Top BLDC Ceiling Fans in India

Top BLDC Ceiling Fan in India

BLDC-Brushless Direct-Current motors are long-lasting with high efficiency and low maintenance needed. Most industries requiring high-torque motors have been using BLDC technology from long back. However, its application is very new in ceiling fan manufacturer companies. 

With its implementation in some of the leading manufacturers of top ceiling fan brands has brought a revolutionary change in the ceiling fan market. Startups like Versa Drives which offers Superfan and Atomberg, the supplier of Gorilla fans, first used BLDC motors.

BLDC Versus Normal Fans

Normal ceiling fans run on AC current while BLDC fans, due to its brushless DC engines, consume a minimal current lowered by 65% as compared to ordinary fans. Since ordinary fans run on induction motor, their longevity in inverters is very less than that of BLDC which run longer on solar, regular and inverters for its low electricity requirement.

BLDC ceiling fan works well even at power fluctuations and during low voltage while induction motor fans perform worse during such a crisis.

The presence of carbon bruises in a normal fan creates loud unpleasant noise due to the friction created. BLDC fans on the other hand are frictionless and noise free.

BLDC Versus Normal Fans

Top Branded BLDC fans have next-generation technology. Probability of collapse in such fans is very less compared to normal induction motor-based fans.

BLDC ceiling fans have turned our standard of living cozy and comfortable with fast, reliable and high-speed fans. Modern world demands energy consumption. 

Keeping in mind this requirement, Top BLDC ceiling fan manufacturers have made energy consumption successful through high-tech BLDC fans. The motors are famous for consuming less energy without affecting the output.

BLDC fans attract customers by its advanced features such as remote functionality, higher speed, inverter friendliness and long-lasting motors. Although a bit expensive, they are super-efficient, with a variety of designs.

BLDC fans and their super qualities

BLDC fans are the consumer of less energy which is only 65%. A BLDC motor fan consumes only 35 watts, very less if compared with ordinary induction motor fans whose consumption is 80 watts.

  • Runs longer on the inverter.
  • Maximum longevity.
  • Operating voltage is 70 to 270.

Top BLDC Ceiling Fans of India in 2023

1. Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling FanAtomberg is the supplier of the brand Gorilla fans. Having a 4+ star rating, Gorilla fans are one of the top-listed popular BLDC fan brands in the online market for fans. 

Atomberg is the best customer service providing BLDC fan brand, ever ready to solve fans related customer queries and issues. The brand comes in two different types of models Renesa and Effico. 

The Atomberg Renesa Ceiling fan is very popular because of its high-speed feature (rotation of up to 340 RPM. The aluminum blades are rust free which comes in beautiful colours. 

The fan claims to consume 28 w of power at its highest speed. It functions through a remote for controlling speed and has three modes to use-timer, boost and sleep. This remote fan is very popular among users. And also it comes in the most selling ceiling fan in India.

Price Rs 3352

Buy online from Amazon/Flipkart

Warranty period: 3 years

2. Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling Fan

Crompton Energion BLDC Ceiling FanThe Brand claims to save 50% of electric current because of its Active BLDC technology for low power consumption. The motor consumes 35w power while running at a higher 370RPM.

It has finely managed remote control, even works perfectly well when pointed anywhere. Multi-pairing of different units of the fan are also possible with the same remote. This is one of the top most selling fan of crompton. 

Price Rs3499

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart

Warranty period: 5 years on product

3. Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Motor 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Havells Efficiencia Neo BLDC Motor 3 Blade Ceiling FanHavels Efficiencia Neo BLDC Motor 3 Blade Ceiling Fan enhances the beauty of your rooms by its fine design and colours. Its advanced technology enables smooth functioning of the fan while consuming less power. 

This next- generation fan consumes 26W per hour by reducing 65% power consumption than that of other fans. The beautiful designed blades enhance the beauty of the home. It has a super easy and comfortable to use remote control.

Price Rs 3299

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart

Warranty period- 2 years on manufacturing defects.

4. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Ceiling FanAtomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Fan has a Inverter Stabilization Technology that makes it easier to work in times of power fluctuation and low voltage. 

It works three times longer than average fans in an inverter battery. Its electricity consumption is only 28W with a speed as fast as 350 RPM.

It’s easy to use remote has features like speed control, boost, sleep and timer modes. This fan is also one of the top which has a consistent speed during situations like voltage fluctuation.

Price: Rs 3115

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart

Warranty period: 3 years manufacturer warranty.

5. Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric I-Tome 1200mm BLDC Ceiling FanThe BLDC motor technology used Orient Ceiling fans, gives a cooling effect to the room. It has the capacity to deliver air at a good amount.

The fan runs good at home inverters without compromising its speed. This noiseless fan has a fine-quality remote that has features such as on/ off, boost, timer, speed controller etc.

Price: Rs 2999

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart

Warranty period: 2 years product warranty.

6. Luminous Potentia BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

Luminous Potentia BLDC Motor Ceiling FanLuminous Potentia Ceiling fans have beautiful designs with attractive models. It has the capacity to produce a high-speed rotation of 350 RPM and guarantees maximum heat control. 

