Exploring The Best Carrom Board Brands For Ultimate Gaming Experience

Carrom Boards Brands

For generations, people have enjoyed carrom games that combine skill, strategy, and accuracy. Whether you are a fan of entertainment or competition, you need a top-notch carrom board for an immersive gaming experience. In this article, we explore some of the top brands on the market today and dive into the world of carrom boards.

Best Carrom Board Brands 

BrandPrice Range (INR)
Surco1,500 – 5,000
Precise1,000 – 4,000
Synco2,000 – 6,000
Nivia1,200 – 4,500
Stag1,500 – 5,500
Siscaa1,000 – 3,500
Joola1,500 – 4,500
Dida1,200 – 3,500
Popsugar800 – 2,500
Usha Shriram1,000 – 3,000

Top Carrom Board Brands 


Carrom BoardsCarrom boards have been manufactured by the renowned Surco brand for over 40 years. Their boards are expertly crafted from high-quality natural wood to ensure durability and a smooth playing surface. Surco Carrom boards are known for their excellent rebound, precise pocketing, and low flex. Surco offers solutions for players of varying skill levels and offers a variety of sizes and styles.


Precise Carrom BoardAnother well-known company known for producing excellent carrom boards is Precise. Their boards are professionally designed and offer a great gaming experience. Precision crafted from high-quality natural wood, Carrom Boards are known for their sturdy design, smooth polish, and steady bounce. Precise offers a variety of game boards to suit your interests, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.


Synco is a well-known brand in the carrom board field, known for its creative designs and outstanding craftsmanship. Their boards are made from premium materials to ensure superior accuracy and durability. Synco Carrom boards are known for their bright design, responsive repulsion, and torsion-resistant playing surface. 

Synco Carrom BoardWith an emphasis on quality and attention to detail, Synco caters to the needs of both amateur and professional players

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Best-Carrom-BrandsSiscaa is a reputable company known for producing superior carrom boards at competitive prices. Siscaa boards are expertly crafted to find the ideal balance of toughness, flexibility, and pocket precision. It has a strong frame, smooth playing surface and great rebound properties.


Board-GameAs the name suggests, Championship is a brand associated with premium carrom boards for the competition. Their boards are expertly crafted from high-quality plywood to provide superior performance and durability. Championship carom boards have a reputation for being extremely smooth, precise, and torsion-resistant. The Championship is a brand that any avid carom player looking for a professional gaming environment should consider.

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Stag is a well-known manufacturer of sporting goods and sells quality carrom boards. It offers a variety of options suitable for both casual and competitive play

Carrom Board Top Brand Tips

Some ideas to consider when looking for the best carrom board brands.

Start by looking at reputable brands

First, look at our trusted and well-known carrom board manufacturers. Find a company with a proven track record and a reputation for quality.

Think about the content

Carrom boards are usually made of plywood or wood. Make sure the brand you choose is durable and contains quality materials that provide a smooth playing surface. Look for smooth-faced plywood or hardwood planks that have been around for a long time. 

Please Check the dimensions and size

Carom boards are available in a variety of sizes, from tournament use to small models for home use. Consider your preferences and available play space before choosing a size. 

Make sure the board also has consistent dimensions and markings

The frame and corners of the carrom board must be stable and well made to ensure stability during gaming. Check corner reinforcements to ensure durability and avoid damage

Smooth playing surface

The playing field needs to be flat and smooth for consistent gameplay. Choose a board with a polished playing surface so that carom players and strikers can glide easily.

Warranty and after-sales service

Find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty for their carrom board and inquire about after-sales service. It’s always wise to choose a company that stands by its products and offers friendly customer service.

How Is The Carrom Board Maintained? 

Follow these guidelines to take care of your carrom board and make it last longer.

Cleaning the playing surface

Clean the playing surface of the carrom board with a dry, soft cloth regularly. This helps remove dust, dirt and grease that can affect your game.

Apply Carom Powder

Before starting the game, spread a thin layer of carrom or boric acid powder evenly on the playing surface. This allows the bat and coin to move smoothly and reduce friction.

Suitable Storage

When not in use, keep the carrom board away from direct sunlight and excessive temperatures. Moisture can damage both the hardwood frame and the playing surface, so it is important to protect the playing surface from moisture.

Use Cover

Consider using a cover or protective case to protect your carrom board from dings, dust and other damage when not in use or during travel.

Check For Damage

Check your carrom board regularly for signs of wear or damage. Check the frame, corners, and play area for damage, dents, or distortion. Fix any problems you find immediately to minimise future damage. 

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Handling Warning

Be careful when moving or installing the carrom board. Avoid placing large or heavy objects on top of each other as this may cause deformation. Be careful when attaching legs and stands so as not to stress the frame.


Whether you play informally with friends or in professional tournaments, investing in quality carrom the board is essential for a satisfying gaming experience. Previously mentioned brands such as Surco, Precise, Synco, Siscaa and Championship offer a variety of solutions for different tastes and price points. 

Consider variables such as material quality, playing surface smoothness, rebound characteristics, and overall durability when choosing a carrom board. Ultimately, the best choice is the brand of carrom board that best suits your play-style and will provide years of enjoyment. To enjoy the thrill of Carrom, gather your friends, set up your board and get ready. 


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    This blog provides a comprehensive overview of the best carrom board brands, highlighting their features and price ranges. It offers useful tips for selecting a suitable brand based on factors such as reputation, material quality, playing surface smoothness, and durability. The maintenance guidelines provided ensure longevity and optimal performance of the carrom board. Overall, it is a valuable resource for carrom enthusiasts seeking an immersive gaming experience.

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    Carrom is a wholesome game. It brings alot of memories. Thanks for all the good brands.

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