The World’s Most Expensive Cycles: A Glimpse into Extravagance

World's Most Expensive Cycles

Cycles are now not only used for fitness and transportation, but also as an epitome of luxury and richness. These bicycles are extraordinary with their high performance tech and wonderfully crafted art. In today’s time, we have some of the most expensive bicycles out in the world with their top tier and spectacular looks and operational aspects. 

In this blog, we have curated a list of the world’s most expensive cycles which are a symbol of elegance and creativity. Here, the Top 5 Cycles are mentioned along with their features and other important aspects. So put on your helmets and let’s start riding these bikes to the finish point.

Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Bicycles 

24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike by House of Solid Gold

User Rating – 4.8/5

24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike by House of Solid Gold

This gold plated mountain bike is the real G.O.A.T of luxury. The 24K Gold Extreme Mountain bike from the House of Gold is a masterpiece that discredits all other bicycles of the world.

  • Design and Craftsmanship: This 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike from the House of Gold comes with a sleek and modern design and it is totally a work of art. The frame of this cycle, as the name suggests is made up of 24 karat gold and is lustrous as the sun. It is known for its quality, style, and attention to detail with the most beautiful frame ever known to this world.
  • Performance and functionality: This 24 Karat Cycle is made up of parts like tubeless tyres of 26 inch, along with Shimano XTR gear set snd RockShox suspension. This mountain bike is made to go through the toughest of the tough mountain treks in the world. 
  • Price: When we say the most expensive cycle of the world, we mean $1 million. Yes, this cycle is the symbol of elegance, luxury, and richness.

Also try the electric cycle under 10000 here. Which comes with great features. 

Trek Madone Butterfly by Damien Hirst 

User Rating – 4.5/5

Trek Madone Butterfly by Damien Hirst

The Trek Madone Butterfly is one of the most expensive cycles in the world and is created by the famous artist named Damien Hirst. 

  • Design: The Trek Madone Butterfly is truly magic to the sight of the viewer. Real butterfly wings are used to delicately cover the frame of this Trek Madone Butterfly Cycle when Damien Hirst drew his inspiration from nature.
  • Performance & Innovation: Obviously, it’s not just about the butterfly wings but it also gives the users a cutting edge technology with the frame and other components like the tyres which are aerodynamic in nature providing for the smooth ride on a luxury pedal. 
  • Price: The Trek Madone Butterfly Cycle from Damien Hirst costs an astonishing $500,000 which is why this is a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of creation that was once again inspired by the endless beauty of the nature that our home planet showers us with. Here are the best cycle under 10000 with premium quality and basic features. 

Also with cycles, You should also know about the best helmet brands for safety. 

24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike by Goldgenie 

User Rating – 4.9/5

24K Gold Men's Racing Bike by Goldgenie

  • Design and Craftsmanship: The new 24 karat gold Men’s Racing Bike created by Goldgenie is known for its magnificent beauty and luxurious look that makes it the most gorgeous thing in any room. The 24 karat gold frame takes everyone’s breath away with the extreme little details 
  • Performance and Functionality: Till now it is utterly clear that these cycles are not only about their looks but their high quality durable components also. In this cycle, we have a powerful racing frame that makes it ideal for races ensuring a super powerful and aerodynamically swift move. 
  • Price: The 24 Karat Gold Men’s Racing Bike by Goldgenie costs at around $393,000 due to the gold frame and superior components with extraordinary craftsmanship 

For little kids, Here are some baby cycle price below 1,000 to choose from. 

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept by Yoshitomo Nara

User Rating – 4.2/5

Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept by Yoshitomo Nara

  • Design and Craftsmanship: The Trek Yoshitomo Nara is the most extravagant looking bicycles among all with its attention and accuracy. The extraordinary magnificence of this yoshitomo nara speed concept leaves its mark in the room it is. 
  • Performance and functionality: The Speed Concept Cycle has a high performance speed machine that makes it the best in terms of races. The aerodynamically designed shape of the overall cucle makes it perfect for races and speedy jumps. 
  • Price: The Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept costs about $200,000 due to its outstanding performance and artistic beauty above all. With its high quality design and functionality, this is truly a gem in the world of cycles.

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Kaws – Trek Madone by Trek Bikes

User Rating – 4/5

Kaws – Trek Madone by Trek Bikes

  • Design and craftsmanship: The Design and Craftsmanship of the Kaws Trek Madone is superb with the aesthetic tyre rim making it a symbol of luxury. The beautiful frame of this cycle also makes the viewers go crazy over this cycle.
  • Performance and functionality: This bike is known for its high quality and aerodynamic components making it best for swift races. This cycle being in the list of top 5 most expensive cycles in the world is not at all surprising because of the obvious high end components making it the best choice. 
  • Cost: This bike costs around $160,000 reflecting the true beauty of this bike along with its capabilities in performance. At number 5 of the list, this name is often heard in the speedy races and other such events due to its perfect blend in terms of art and riding.

Also, know about the mobile stand for cycle here. 


As we wrap up this adventurous journey of us in the world of the most expensive cycles, we would like to end it with these remarkable creations with high end tech and beautiful design with elegance and luxury.

While they may not be affordable to everyone, they serve as a note to ourselves about the endless opportunities that when arrived should be driven to the end to gain rewards and pleasures. From gold plated tyre rims to fancy seats and handles, these brands provide it all in the most expensive cycle in the entire world. 

So, let’s appreciate the beauty and charm of these bicycles and keep pedaling our way through life because life is a race and stopping is not an option unless it’s for a beautiful cycle like this. Haha, jokes apart! These cycles are truly a gem in the creation world making cyclists crave for them. So enjoy the cycling adventures! 

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