It assures conical air throw with maximum cooling solution. The remote control has features such as speed control and timer mode. It is quite popular for its noise free and smooth functioning. 

Price: Rs 3049.

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart.

Warranty period: 2 years on manufacturing defects.

7. V Guard Ecowind Pro BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan

V Guard Ecowind Pro BLDC Motor Ceiling FanTrusted by many, the V-Guard Ecowind Pro BLDC Motor Ceiling fan is well known for its high efficiency, latest features, and advanced technology. It is also available at reasonable prices. Also, you can try these ceiling fans for under 1000 rs are available here. 

Its beauty in simplicity makes it an ideal choice for modern homes. Its 100% copper motor makes it function effectively. It has a simple-to-use remote control featuring a speed control, timer, on/off etc.

Price: Rs 4119

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart.

Warranty period:2 years on product.

8. Polycab Eteri BLDC Ceiling Fan

Polycab Eteri BLDC Ceiling FanPolycab Eteri is famous for its advanced technology and smooth functioning. The fan blades are designed with utmost smartness which consistently push air downwards, delivering sufficient air and making the room cool. 

This top classic high-speed ceiling fan provides 350 revolutions per minute, thus relieving the heat. It has an easy-to-control remote with various prominent features like speed controlling ability, On/off mode, timer etc. This low-noise fan delivers maximum air and its voltage range is 90-300 V.

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Price: Rs 2509.32.

Buy online on Amazon/Flipkart.

Warranty period: 2 years on product.

Why BLDC Ceiling Fans are best for us

Because of its significant advantages over traditional motors, BLDC or Brushless DC Motors have become incredibly common in the industrial world. 

There are several reasons why BLDC motors are regarded the ideal solution for various applications, ranging from increased efficiency to a longer lifespan. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of BLDC motors and why they’re the ideal choice for us.

bldc motors

  • Increased Efficiency: The great efficiency of BLDC motors is one of its key features. Unlike regular motors, BLDC ceiling fan with light are also available in market. It will help to give a unique appearance to the house.

    This implies that less energy is lost owing to friction, resulting in improved efficiency. In addition, BLDC motors offer a greater strength ratio, making them excellent for situations where weight is an issue.

  • Longer Lifespan: Due to the absence of brushes, BLDC motors have a longer lifespan than standard motors. Brushes are used in brushed motors to transfer energy between the rotor and stator, causing friction and wear over time. Also here you can choose from these best 1400mm ceiling fan in India. It is a normally used in every house.
    Longer Lifespan of bldc ceiling fanBLDC motors, on the other hand, transmit power through electronic commutation, which results in reduced wear and tear. This implies that BLDC motors outlast standard motors and require less maintenance.
  • Control: BLDC motors provide more control over motor speed and torque. This is due to the fact that they employ electrical commutation to regulate the rotation of the motor rather than depending on the physical contact of brushes. 

Since electronic commutation enables for fine control of the motor’s speed and torque, BLDC motors are suited for applications requiring precision control.

  • Reduced Electromagnetic Interference: Another advantage of BLDC motors is that they emit less EMI than regular motors.

    EMI can cause faults or signal deterioration in other electrical equipment. Since BLDC motors employ electronic commutation, they emit less electrical noise than brushed motors.

  • Increased Safety: Since BLDC motors do not have brushes, they are safer than regular motors.

    Brushed motors can generate sparks, which can provide a fire danger in some applications. Sparks are not produced by BLDC motors since they do not rely on body interaction between both the rotor and stator. Increased Safety with bldc ceiling fanFinally, because of their higher efficiency, longer lifespan, enhanced control, lower EMI, and improved safety, BLDC motors are the ideal solution for many applications. While BLDC motors are more expensive than regular motors, they are a good investment due to their various advantages.

For home purposes you should consider these top 5 best ceiling fan brands in India.


As you have seen, the above-mentioned BLDC ceiling fans have huge advantages compared to the standard fans and all these brands are very popular and top rated for their superior quality and high performance. 

These high-quality BLDC fan brands will last longer, at least more than 10 – 15 years without any complaint. In case of any dispute which is hardly found among these fan brands, you can contact the service center of these brands which are good as well. All the above collections of top BLDC fans come with a warranty period. 

Gradually BLDC techniques will capture the whole market of ceiling fans, giving us more top performing fans. 

BLDC ceiling fan best suits modern life where people prefer both comfort and elegance for their smart and cozy living. 

One of the striking features of the BLDC fans is that it always comes with a smart remote control for controlling the speed of the fans along with other smart features like timer, sleep mode etc. 

It enables you to turn off your fan or adjust its speed even in mid night easefully from your bed, without the requirement of moving from your place. 

Such fans not only have outstanding qualities but also have a sleek appearance which goes well with any modern décor. 

In other words, the modern world needs modern devices such as the BLDC ceiling fans and you must go with the taste of the contemporary world. 

However, it has few negligible disadvantages compared to its huge benefits. 

They are quite expensive than the ordinary fans because of their brushless DC technology and mechanics well skilled in BLDC fan technology are very hard to find. 

However, their value is worthy of their quality and efficiency. Why not opt for a bit pricey product when it has such huge benefits.

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