The first feature of the keyboard is that it works as an input device. The keyboard allows users to use key combinations to enter documents, access menus, play games, and perform various tasks. Dvorak is most famously named after its creator, August Dvorak. All the most commonly used characters are on the top line. 

The home line is the main line where you place your finger when you start typing. People who prefer the Dvorak type say it improves typing speed and reduces fatigue. One of the main input devices for a computer is a keyboard. A keyboard is made up of buttons used to produce letters, numbers, and symbols and carry out other operations, much like an electronic typewriterIt simply transmits data to a computer and does not take any information back, making it an input device. The computer receives the data you enter as you type on the keyboard.


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Acer Keyboard PR1101 PS2

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time each day pounding the keyboard on our laptops.  These days, we are required to type a…

All about keyboards

Computer keyboards and typewriter-style peripheral input devices use keys or key combinations to activate mechanical actuators or digital switches. The teleprinter-style keyboard-based interface has been the primary input method for computers since the 197s. 

It has been replaced by computer mice since the 198s, replacing early scratch cards with paper tape technology. Keyboard keys usually have a set of engraved or printed characters, and each key press is usually associated with a character. 

However, to create multiple characters, you may need to execute and save multiple keystrokes at the same time or in sequence.

Most keys generate the letter, number, or symbol but various keys (including the Enter key ) allow computer functions to execute system commands. On modern computers, the conversion of key presses is often left to the software. 

The data is sent to the computer, the code is scanned, and only the physical key (or multiple keys ) that was pressed or released is provided. 

In normal use, the keyboard is used as a text input interface for entering text, numbers, and letters in utility applications such as word processors, web browsers, and social media applications. KEYBOARD’s complete definition or form is “an electronic key operated for a direct response”.  

A keyboard is a connected or cordless portable electronic device with all the letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters required to enter data into a laptop or desktop computer.

Qwerty keyboards, gaming keyboards, pc keyboards, and multimedia keyboards are some of the several types of computer keyboards that users generally utilize for various tasks. 

Depending on how it connects to a computer, a keyboard can be categorized as being wired, wireless, Bluetooth, or keyboard for a tablet.

Keyboard price

Quantum QHM881 USB keyboard and mouse combo € 488. Dell KB216 USB Keyboard 569 Ebonics K16 Wired USB Keyboard 335 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Keyboard 1278 

Types of Keyboards 

QWERTY Keyboard


QWERTY Keyboard

QWERTY is an unconventional keyboard layout modelled after an old typewriter.

Generations of typists have been familiar with QWERTY keyboards, and top students are looking for ways to become familiar with this type of keyboard layout. 

Wired keyboard shortcut Wired keyboards offer a cheaper and easier option if you need to find a keyboard shape that suits your needs. 

Numerical button

Numerical buttonNot all computer systems have a keyboard that includes a trackpad. The numeric keypad is the best here.

Ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic keyboardAn ergonomic keyboard is designed to reduce stress on the body when typing. The horizontal layout of the keyboard makes it more convenient and comfortable to rest your arms as you type. 

Wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboardWireless RF keyboards rely on radio frequency or infrared antennas to maintain connectivity and increase computational freedom. 

USB keyboard

This wireless keyboard run through a small piece of USB connector which name is dongle. The dongle signals your laptop and keyboard to enable wireless typing. 

The USB stick for the Universal Serial Bus Keyboard includes a cable that must be placed into the computer’s USB port.

The keyboard then functions correctly. The keyboard is not supported after a system reboot; therefore, users may experience problems. 

Bluetooth keyboard

This keyboard is very much expensive as compared to a wireless keyboard. But also, it gives some smart features and extra benefits. This keyboard will sync with your laptop via Bluetooth if you disagree with the name. 

Magic Keyboard

Magic KeyboardApple’s Magic Keyboard brings a sleek design and rechargeable battery back to the table. Like all Apple products, Magic has a price; these are some of the best luxury special keyboards. 

GomSpace keyboard 5. out of 5 stars, Best (entry-level) mechanical keyboard! Affordable yet high-quality mechanical keyboard. Cosmic Byte has a GK3 model that does not receive this domain. 

Background keyboard

Background keyboardThe ambient light on your keyboard can keep you clean in dark places and frequent light and also provides an amazing “wow” element. 

Game Keyboard

Game KeyboardDesigned for PC gamers, this keyboard type provides faster response times for more robust and unobtrusive movements. If you like Gaming Mouse, please see the Gaming Mouse Purchasing Guide.

Flexible keyboards

Flexible keyboardsThe keyboard is very much similar in functionality as the QWERTY keyboard but if I talk about its design is quite different.

Keyboards are normally made of silicone, so you may fold and carry them with you wherever you go.

Chiclet keyboards

Chiclet keyboardsChiclet keyboards are a class of keyboards that use rectangular or small rectangular keys with straight sides and rounded corners. In most cases, the buttons’ gaps are filled with perforated decorations. 

The keyboard uses thin, clean keys that rarely open to each other. Chiclet keyboards are popular on laptops and netbooks and are commonly used on Apple MacBooks. 

Membrane keyboard Membrane keyboards are placed with no spaces between the letter keys. The button is pressure sensitive and has multiple icons on a flat surface. 

Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia KeyboardA keyboard containing every multimedia button is referred to as a “multimedia keyboard.” A button may be used to open a browser, my computer, or a calculator.

Digital Keyboard

A virtual keyboard is a name given to the keyboard found on cell phones. When a keyboard is required, it emerges and then vanishes when typing is finished. This can be automatically adjusted to the appropriate value. An external keyboard for a laptop is not a tangible item that must be carried.

Risks Factors 

Long hours spent typing at the keyboard can cause injuries to the hands, wrists, arms, neck, or back. The risk of injury can be reduced by taking regular, brief breaks to stand up and walk about a few times an hour. 

Users should vary their daily tasks to prevent excessive use of their hands and wrists. When using a keyboard, one should keep their shoulders back, elbows out to the sides, and keyboard and mouse set up for comfort

The height of the chair and the keyboard should be adjusted to prevent the wrists from resting on the harsh edges of tables or the computers themselves.


Keyboards and keyboards can be illuminated from the inside, especially for mobile devices. The built-in computer and the external keyboard can support lighting.

The external backlit keyboard can either use a wired USB connection or connect wirelessly and run on a battery. Lights make it easier to operate the keyboard and keyboard in the dark. 

For general performance, you can make the simplest buttons the same without splitting the lights into buttons. Most gaming keyboards are civilized and designed to work with two-tone color-coded keys, so gamers don’t have to find the command keys as they would when playing in a dark room. 

In other cases, many unbacklit keyboards may have a small LED indicator on some function keys or maybe home if the feature is active.

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