TA-1 Umbrella Sewing Machine)

This round-arm umbrella aircraft, also known as the TA-1 umbrella model, is faster than domestic aircraft thanks to its hooks and full-circle shuttle.

TA-1 Umbrella Sewing Machine

Machine condition new only type of machine Foot-operated and motor-operated automatic class semi-automatic 

  • Sewing material: synthetic fiber, cotton, and linen 
  • Sewing speed: 2800 stitches per minute 
  • Housing material: cast iron Model name/model number: 
  • TA-1 103K Color: Country of origin: Black brand master Domestic/Industrial Made in India

Arun’s zig-zag sewing device

A straight industrial sewing machine with a needle, robust nylon gears, and high-quality steel shuttle shafts. A 4-speed controller can see the operator and the rotating hook.

Arun's zig-zag sewing device


  • Specifically designed electric drive system for use with wool, rayon, silk, cotton, embroidery, peco, darning, and shading.
  • Straight stitching at a rapid rate of 2000 stitches per minute. 
  • There is a chain and a sprocket version available.
  • Additionally, the top, hand, and foot control options are available.

At this price rang you can also choose a perfect Usha sewing machine here. It also comes with same features and solid body material. 

Singer Full Shuttle Heavy Duty Sewing Machine  

Operation is straightforward with this sewing machine. There are six built-in stitch patterns for a single buttonhole and four basic stitch designs, one of which is ornate. 

Singer Full Shuttle Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

While you sew, the built-in LED light of the sewing machine illuminates the entire area. You won’t need to make any adjustments because the stitch length and breadth on this sewing machine are completely fixed. 

It makes stitching easier and leads to better, more polished results. This Singer machine can help you put your ideas into action. includes six pre-inserted stitches to make life easier. 

The four-step automatic buttonhole makes it possible to automatically make beautiful buttonholes in just four simple steps. For edging and decorative accents, parallel rows of stitches sewn with two needles and double spool pins are ideal.


  • Straight satin, blind hem, zigzag, scalloped edge, and a buttonhole with four steps.
  • This Singer machine will help you bring your ideas to life. 
  • Six pre-installed stitches will make your life easier:
  • Straight satin, blind hem, zigzag, scalloped edge, and a buttonhole with four steps. 
  • Sewing machine with a lightweight metal frame that does not misalign stitches and has excellent durability.

Brother (TA-1 Umbrella Sewing Machine)

Brother is a brand that originated in India and is used for work, home, or business. The Round Arm Umbrella Machine, also known as the TA-1 103K or Full Round Shuttle or Hook Umbrella Machine, is quicker than home machines.  

Brother (TA-1 Umbrella Sewing Machine)

Only newly acquired tools were utilized. It works on cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics. It has a foot-operated electric sewing machine that can sew at a typical speed of 2800 stitches per minute.


  • The body is made up of cast iron
  • The model’s name and number are TA-1 103K
  • Black in color 

The Yuwa TA-1 umbrella sewing machine

At 1850 stitches per minute, the popular Yuwa TA-1 industrial and home sewing machine performs admirably. It can work with unique sewing attachments.

The Yuwa TA-1 umbrella sewing machine


  • It has a complete rotary shuttle.
  • It can handle both light and heavy fabrics. 
  • There are manual and motorized versions to choose from.

If you want to choose a modern electric sewing machine then choose from these two major sewing brands – Usha Or Singer Electric sewing machine


A full shuttle sewing machine stitches continuously through the fabric with the help of a shuttle. They are frequently used in couture stitching for durable textiles due to their strength and precision.

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