Top 6 Affordable Small Ceiling Fans Under 1000

Top 6 Affordable Small Ceiling Fans Under 1000

A ceiling fan is one of the most convenient, practical, and effective ways to lower the temperature in a room. There are plenty of high-quality ceiling fans available online. Here are named one of India’s Top 5 Ceiling Fans Under Rs 1,000. 

They outperform their rivals by a wide margin in our tests. For less than one thousand rupees, check out these incredible ceiling fans from India of the highest quality!

Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan 999rsBuy Here
Anchor Flyer Brown 900rpm Ceiling Fan 908rsBuy Here
Urja Lite 65W Brown 4 Blades Aluminium Wounded Fusion Fan989rsBuy Here
MinMax 24″ Classic Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan-Ivory999rsBuy Here
Gestor GTR212 60W Smocked Brown Ceiling Fan998rsBuy Here
BiggBoss SCF01 66W 600mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan974rsBuy Here


The following is a list of a few things to keep in mind when selecting a Small ceiling fan:-

  • Consider the size of the room when choosing a ceiling fan
  • Most energy-efficient fans are designed to always meet standards and consume less power than the average fan. While the above considerations should be taken into consideration when selecting the ceiling fan that strikes the best balance between performance and aesthetics.
  • Airflow should also be taken into consideration. 
  • It has been said that the best quality is produced by consuming less power while delivering more performance. Use high-efficiency fans, which can consume significantly less energy.
  • Make use of the stars that point to it. The high number of stars in the specification demonstrates the low power consumption. 

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TOP 6 Small Ceiling Fans Under 1000

Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan 

The BEE 5-star-certified Sameer India Gati 600mm high-speed small ceiling fan has excellent performance and Useful applications. The superior components of the motor, which spins at a high speed of 858 RPM and delivers 230 CMM of air ensure a long lifespan. 

The dynamic balance of the blades ensures smooth vibration and long life. It comes in four different shades of blades. The fan motor, blades, two canopies, down bar, shackle assembly, instruction manual, and warranty card are all included in the package.

Sameer 24 Gati High-Speed Ceiling Fan

Primary Features:

  • Motor with two ball bearings
  • Rust-free powder-coated blade
  • Five stars from BEE

Also, check out the table fan price under 1000 collection here.

Anchor Flyer Brown 900rpm Ceiling Fan

This powerful small ceiling fan will look great in any room in your house. The 900 rpm of this ceiling fan’s powerful 70W motor keeps your room cool and comfortable. In addition, the flyer uses its 600mm sweep to help move air around the room, resulting in an incredible 115 CMM airflow.
Anchor Flyer Brown 900rpm Ceiling Fan

Primary Features:

  • This Anchor fan comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It has a wide variety of chic colors to complement your home decor.
  • It is Powerful and effective

Urja Lite 65W Brown Aluminium Wounded Fusion Fan

This ceiling fan is ideal for people who want a small fan for their home that looks good and is easy to use.

Because of its powerful motor, which ensures excellent air circulation, it is suitable for use in any room. It has a sleek and contemporary design. Additionally, the fan comes with a six-month warranty to guarantee years of use. 

It is ideal for use in large spaces because of its 600mm width. The fan also has a unique scratched fusion blade design that makes airflow much better. Additionally, the fan has a dust filter to aid in maintaining fresh and clean air. 

Aluminum makes up the four blades, and welding the wounds makes them much stronger. The fan is very simple to set up and comes with all the necessary parts.

Urja Lite 65W Brown Aluminium Wounded Fusion Fan

Primary Features:

  • Vanes with a high lift angle and a wide air distribution
  • make use of magnetic steel sheet laminates of high quality with high permeability to guarantee a long service life.
  • Use a glossy powder coat finish for a better finish and a longer lifespan.
  • Excellent performance at low voltages. To save more electricity you can use the top bldc ceiling fans which are easily available online under 1000. 

MinMax 24″ Classic 4 Blade Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan-Ivory

This fan moves very quickly. Any indoor space, including kitchens, bathrooms, porches, balconies, and rooms up to 7 feet by 7 feet, can benefit from this conventional fan.

With the fastest speeds and the highest dedicated small fans for power savings, MinMax’s Classic New Series is the only fan that will help you save money and create a fast performance.

MinMax 24″ Classic 4 Blade Hi-Speed Ceiling Fan-Ivory

Primary Features:

  • A two-year warranty on parts replacement is included.
  • It has a 600 mm stroke and only 80-85 Watts of power consumption

Gestor GTR212 60W Smocked Anti Dust 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

This small ceiling fan meets the requirements of this extremely challenging industry because it is constructed using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials. 600 mm gets its materials from the most reputable and authorized suppliers. 

Gestor GTR212 60W Smocked Anti Dust 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Primary Features:

  • Gestor products are renowned for being of the highest quality available. 
  • They provide a premium selection of Gestor Ceiling Fans.

If you are not satisfied with these small ceiling collections Then here is a comparison of Sujata and Bajaj ceiling fans. It will help you to choose the best small ceiling fan as per your room size.  

BiggBoss SCF01 66W 600mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Small ceiling fans from BiggBoss can help make your room feel better. This product is extremely dependable and spins at 870 rpm.

BiggBoss SCF01 66W 600mm 4 Blade Ceiling FanThis product’s distinctive design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling. There are four blades in this item. The 66W of power consumption of this product will not affect your electricity bill. Obtainable as a brown choice. The 600mm sweep range is quite remarkable. 

Primary Features:  

  • The sophisticated, contemporary appearance.
  • It is extremely quiet
  • It has a large air volume even at low voltage.
  • Only 2.26 kg in weight.

small ceiling fan for home

Here are the top 10 ac under 30000. These air conditioners are with a minimum of 3 years of warranty and 1 year of free servicing.


We have placed a special emphasis on ceiling fans because they are the most frequently used electronic devices worldwide. The most recent version of the classic design has been updated, and a variety of designs are available at competitive prices. Today, its popularity is growing at an ever-increasing rate, primarily as a result of the rising number of electricity consumers and the expanding scope of construction projects across the country. We sincerely hope this article has helped you choose the best small ceiling fan.

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