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Solar Air Conditioner: Know all about Solar AC

Solar Air Conditioners in India

You’ve probably heard of solar panels and how they can save you money on your energy bill by harnessing the power of the sun. But what about solar air conditioners?

Just like solar panels, solar air conditioners rely on the sun to power them, but instead of producing electricity, they use that power to run your AC unit. If you want to stay cool this summer without spending a fortune on your energy bill, a solar AC unit may be the way to go.Solar Air Conditioners

What is a Solar AC?

Solar air conditioners, on the other hand, are designed to obtain their source of energy directly from solar panels instead of through the electricity grid. Solar-powered air conditioners, as the name implies, rely on solar power for their energy supply. DC power generated by solar panels eliminates the loss of power that occurs when AC is converted to DC or DC is converted to AC.Solar Air Conditioner System

Although solar air conditioners have been in use for many years, their adoption has been sluggish. Because the first prototypes were only powered by solar energy, which is intermittent, this was a problem. This didn’t work well with single-speed compressors, which are used in heat pump cooling systems.

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Modern compressor designs, on the other hand, are more nimble and feature variable speeds. This improved solar air conditioner compressor works best with direct solar energy (in the form of DC).

Some types may even operate alongside power from the grid and solar batteries, allowing them to meet the high power demands of an air conditioner while also addressing non-daylight hours.

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How do Solar AC Function?

They can operate on DC straightaway. The solar power system includes solar panels that convert sunlight into DC and back again when needed. When the inverter is required, it converts DC to AC and vice versa.

Types of Solar AC

An air conditioner may be used to chill or warm the air in a variety of ways. Although solar thermals are usually considered “green” technologies, they’re not always environmentally friendly.

1. Solar Thermal Air Conditioners 

The cooling systems in many houses are often inefficient, wasting energy that you could use to keep the indoor temperature just right.

2. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Air Conditioners 

Split air conditioning systems, like conventional ones, are used in these applications. They’re powered by solar power and use the same principles as standard split air conditioners. The number of solar panels required varies based on each panel’s output, system size, and air conditioner power consumption. Several types run on AC only, DC alone, or both (hybrid) (AC-DC).

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AC DC Solar Air Conditioners India

a. DC-powered solar air conditioners

They are also known as traditional solar-powered air conditioners since they are only meant to be run on DC electricity generated by solar panels. As a result, it has the simplest installation process imaginable. They do not function unless there is direct sunlight or after dark.

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b. AC-powered solar air conditioners

It is frequently connected to the grid. Batteries may be used to store surplus solar power for future usage. If a suitable meter is linked to the solar system, it may instead be sent back into the grid.

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c. Hybrid solar-powered air conditioners

It is becoming increasingly popular because it may take power from the grid as needed or not at all. The ACDC12C, for example, works like a plug-and-play gadget. Simply connect the solar panels to the air conditioner unit. Because of this distinction, hybrid is the simplest to install of all types.

A solar PV system is fed directly by the DC power coming into the home. As a result, there is no need for an electricity contract since this technology does not back-feed energy to the grid.Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

The grid connection may be added to enable operation at night and during cloudy days. A hybrid solar air conditioner can automatically shift power from the photovoltaic system to the grid and vice versa.

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Solar Air Conditioners for Homes

Solar air conditioner systems are not yet cost-effective for most commercial usage, therefore the majority of the choices are for houses. These are connected to the grid, off-grid, or have hybrid capabilities.

Any of them can be used to outfit permanent and stationary residences; however, an off-grid configuration is logically the best option for mobile homes. Solar-powered RV air conditioning units are ideal for van living, motor campsites, trailers, caravans, and campervans.

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Solar-powered RV air conditioners

A solar-powered RV air conditioner isn’t cheap. Furthermore, a large enough battery bank is required to power the car for a whole day in hot weather. To minimize energy use, make sure the automobile is well insulated and that no leaks allow heat to escape via any cracks.

