These days, modular kitchens are common in Indian homes. It’s a stylish, practical, and effective way to organize and make use of your kitchen. The gas stove, on the other hand, complements the modular kitchen’s elegant design perfectly.

Therefore, it is essential to select the appropriate gas stove for your modular kitchen. There are some points to focus on when selecting the ideal modular kitchen gas range for your residence. Here you will know how to select the best gas stove for a modular kitchen.


Different kinds of burners:

First, Choose the burner type. It mostly has three kinds of burners. Aluminium, brass alloy, and brass Aluminium burners produce more heat, while brass burners use less energy. Brass burners also cook faster and last longer. As a result, only brass burners should be chosen.

Size and dimensions of a gas stove:

Think about the stove’s size, design, and type. A large gas stove is something you should think about if your kitchen is big. These stoves typically have significantly more space than compact stoves, allowing them to hold more food. A full-sized hearth may be your best option if you frequently visit.


Naturally, cost should be a factor when selecting a gas range for your modular kitchen. There are many different prices for gas stoves, so you should pick one that fits your budget. The price of a gas range can be affected by the brand, ignition method, type, number of burners, and type of gas range. 

Manufacturers of gas stoves:

Gas ranges come from a variety of brands; therefore, select a well-known brand with dependable warranties. There are popular gas stove manufacturers Prestige, Elica, Sunflame, and Pigeon. 

In addition, they offer warranties on all items and excellent customer service. Before making a purchase, Just check their variety of warranties. 

When choosing a gas stove for a modular kitchen, the brand is very important.

Top Brands of Gas Stoves

Prestige Marvel 4 burner Gas Stove

4 Burner Gas Stove with Prestige Marvel Glass TopThis 4 burner gas stove excels in safety, functionality, and design. It has been deliberately made to be small to use up less counter space. Tempered glass that resists shattering improves user comfort, and the burner’s design facilitates cooking at a faster and more efficient rate, thereby reducing cooking time. 

This Prestige gas stove is simple to clean and maintain due to its leak-resistant construction. This gas stove’s enormous knob is ergonomically designed to operate more smoothly and easily. 

It also has a trippin burner that works extremely well to provide customers with the convenience they require. It not only has a manual ignition mechanism but also has a glossy finish that makes your kitchen look better.


  • Gas stove type: Manual
  • Burner Material: Brass
  • Material: Toughened Glass
  • Size of burner: 1 small, medium, big
  • High efficient tri pin burners

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas StoveThe Elica Vetro gas stove is ideal for home cooking due to its multiple features, sturdy construction, and sleek appearance. The gas stove immediately draws your attention due to its attractive appearance. Tempered glass is used to construct the stove, which not only looks good but also lasts. 

In addition, the gas cooker has four evenly spaced burners and a base made of stainless steel. This gives you enough room to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. 

The Elica Vetro gas cooker has a 7-year warranty and is made of tough glass. The Elica Vetro gas cooker has a 7-year warranty and is made of tough glass. This makes your stove look better and is safer at the same time.



  • Cast Iron Enameled Pan supports equipped with aluminium extruded frame
  • The knobs are made heat resistant
  • The brass burner hobs offer high efficiency flame
  • Auto Electric Ignition (Battery Operated)

 Sunflame GT Pride, with brass 4 burner

Gas stove, Sunflame GT Pride, with brass 4 burnerDue to its tempered glass hob and leak-proof design, the venerable and renowned Sunflame 4 burner gas stove is one of the best on the market. It is more durable, easy to clean, and user-friendly. 

This gas stove’s powder-coated sheet metal base improves performance, and the knobs are designed in an ergonomic way to make controlling the flame simple. 

Cooking is effortless and uninterrupted thanks to the perfect spacing between the four burners. This gas cooker has a wide range of functions that you will enjoy, and it’s easy to clean and use.


  • High quality thick toughened black glass top
  • Sturdy and strong brass burners with high fuel efficiency
  • Long Lasting and easy to clean and maintain
  • This body is made Non-Magnetic Powder coated GP Base

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top 3 Burner Gas StoveThis 3 burner gas stove has a sleek appearance, the durability of stainless steel, a sleek black finish, and an internal body that resists rust. In addition, it has a cutting-edge worktop made of tempered glass and the pan support that is necessary for maintaining an ideal cooking balance. 

Due to its rust-proof construction, this gas stove is simple to clean and maintain. It also has high-quality tubular legs that give the gas stove full support while keeping it balanced. The gas flame is evenly distributed by a brass Trippin burner. 

This gas stove has perfect spacing between its three burners, preventing any collisions or interference during operation. 

There is a manual ignition mechanism. The gas stove control knob’s ergonomic design adds another advantage. Customers benefit from smoother processing and simpler control thanks to these knobs’ ease of use.


  • Heat-resistant toughened glass
  • Only isi certified glass cooktop
  • Easy to maintain and spill-proof pan support, user-friendly
  • Material of the body: Stainless Steel; Material of the top: Toughened Glass

2 burner Butterfly smart gas stove with glass top

2 burner butterfly smart gas stove with glass topIt has multiple functions and is the largest smart glass top gas stove in India. The distinctive tempered glass top is extremely durable and resistant to splashes. 

Brass burners are also thermally efficient. It is very sturdy thanks to its rubber feet, and the support mechanism is pretty good as well. 

The oven looks great as well thanks to the stylish knobs. With a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees, it’s easy to clean. It lasts for a long time because it is resistant to wear. includes a manufacturer’s warranty for one year.


  • Unique toughened glass. Brass burner
  • Spill proof design, Shape: Rectangle
  • High thermal efficiency.Support Mechanism:Rubber Legs
  • Designer knobs. Uniquely designed pan support
  • 360 degree revolving nozzle

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Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove 

These stoves usually come with four burners, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.The auto ignition feature eliminates the need for matches or lighters. You can simply turn the burner knob, and the stove will automatically ignite the flame.

The hob design refers to the layout and arrangement of the burners on the stove’s surface. Whirlpool offers various hob designs, including linear, square, or diamond-shaped layouts, depending on the specific model.WHIRLPOOL

The burners typically have adjustable knobs that allow you to control the intensity of the flame, providing precise heat settings for different cooking needs.


  • 2 Small and 2 Medium Brass Burners
  • Burner Front Left and right Power (KW) 2.5. Burner Middle Front and Rear Power (KW) 1.7
  • The intellicook brass burner hobs offer high efficiency flame levels

Faber Glass Top 4 Burner Gas stove with Jumbo Burner

The jumbo burner is a larger-sized burner that provides higher heat output compared to the regular burners. It is typically designed for cooking tasks that require more heat, such as boiling or stir-frying.he glass top on the stove adds a stylish and modern look to your kitchen. It is made of durable tempered glass that is resistant to heat and easy to clean.FABER

Faber gas stoves are designed to work with natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). You may need to specify the gas type during installation or purchase the appropriate conversion kit if you plan to switch between gas sources.


  • Frame: Special laser cut
  • Controls: Feather touch knobs
  • Burners: 1 small + 2 Medium+ 1 Jumbo
  • Spill Proof Design – For hustle free cooking and a Cleaner Kitchen


You must have known about the things to think about when choosing a gas stove for your modular kitchen after reading this article. If you still are not sure which model is right for you or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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