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Guide to Mosquito Bat (Racket) with Price

Mosquito Bat with Price

Keeping in mind the increasing potential of mosquito borne diseases, we at price googly are thrilled to present to you a blog about the Perfect guide to mosquito racket along with their prize in INR. mosquito rackets are portable and convenient which is why they are the best solution to your mosquito problems.

The increasing rate of mosquitoes are responsible for many diseases like malaria and dengue which can also be fatal so controlling these mosquitoes is mandatory in our lives. In this blog we will see the top mosquito racket in India along with their prices. We will also look into the benefits of mosquito rackets and how you can choose the perfect one.

Understanding Mosquito Killer Racket Bat

A mosquito racket is a typical portable machine that electrocutes the flies or insects that get trapped in between. It looks like any other racket with a mesh-like structure of metal wires in between them. Imagine a normal circuit which is now open. 

Understanding Mosquito Killer Racket Bats

There is a similar kind of capacitor in the battery of the mosquito killer racket and when a mosquito comes in contact with the mesh-like metalwork of the racket it completes the circuit and high voltage passes through which ultimately kills the mosquito.

These are easy to use which is why they are better than the chemical mosquito repellent and are also environmentally friendly making them a good choice for families across the globe.


Mosquito Bat


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Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Bat


LED Mosquito Racket Bat


Foldable Mosquito Racket Bat


High Voltage Mosquito Racket Bat


Top Mosquito Racket Bat with Price for Home Use

Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Bat

Price range : ₹300 to ₹500

Rechargeable Mosquito Racket Bat


  • Eco-friendly: This rechargeable mosquito racket is an eco-friendly option which is why choosing this means taking a small step towards sustainability. even a small step calls for a major action. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or materials and is made up of metal networks.
  • Convenient:This rechargeable mosquito racket is a convenient option for you because it does not require any battery change and you can just charge the racket whenever needed making it a perfect choice for you.
  • Fast charging: Another key feature of rechargeable mosquito killer rackets is that it is a fast charging device sparing you from the worry of low battery when it is needed the most.

LED Mosquito Racket Bat

Price Range: INR 400-600

LED Mosquito Racket Bat


  • Dual function: The LED mosquito killer racket performs a dual function. It is an effective tool to kill the mosquitoes as well as a great light source. Choosing this LED mosquito racket gives you a mosquito killer machine as well as a perfect light.
  • Improved visibility: The key feature of this LED mosquito racket is that it contains LED light which improves visibility and helps you catch and kill the mosquitoes faster and quicker.

Foldable Mosquito Racket Bat

Price Range: INR 350-550

Foldable Mosquito Racket Bat


  • Portability: This mosquito racket is foldable which makes it portable and convenient to carry and use everywhere you go which is why this foldable mosquito racket is a choice of many and also affordability is top notch.
  • Storage efficiency: Since it is foldable it is convenient to store it in small places as well ultimately taking less space and making it storage efficient.

High Voltage Mosquito Racket Bat

Price Range: INR 500-800

High Voltage Mosquito Racket Bat


  • Effective zapping: The high voltage of this mosquito killer rackets calls for an effective zapping and quick quicker elimination of the present mosquitoes 
  • Safety features: This high voltage mosquito killer racket comes with safety features such as protective layers which prevents shock to the user and only kills the mosquitoes.

Solar-Powered Mosquito Racket Bat

Price Range: INR 600-900


  • Energy efficiency: The solar energy makes this mosquito racket an energy efficient one which is why this is the perfect choice for you. It is also very affordable to common man making this solar power mosquito killer racket the best choice.
  • Long-term usage: Since it is solar powered, it has long-term usage because there is no worrying of battery damage or any other related issues.

Choosing The Right Mosquito Racquet Bat According to Price

  • Powerful Electric Snap: While choosing the mosquito racket, always look for the powerful electric zap and how quickly it eliminates the mosquitoes. Also consider checking the kill button of the racket to ensure the highest kill in one single swing.
  • Battery Life: Many of these mosquito rackets have a good battery life but it is important for you as a customer to check before you make a final choice.
  • Size & Weight : The size and the weight of the mosquito racket plays a very important role while choosing the perfect one because lower weight can make it easy to swing and bigger size can comparatively kill more mosquitoes
  • Safety Features :Always look for the safety features like the electric zap should be impartial towards the mosquitoes so that it does not harm others or our children
  • Customer Review: Always read the public reviews before you make your final choice that will help you gain a realistic perspective and show you the actual product.

Benefits of using mosquito killer Racket 

  • Safe & Chemical Free: Other mosquito repellent uses chemical that usually repel the mosquitoes which are not safe for others around it which is why using a mosquito killer racket is the perfect choice as it is safe and has no chemical repellent in it
  • Portable & Convenient: A mosquito killer racket is portable. You can also choose the foldable racks which will be easy to carry. It is also very convenient to use as compared to other mosquito repellent machines.
  • Quick Action: I’m mosquito killer racket will give you a quick action hence eliminating the mosquitoes in your room at once. On the other hand the other mosquito repellent will work slow and are usually not seen by the naked eye.


As we reach the end of today’s blog it is clear that the mosquito rackets are very beneficial and are a perfect choice for many families. We have seen the benefits and the factors that influence you in choosing the perfect mosquito racket.

The five mosquito killer racks that we saw are unique in their own way and have their own unique features making them a perfect choice for every need and preference.So next time you are looking for the Perfect mosquito racket, remember to keep in mind the factors that will help you make an informed decision. Thank you.

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  1. Pooja
    May 19, 2024 at 1:07 pm

    Good collection with good features. Mosquitoes really need to be avoided.

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