Best Wireless Mouse: Why You Should Own a Wireless Mouse Now

Wireless Mouse: Why You Should Own a Wireless Mouse Now

A wireless mouse is, as the name suggests, a mouse without a wire. This mouse is compatible with today’s lifestyle, given the fast-paced working environment. The concept of a wireless mouse was first introduced in the mid-1990s. 

The computer set-up automatically elevated with the elimination of the wires and the ease of working with wireless devices. Thanks to advancements in technology, for now, we have hassle-free methods to work. 

Why a Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse has many more benefits than its wired counterpart. Some of the major benefits are given below:

Why a Wireless Mouse

  • No Extra Cables

How many times have you heard people complaining about the tangled cables on their desks? How often have you faced the frustration of tangled wires? It is a messy business. Cables take up much space and lead to clutter on your desk, adding to extra and unwanted stress. The wireless feature keeps your desk organized and makes it appear cleaner and breathable. 

  • Ease of Movement

Having a wireless mouse ensures greater freedom of movement. Unlike the wired mouse, where you are required to sit next to your computer is not mandatory anymore.

A wireless mouse gives you the freedom to move or change your position, rather than conventionally sitting in front of the computer. This freedom of movement ensures ease in conducting tasks on your computer.

You can sit anywhere and work with greater ease and better comfort. A wireless mouse also provides much-needed assistance to individuals with physical disabilities.

  • Travel-Friendly

Since most jobs are work-from-home now, having a wireless mouse makes it easier for a person to work on their laptops whilst traveling. It gives greater ease in working from, say, airports or stations. 

  • Easy to Use

A wireless mouse is easy to use. Most wireless mice have Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to use. Mostly, the ease of navigation ensures reliable connectivity and will offer a seamless user experience. 

  • No Mouse Pad Requirement

Wireless mice do not have the mouse ball. In a wired mouse, a mouse pad becomes necessary as the wired mouse makes use of the mouse ball to detect movement and motion. But, since a wireless mouse does not work on the tracking ball, it does not require a mouse pad.

It works on laser technology to track movements. This makes working efficient and easier as it gives the user freedom to operate the mouse from any surface. It also saves money as no money is invested to buy a high-quality mouse pad. 

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Types of Wireless Mice

There are a variety of wireless mice available in the market. Some of the options are:

Types of Wireless Mice

Optical Mouse

This type of wireless mouse uses infrared technology to connect to your PC or your laptop. The computer uses the red light visible at the bottom of such mice to determine the location of the mice and connect to it.

Bluetooth Mouse

One of the most common connection types, Bluetooth wireless mice uses Bluetooth technology to establish a connection. It works with very low interference.

Air Mouse

This category of a wireless mouse is new in the market. It incorporates infrared technology which allows the user to use the mouse like a TV remote to control the computer, web TV, set-top box or any other devices. it does not require a flat surface to function. 

Best Wireless Mice in The Market

To make your choice easier on which wireless mouse to choose, we have curated a list of some of the best wireless mice options in today’s market. Given below are the options listed with their specifications:

HP 150 Wireless USB MouseHP 150 Wireless USB MouseUSB connectivity; ergonomic design for maximum comfort use; suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people; 1600 DPI optical sensor; works on all surfaces; maximum accuracy; 2.4 GHz wireless connection
Zebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless MouseZebronics Zeb-Jaguar Wireless MouseUSB connectivity; 2.4 GHz wireless connection; maximum precision; 1600 DPI cursor control; supports Mac, PC, and laptops with a USB port; power on/off switch to save battery; light-weight; ease of carrying; battery operated- 1 set of AA batteries; plug and play facility; 4 buttons for efficient functioning
Logitech B170 Wireless MouseLogitech B170 Wireless MouseOptical wireless mouse; connectivity radius of up to 10m away because of the plug-and-forget USB mini-receiver; optical tracking; precise navigation; 12-month battery life; compatible with a variety of operating systems- Mac OS, Chrome OS, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10; light-weight  
AmazonBasics Wireless MouseAmazonBasics Wireless MouseUSB connectivity; 10m radius; 2.4 GHz wireless connection; consists of 3 buttons and a score wheel for comfort use
Logitech M221 Wireless MouseLogitech M221 Wireless MouseUSB connectivity; bout 90% noise deduction; 10m connectivity; M221 SILENT feature automatically shuts itself down when not in use for a long time now; smaller in size; fits everywhere perfectly 
Senda Wireless Silent MouseSenda Wireless Silent Mouse2,4 GHz Transmission Technology, 10m connectivity range; silent mouse; adjustable DPI of 1600/1200/8-

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Special Mention Category in Wireless Mouse

Category in Wireless Mouse

While the above wireless mice options sound attractive, here are some more mention-worthy wireless mice in the market:

Verilux Wireless Mouse

  • Rechargeable
  • Upgraded with an ultra-slim body
  • 1600 DPI
  • Soundless
  • Durable Clicking

Offbeat- DASH Wireless Mouse

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Soundless
  • Ergonomic Mouse design
  • LEDs lights to match the rhythm of the activity 
  • Rechargeable
  • Sustainable
  • Plug/play and adjustable DPI

Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optical functioning
  • Modern design with a pebble-shaped body
  • Comfortable to hold and handle
  • Ease while traveling
  • Compact
  • Ultra quiet scrolling
  • Dual connectivity via Bluetooth or via the USB receiver
  • Prolonged battery life of up to 18 months on a single AA battery
  • Maximum precision optical tracking for an enhanced user experience

Quantum Wireless Mouse

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 12 months battery life with AA batteries
  • Silent functioning of the keys
  • 1600/1200/800 switchable DPI
  • Power on/off facility
  • Soft touch texture
  • Up to 10m of range radius

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone choose a wireless mouse over a wired one?

Answer: it is because it is not physically connected to your computer, a wireless mouse provides greater freedom and flexibility. 

Users may move the mouse around more freely because it is not constrained by wires, making it excellent for people who want a clutter-free workstation or need to manage their computer from a distance.

What are the key differences between an optical mouse and a Bluetooth mouse?

Answer: Optical mice detect movement using infrared or LED technology, whereas Bluetooth mice link to your computer via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Optical mice frequently require a USB receiver, but Bluetooth mice connect directly to your smartphone. 


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