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Best Dry Fruits Brands in India: A Delicious and Healthy Delight

Top Dry Fruit Brands in India

Dry fruits are not only delicious but also high in important nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They provide a simple and nutritious snacking choice, assisting in weight control, easing digestion, boosting immunity, and supporting general well-being. 

The Indian market is swamped with a plethora of dried fruit brands, each with its own distinct flavors, sourcing techniques, and price ranges.

We will highlight the finest dried fruit brands in India based on their quality, variety, cost, and customer happiness. We shall go into their product offerings, presenting price data in Indian Rupees (INR) for a better understanding. 

Furthermore, we will examine why these companies were chosen, taking into account variables such as their reputation, sourcing techniques, quality control procedures, and the overall experience they provide to customers.


Vedaka is one of the most well-known brands in India. They provide a diverse selection of top-grade dried fruits sourced from throughout the world. 

Vedaka Dry Fruits

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The business adheres to strict quality standards and assures that its goods are free of additives and preservatives. Vedaka takes pride in its dedication to providing freshness and great flavor.

Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– Raisins: INR 39.80

– Almonds: INR 94.50

– Dried cashews: INR 104.50

Why Vedaka

– Strict quality assurance procedures

– A wide selection of products

– Outstanding flavour and freshness

– Reasonable price


Nutraj is a well-known brand known for its high-quality dried fruits. They provide a large assortment of chosen nuts and dried fruits from throughout the world. Nutraj’s products are noted for their freshness, crunchiness, and nutritional content.

Nutraj Dry Fruits

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– Figs: INR 194.25

– Almonds: INR 87.50

– Cashew nuts: INR 99.80

Why Nutraj

– Extensive product line 

– Emphasis on quality and nutrition 

– Competitive price

– Reliable brand with a large client base

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Happilo is a company that distinguishes out for its dedication to providing high-quality dried fruits. To ensure client satisfaction, they focus on procuring the finest products and implementing tight quality control processes. Happilo seeks to give a healthy snacking choice by combining flavor and nutrition.

Happilo Dry Fruits

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– California almonds: INR 425

– Whole cashew nuts: INR 105.50

– omani dates: INR 38.82

Why Happilo

– Emphasis on obtaining high-quality ingredients

– Their goods have a high nutritional value.

– A diverse assortment of one-of-a-kind dried fruits

– Exquisite packing & presentation

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Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a well-known brand that sells a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts. Paper boat products are popular among health-conscious consumers due to their reputation for quality and dependability. The brand prioritizes sustainable sourcing practices and upholds rigorous food safety standards.

Paper Boat Dry Fruits

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams):

– California pistachios: INR 153.50

– Classic salted cashew Nuts: INR 125

– Smoked almonds: INR 119

Why Paper Boat

– Significant attention is placed on sustainability and ethical sourcing.

– Internationally recognized brand  

– High-quality dried fruits

– A wide range of one-of-a-kind offers

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Urban Platter

Urban Platter is a well-known brand noted for its high-quality dried fruits. They provide a diverse choice of items purchased from reputable vendors. Urban Platter guarantees that their dried fruits are fresh, tasty, and high in nutrients.

Urban Platter Dry Fruits

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams):

– Mixed Berries: INR 155

– Dried blueberry: INR 250

– Roasted Peanuts: INR 49.50

Why Urban Platter:

– Prioritise quality sourcing.

– A wide range of exotic dried fruit selections

– Reasonable prices 

– Customers rely on them for their flavor and freshness

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Lion Dates

Lion Dates specializes in providing premium dates that are not only tasty but also abundant in natural sugars, fiber, and important minerals. The business focuses on offering premium-quality dates from the best date-growing locations.

Lion Dates

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– Seedless Dates: INR 30.40

– Medjool Dates: INR 160

Why Lion Date

– High-quality dates

– High in natural sugars and minerals 

– Reliable brand for ones who love dates

– Reasonably priced

DryFruit Mart

DryFruit Mart is a well-known brand that provides a diverse selection of high-quality dry fruits and nuts. They acquire their items from trustworthy vendors and guarantee that each batch satisfies their stringent quality requirements. DryFruit Mart’s mission is to deliver superior dried fruits at reasonable pricing.

DryFruit Mart

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– Almonds: INR 99.80

– Whole dried cranberry: INR 214

– Dried blueberries: INR 199.80

Why DryFruit Mart

– A diverse assortment of premium dry fruits and nuts

 – A emphasis on quality and freshness 

– Competitive price 

– Customers rely on them for dependability

Nutri Organics

Nutri Organics is a well-known brand that sells a wide range of dry fruits and nuts. They concentrate on supplying items purchased from reputable sources and subjected to severe quality controls. Nutri Organics maintains the original flavors and nutritious content of their dried fruits.

Nutri Organics Dry Fruits

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Popular Products and Their Prices (per 100 grams)

– Dried kiwi fruit: INR 112.50

– White Cashews: INR 87.60

Why Nutri Organics

– Premium dried fruits

– Strict quality controls

– Preserves natural flavors and nutrients

– Reliable brand with diverse products

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Remember that these are only a handful of the greatest dried fruit brands in India. Before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to look into numerous possibilities, compare costs, and read customer reviews to ensure you discover the best brand for your preferences and budget. 

The above-mentioned dried fruit companies in India have built their reputations by focusing on quality, flavor, and customer happiness. 

These companies provide a vast assortment of dried fruits at various price ranges, making them available to a diverse consumer base. 

These manufacturers have you covered if you’re seeking almonds, cashews, walnuts, or unusual dried fruits. Incorporating dried fruits from these reputable brands into your daily routine will not only improve your taste sense but will also help you lose weight.

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