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Best Electric Stoves In India

Best Electric Stoves In India

Choosing the best electric stove for cooking seems to be a challenging task. There are various electric stoves available in the market which come in beautiful designs and attractive models. To select the right electric stove for your kitchen, you need to know about what an electric stove is and its ways of working.

What Is An Electric Stove And How Does It Work?

An electric stove is an electrical heating appliance for cooking and baking. They are a very popular device for cooking nowadays because it makes cooking faster and easier. 

Such electric stoves use a magnetic current for heating and nearly 90% of the heated energy goes to the metal cookware that is placed at the top of the stove for cooking and baking purposes. 

For choosing the right kind of electric stove you need to select those which offer effective functionality without any hassle.

Things to consider while buying an electric gas stove. Since an electric stove ensures smooth cooking very fast. These are some of the significant factors to be considered before buying an electric stove.

Advantages Of Electric Stoves

Advantages Of Electric Stoves

Electric stoves become very popular because they are suitable replacements for solid-fuel (wood, charcoal, kerosene) stoves which need more labour to function and maintain.

Because of the high increase in the price of LPG cylinders, electric stoves should be more preferred which save time and money.

Electric stoves can also be considered kid-friendly. If you have a kid in your home, it is a safe and secure option for cooking.

They come in elegant designs, having compact structures. 

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Best Branded Electric Gas Stoves in India 

We have shortlisted a few electric stoves that have safety features, durable build, preset cooking options and many more essential features, making them best to use.

Pigeon Cruise 1800 Watt

This stove is a perfect product to choose for small families. It is the best quality electric stove made in India. This is also very easy to use. It is lightweight and therefore very handy and easy to carry.

Pigeon Cruise 1800 WattYou can carry it for cooking purposes when you go for a trip. It consumes 1800 watts of power and 220-volt power input. This electric stove with its attractive designs and essential features is a must for your kitchen.


  • Significant features of Pigeon Cruise 1oowatt.
  • Its flame is normally slower as compared to other stoves.
  • It has 93% energy-saving technology.
  • It ensures safety measures. It will work only when the cookware is placed on the top.
  • Smarter timer mode ensures nonmanual, automatic cooking.
  • Buy online from Amazon on a lower price Rs.1537

Bajaj Electric Stove

The brand is best in terms of product and the price is worth it. Bajaj is one of the trusted brands of India which has an electric coil of 2000 watts. The product is very light to carry and is rust-free, with an operating voltage of 220-230 volts 50 Hz AC only. It is highly energy efficient with a powder-coated body.


  • It has less power consumption, and durability, and is longer lasting.
  • Powder-coated steel body.
  • It is resistant to electric shock.
  • The warranty period of one year with lifelong service
  • Buy online from Flipkart at a low price-MRP 1963.Price now – Rs1763

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Prestige 1600 Watt Electric Cooking Stove

It is a good choice for cooking yummy dishes with minimum effort in less time duration. Its automatic power and temperature adjustment feature is amazing which comes with a power of 1600 watt.

One of the factors for which it is considered the best electric stove is its automatic voltage regulator system which enables it to consume very less electricity with comparison to its competitor brands. It is environment-friendly and smoke-free, reducing air pollution.

Prestige 1600 Watt Electric Cooking Stove


  • Has an automatic voltage regulator.
  • Best portable electric cooking stove.
  • Has Push Button Controls.
  • Ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • 1-year warranty on manufacture.
  • Prestige electric stove price in India Amazon – MRP 2895
  • Price – 2017.

Philips Viva Collection 2100

Philips Viva Collection 2100Watt-It is the best electric coil stove in India. It has an automatic switch-off function, automatically the system switches off when set timer.


  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Has versatility and durability.
  • Automatic on and off mode.
  • MRP Rs 5595

Usha Cook Joy Electric Gas Stove

Usha Cook Joy Electric Gas StoveThis electric gas stove product is recommended for its amazing features and attractive designs. It consumes 1600 watts of power. It has the capacity of handling voltages up to 1500 volts. It is better known for its low power consumption trait.


  • Prevent overheating of cookware due to its automatic switch on and off mode.
  • Simple to use.
  •  warranty of 1 year against manufacturer defects.
  • Amazon price-MRP 3599. buy at Rs2099

Vids-Portable Electric Stove

Vids-Portable Electric StoveThis electric stove from VIDS is a good choice to carry while travelling. It can be considered a portable food warmer. If you are travelling with your baby, You can use it in your hotels for cooking your baby food. This environment-friendly stove is safe to use without fearing electric shock.


  • Good quality, value for money
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Best portable electric stove for travel
  • Buy on Amazon at MRP 2399 Price – Rs1099.

If you have a big family then you should try these best 4-burner gas stoves in India.

Ibell Electric Stove

Ibell Electric StoveThis is a high-quality product made of crystal glass, having a stylish appearance with excellent design. The LED display enables you to know the exact temperature. 


  • Auto shut off feature, saving 50% of your power bill.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • Long-lasting and high-quality coils.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Ibell electric stove price in India MRP 3890.Price – 1760

H.HY Electric Stove

This electric stove has shockproof technology and an elegant design and structure. It is well known for its low power consumption, consumes only 1000 watts which is very less in comparison to other electric stoves of this price range.

H.HY Electric Stove


It is environmentally friendly.

Best to use for travel purposes.

Extremely light in weight.

Electric stove price – Rs 1999.

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FAQs Related to Electric Stoves in India

Which electric stove is best to use?

Answer: The above-mentioned brands are the best electric stoves in India listed after careful analysis, comparisons, and research.

Which one is cheap to use- LPG gas or an electric stove?

Answer: With the rise in the price of LPG cylinders, the electric stove should be preferred. The brands that are mentioned have low power consumption ability.

Is an electric gas stove safe to use?

Answer: It is completely safe to use as most of the brands available in the market is shock proof, making it safe to use.

What are the key features to consider when purchasing an electric stove for your kitchen in India?

Answer: Several important elements should be considered while purchasing an electric stove for your kitchen in India. The wattage of the cooker, for example, impacts how quickly it heats up and how well it can handle heavy cooking. 

Consider how many heating components or burners you have, as this affects your culinary versatility. In addition, check for safety features like as overheat prevention and child-locking mechanisms. The shape and size of the cooker should also be appropriate for your kitchen. 

Finally, consider the brand’s reputation, warranty, and customer reviews to guarantee a dependable and long-lasting purchase.

Can electric stoves be used as a substitute for traditional gas stoves in Indian cooking?

Answer: Yes, electric stoves may be used in place of traditional gas burners in Indian cuisine. They provide accurate temperature control and uniform heating, making them ideal for cooking a variety of Indian meals. Many electric stoves in India include different cooking modes and power settings to accommodate the needs of varied recipes. 

However, it’s important to adapt recipes to account for the changes in cooking procedures, since electric stoves may take somewhat longer to attain ideal cooking temperatures than gas stoves. 

Electric stoves are seen to be safer in terms of gas leaks and open flames, making them a popular choice in some families. Finally, the decision between gas and electric stoves is determined by personal preferences, kitchen layout, and cooking requirements.


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