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Another option is to make sure there is enough clearance beneath the solar panels and the vehicle’s roof to prevent heat from being transferred from the panels to the roof. A few models include a built-in charge controller with slots for additional external batteries and connections to your solar inverter. To minimize the noise level of your RV air conditioner, some come with dampening brackets.

Portable Solar AC

Portable Solar AC is a device that can be used to charge batteries and devices using solar power.

The Portable Air conditioners are simple to use; just plug it into any USB port and place them in the sun. The solar panel will collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, which will then be stored in the internal battery.

When the battery is full, it can be used to charge any USB-powered device, such as a smartphone or tablet. The Portable Solar AC also features a built-in LED light, so it can be used as a flashlight as well.

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Working of solar power AC 

  • On a bright day

At the point when the weather conditions are quiet and the sun is sparkling, solar power-forced air systems run the entire day on solar power energy upheld by the matrix framework. 

The dc inverter pneumatic machine gets its power straightforwardly from the sun.

Working of solar power AC

  • Overcast day

Network and solar power energy power forced air systems in shady and contaminated conditions. A dc pneumatic machine gets its power straightforwardly from the sun.

  • Night

Solar power-forced air systems don’t create power around evening time. All things being equal, it is fueled exclusively by the main power.

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Why Use Solar Air Conditioners Instead

  • Solar AC units are specifically designed to operate solely on solar power without the need for grid power. This is essential in remote and underdeveloped areas where electricity is a distant dream. 
  • Unlike traditional air conditioners types in India, solar air conditioners are highly efficient and can cool an entire room instantly, even on hot summer days.
  • Using a solar air conditioner can save a lot of money. 
  • Plus, it helps you avoid peak hours and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. For this reason, we should at least think about the solar system. 

Use solar energy to operate your current air conditioning

Most homebuyers have cooled in their homes since everybody likes to remain cool in intensity. In any case, they utilize such forced air systems and they can be expensive.

operate your current air conditioning

These days, nobody needs to overhaul their old climate control system with another one. Yet, switching over completely to solar power energy takes out the need to supplant the cooling framework. 

Rather than purchasing another forced air system, you can overhaul your ongoing forced air system to solar power.

Typically, climate control systems just work on exchanging current (AC) and not on direct current (DC). So you simply have to drive your current forced air system with a solar power energy source. 

Any kind of nearby planet group incorporates a solar power inverter as a part. Frameworks can show on sun powered by energy by utilizing a brilliant solar power gadget called a solar power inverter that converts direct current (DC) to substituting current (AC).

Solar support by the Indian government

The Indian government has made a solar power endowment plan to guarantee the conveyance of clean energy, particularly solar power, all over the place. 

Increment investment funds while lessening dependence on brought-together power.

The accompanying awards are granted by the Government- 

Solar SystemPercentage of Subsidy
1KwH- 3KwH40%
4KwH- 10KwH20%
More than 10 KwH0%

Characteristics of solar AC

Solar power climate control systems enjoy the accompanying benefits:

  • Wi-Fi empowered
  • Further developed cooling
  • Full copper curl
  • Four-way swing
  • Antifungal

Advantages of solar air conditioning

Solar power-controlled climate control systems are great for sweltering and moist regions. 

Blackouts are successive, and it is useful in regions where there is a lack of power. Solar power climate control systems, then again, are intended to conquer these undeniable issues. 

The following are a few benefits of sunlight-based AC.

  • Your power bill will be less expensive. Can run without power
  • Work on lattices and solar power energy
  • Lessen your power bill by up to 100 D
  • Every one of the 44 controls is application based.
  • Low support


There are many different varieties of solar air conditioners on the market. You’ll be able to determine which type of solar air conditioner would be ideal for your home with a little research.

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    Rather than utilizing the power network, sunlight based ACs are made to draw energy straightforwardly from sunlight based chargers. They are very economical.

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